1. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Small spinner with trouble hook

    Hiked back to the "falls" in the deep creek area. I heard there were some brownies back there but I only caught this small bluegill.

    1. TexasAngler89 0
      Looks like a largemouth
    2. JonLuke11 0
      Are you sure that it is a bluegill
    3. Angler09 0
      50 pounder for sure
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  2. Details: Other Freshwater with a Quick Hands

    I wasn't havin any luck fishin this little mobile home park lake so I put my rod down and went after the frogs.

    1. Jake Pedersen 0
      yeah fifty comments or 25 complete blerts.. something like that
    2. suttonshelmire 0
      Yeah that's what I did and I left 50 comments to get my star
    3. MainFishing 0
      Go to fishingscout.com and click on FAQ. It will show the requirements to get more starts
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Drop shot slow retrieve

    1. Iriemckenna20 0
      Ok sounds good :) thank you!! @ScottenYoung
    2. ScottenYoung 0
      Ok, I'll give it to Erika to give to your mom. @Iriemckenna20
    3. Iriemckenna20 0
      I can't wait to try it out lol, but maybe you can give it to Erica to give to my mom or you could just wait until we all go fishing again... Either one is fine ...more :) @ScottenYoung
    4. ScottenYoung 0
      Thats good, I need to give you that ugly stick somehow. @Iriemckenna20
    5. Iriemckenna20 0
      No been cleaning mostly haha but no I haven't been there yet!! I was gonna go today but I got to busy. I'm gonna try to go to it probably next Monday because ...more I have that day off to :) @ScottenYoung
    6. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 u do anything fun on ur day off, that little lake is fun to practice do you go there much?
    7. Iriemckenna20 0
      Dang that looks like a big one nice job :D!! And no I'm at home, we get school off today :P @ScottenYoung
    8. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 trailer park im fishin right now hahah u in school?
    9. Iriemckenna20 0
      Where did you catch that at :0?? @ScottenYoung
    10. ScottenYoung 0
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  4. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Storm Kickin Stick

    Landing a lot of striper at sunset. Im trying to find out what the beasts are bitin on.

    1. alexander_taylor 0
      @ScottenYoung alright cool, thanks for the help man!
    2. ScottenYoung 0
      @alexander_taylor The lake is approx. 20 feet low cause there working on the inlet gate, but I think theres a good pop of stripers toward the west side of the dam. ...more I heard they hit off anchovies a lot
    3. alexander_taylor 0
      @ScottenYoung i was thinking of fishing there for strippers soon but never have. you have any tips you could pass my way?
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  5. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Heddon spook

    Top water and they were hittin for about an hour just after sunset

  6. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Spittin Image top water

    Caught 1 off a shallow diver and 4 off top water sooo fun. It was probably 20 degrees, and the water was clear to about 15 feet.

    1. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Nothing beats schooling striper and white bass hitting top water.
  7. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a 5" white hard-plastic pointer

    Just when I went to pick up and take a glory picture with him the F'n line snapped and good bye big fish needless to say I was cursing like a sailor!!!!

    1. Champion 0
      That's a nice Striper too
  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a Rattle trap with an egg sinker

    1. Iriemckenna20 0
      Ok sounds good :) thank you!! @ScottenYoung
    2. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 well id be jazzed to fish anytime and Erika likes going so if u want im sure we could make it. If u have any questions about anything just lemme know.
    3. Iriemckenna20 0
      Oh ok I'll get it from her tomorrow and put it on here :) and that would be cool if you guys can go!! But don't worry if you guys are busy that day I get ...more it, it happens!! @ScottenYoung
    4. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 i work on ur bday but im off the 22nd so maybe
    5. ScottenYoung 0
      She said she sent it to ur mom
    6. Iriemckenna20 0
      Picture so it's on her phone I think lol
    7. Iriemckenna20 0
      @ScottenYoung It's on the 20th of this month but we were probably gonna go fishing on the 22nd :) I'm sure I will haha I'm already "hooked" ...more on it without even catching a fish xD and Erica took that ..
    8. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 Whens ur bday and what day u goin fishing? Ur really gunna be "hooked" once u land a nice big fish haha no pun intended. You should post ...more the pic of all of us fishing on here
    9. Iriemckenna20 0
      You :D!! @ScottenYoung
    10. Iriemckenna20 0
      Yeah I definitely wanna go again :) we're planing to go for my birthday and my mom said that she will invite you guys but I don't know if you will be working!! ...more And really?? That would be awesome thank
    11. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 there are soo many dynamics to fishing it just takes some practice, but im excited to go whenever also i'll get that ugly stick spooled up with ...more some nice line for you : )
    12. Iriemckenna20 0
      No you were a big help!! Thank you for teaching me that stuff, I didn't no any of those knots or hooks to use haha. We probably just went at the wrong time of ...more day so the fish weren't biting :P @ScottenYoung
    13. ScottenYoung 0
      For you
    14. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 we need to get a fish on line for wish I was a better fishing guide the other day hahah
    15. Chuck LaBruna 0
      @CJS21 Rainbow Trout and Steelhead are the exact same fish (Oncorhynchus Mykiss). Difference is that Steelhead are lake dwellers, while rainbows spend their entire ...more lives in streams.
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 1/4 oz drop shot with trouble hook and orange soft plastic worm

    This is my $95.00 bass i caught. It would have been free if my truck didn't get loaded on a tow truck.