1. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    @reelsmooth setting her up with a good red

    1. GizmosBait 0
      @ReelGame you didn't miss much man, lots of sea weed very few hook ups on much.
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      We sure will hit that spot
    3. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Lol I had work too came late & there's plenty so you can show me packerychannel @ReelGame
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      I had to work today and half a day tomorrow good luck same me some for the next trip
    5. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @ReelGame lol that'd be to messed up bro you shoulda came!!!
    6. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @bassinboy01 good 2 reds so far
    7. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Push @Reel_Smooth smooth in and hook him he loves the taste of gulp
    8. Jacob Breaux 0
      How's it going down there for y'all?
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  2. Lake beds filling up again hoping the rain continues I remember a time where there were some monster bass swimming round in there.

  3. Not the biggest red but glad to see some biggins coming back he gave a heck of a fight but swam away just fine. Glad to break in the new combo abu Garcia vendetta ...more & or max.

    Red (redfish) Drum with a norton pumpkin seed san eel

    1. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Thanks bro I got alittle something to give back in return you'll like it lol @Reel_Smooth
    2. Reel_Smooth 0
      Yeah i got you bud
    3. SaltLife_Henry 0
      If you can bro if you have any fishing scout stickers left if you can give me 1 for my truck lol @Reel_Smooth
    4. Reel_Smooth 0
      Will do bud
    5. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @Reel_Smooth awesome hit me up when you get here it's my last day of class. 361-296-5567
    6. SaltLife_Henry 0
      No prob @whitebass_81
    7. Reel_Smooth 0
      Nice bud! I'm heading out that way wed.
    8. whitebass_81 0
      Thanks @SaltLife_Henry
    9. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @ReelGame thanks bro you & @Reel_Smooth needa come down so we can go
    10. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Great catch
    11. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @whitebass_81 I used a norton red white paddle tale & the norton sand eel & norton green spec minnow
    12. whitebass_81 0
    13. whitebass_81 0
      What are they biting right now? I'm in chorpus at the moment
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  4. She ain't much but what's a fisherman with out a good truck. Loved it since I drove it off the lot

    1. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Thanks bro @ReelGame
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice truck
    3. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Just wish I had a matching boat to go with it lol
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  5. Baffin bound for the weekend. Good luck to all y'all over the weekend tight lines!

    1. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @Reel_Smooth thanks bro!
    2. Reel_Smooth 0
      Good luck bro
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  6. Heading to bob hall pier tomorrow, saw this set on a video & I'm fishing the bottom but wanna try the top aswell was wondering if anyone has ever tried this ...more also? It's a cork with bout a 1&1/2 foot tie from lure to cork. If y'all have any tips or different lure I should try would appreciate the help

    1. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Sounds good bro @slatwater
    2. miguel moreno 0
      Ok next time I'm up I'll hit u up bro so u can show me some good spots to fish at @SaltLife_Henry
    3. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Yeah it's like 30 mins from corpus @slatwater & it's good most the time
    4. miguel moreno 0
      I go down to port Aransas or Aransas pass but never fished there do u live by there?? @SaltLife_Henry
    5. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Thanks bro @ReelGame il give it a try
    6. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Try Vudu Shrimp put a lil pro cure and do as @EasyCastin13 said popping it chunk it around the jetties or at the Packery Channel Park good luck
    7. SaltLife_Henry 0
    8. SaltLife_Henry 0
      I've been there few times never fished it hopefully you catch tho
    9. Marcus Hernandez 0
      I'm up in Houston. I've been trying to catch reds trout and flounder on the fly recently. Might hit the water the saturday before work.
    10. SaltLife_Henry 0
      For reds
    11. SaltLife_Henry 0
      It's good round August- late November from my experience just moved here though @EasyCastin13
    12. Marcus Hernandez 0
      I don't think I've ever fished corpus. I need to though.
    13. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Thanks bro let me know if your ever in the corpus area well go cast some lines @EasyCastin13
    14. Marcus Hernandez 0
      No problem. Good luck bro.
    15. SaltLife_Henry 0
      I'll see if they have it academy didn't have much gulp when I was there but I'll check some shops round thanks for the tips @EasyCastin13
    16. Marcus Hernandez 0
      I usually do well on new penny with chartreuse tail
    17. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Which kind? I was trying to find the white shrimp @EasyCastin13
    18. Marcus Hernandez 0
      1/8 is good. Try using gulp as the lure
    19. SaltLife_Henry 0
    20. SaltLife_Henry 0
      I have buddies that love it I've never given a good try but I've seen some good catches with it. Is 1/8 oz jig head good or should I go more?
    21. Marcus Hernandez 0
      Once you get a huge blow up on a top water you will be hook on it for life!
    22. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @EasyCastin13 thanks man I appreciate the tip don't really fish top to much
    23. Marcus Hernandez 0
      try different retrieves with it. pop once then pause then pop it twice.
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  7. Bought a new rod for 1 of my abus it's sort of a custom rod

    1. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Thanks bro it's a guy here in cc I'll take you by his place when you come if your up to @Reel_Smooth
    2. Reel_Smooth 0
      Looks good bud
    3. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @jacksonoshea00 heck yes! Never had a problem with em
    4. Jackson OShea 0
      Do you like the ambassador?
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  8. Details: Hardhead Catfish with a live shrimp

    Double hook up with these no goods lol

    1. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @ReelGame no not yet a buddy of mine went & caught 2 black tips & alotta red but on the surf along the jetties
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      You ever fished the Mansfield jetties I have seen some great videos on you tube
    3. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @ReelGame it was in mansfeild also that's why by 3 we headed back
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      The wind has been brutal here lately went last nite too windy
    5. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @ReelGame to me it's usually better at night, less wind
    6. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Yup your right maybe a lil night fishing will be ok
    7. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @ReelGame damn well there's always fishing season only 1 soccer season a year
    8. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Well at least your out wetting the hook I'm landlocked right now my boy has a soccer game
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  9. Hooked on a ray don't know what kind don't know my rays much

  10. Besides college & fishing when I come home to the ranch it's the stuff I love doing besides fishing being a rancher is one of the proudest things I say about ...more myself it's not the best but it's what makes me the happiest besides fishing

    1. SaltLife_Henry 0
      Those are good we have some paints for trail riding @ReelGame
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      We use to have quarter horses and thoroughbreds few painted
    3. SaltLife_Henry 0
      @ReelGame some full quarter & some quarter mix
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      What kind of horses are those
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Ranch raised, corpus surf fisher all bout that country &Saltlife! I love the Abu Garcia ambassaduer reels. Always looking for new people to fish ...more with if your ever in the corpus area