1. Details: Greater Amberjack with a Live lesser Amberjack

    42 pounds biggest of the four caught getting mounted

  2. Details: Lesser Amberjack with a Sabaki rig on a wreck

    Amberjack bait from earlier

  3. Details: White Perch with a Worm

    Small but put up a good fight

  4. Details: Green Sunfish with a Night crawler

    Beautiful sunfish while going for catfish

  5. Details: American Shad with a Squid

    On the charter probably going to be bait

  6. Details: Atlantic Sharpnose Shark with a Squid

    Just went out on a charter awhile ago and caught this

    1. John478 0
      Nice shark. Welcome to fishing scout
  7. Details: Yellow Perch with a Rainbow power bait

    Late season trout fishing hooked up to him while jerking the power bait along the bottom