1. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a yarn fly

    Decent sized salmon out of the mighty white, it was a hot day but hooked a lot of fish to make it worth it

    1. msjm12105 0
      Nice homey!!
    2. 9G3B 0
      Nice catch man
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  2. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a berkley megabait

    27.3 lb king jiggin in the lake.

    1. meapest 0
      Damn, thats awesome, nice catch
    2. msjm12105 0
      Nice Feeeesh!!!! Lol
    3. RonJ062 0
      @RiverRat yea this cold weather should really make them push toward the river, jiggin for salmon is an intense experience for sure! Hopefully you can try it soon
    4. Karl Dykman 0
      Awesome fish buddy!
    5. Julian Julian 0
      I have missed out on a chance to jig muskegon lake this year. Should be red hot this week! Good luck
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  3. Details: Sheepshead with a corndog!

    First double header in the new boat! With @msjm12105 and @Ziggy1010

    1. meapest 0
      Lol, thats awesome
    2. RonJ062 0
      @meapest see above comment hahaa
    3. RonJ062 0
      Thats where our one hit, had two other blue flys out and they didnt seem to like them, they were scared of us today lol they seen me drivin and swam away from us! ...more Lol
    4. meapest 0
      Shoulda tried blue fly with the flip-flop
    5. RonJ062 0
      @meapest yea we suck without our captain! Lol
    6. meapest 0
      D. A. M. N. lol
    7. meapest 0
      Damn , 0 for one today, youll get em next time
    8. Brett Gildenzoph 0
      Those are so fun to catch. I'm going fly fishing for them tomorrow morning on the Wisconsin river
    9. msjm12105 0
      So awesome!!!
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  4. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a green fly, orange dodger

    Caught our first salmon of the year right before the storm hit! Good time with @msjm12105

    1. Karl Dykman 0
      Awesome guys!
    2. msjm12105 0
      Lol nice!! We r awesome!! @johnztoney
    3. RonJ062 0
      @msjm12105 that was an oops on my part, little tired after the trip last night lol all fixed now lol
    4. msjm12105 0
      It was a awesome time tho!!
    5. msjm12105 0
      Dude they changed it to a stealhead!! Its a salmon!! I thought... Lol
    6. kamden 0
      Nice stealhead
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  5. Details: Other Freshwater with a net

    Saved this little guys day! He swam all the way across the river while going up stream! What a beast

    1. Collin Collin 0
      Oh alright thanks! Cool story. @johnztoney
    2. RonJ062 0
      @FISH_FEST it was a chipmunk, the current pushed us into a tree on the bank thats why the picture is so dark lol live action!
    3. Collin Collin 0
      What is it a racoon, the pic is pretty dark?
    4. Collin Collin 0
      What is it a racoon? The pic is pretty dak?
    5. msjm12105 0
      It was awesome!! Lol
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