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  1. 1/2 price reel, can't wait to go to the coast & try it out ... Mayb I'll get lucky !!!!!

    1. Frank Frank 0
      @R0LANDSr gonna do a deep sea trip. I'd probably Learn more from u though ! Lol
    2. Frank Frank 0
      I'm by culebra, Grissom and tezel. I love too fish too. I Just don't do it enough. I used to live off of Pleasanton road the name was e. vestal. I have ...more a kayak. I'm going to the coast in late aug
    3. R0LANDSr 0
      I'm ready to fish&learn a few new things from u, whenever ur ready.My goal is to learn how to fish with artificial lures to get into tournaments,bt I wanna ...more catch a shark bad !!! What kind of leader ?
    4. R0LANDSr 0
      As soon as I get my car going, I'll b everywhere fishing. I love saltwater fishing as well, bt hard for me to get out to the coast. I really want to try Kayak ...more fishing, bt in all do time.
    5. R0LANDSr 0
      I moved to the south side for work, by military & Pleasanton where about r u, The great northwest ? Or 1604 ? ... I fish all over SA, I'm off for the summer. ...more So i get bored. I got about 15 days left
    6. Frank Frank 0
    7. Frank Frank 0
      Cool. I need to do that too ! Where about r u in SA? I'm over by seaworld.
    8. R0LANDSr 0
      Cast it sideways, like an under cast, it works better for me that way. Bt I'm still learning how to use it right, so I see what u mean. I'm always finding ...more deals & I barter for most my stuff :)
    9. R0LANDSr 0
      I got it from Craigslist as well, from a man named John. I just bought an abu Garcia reel & it bird nested on me too. I just put weights on mine & threw ...more it out side till I got the hang of it
    10. Frank Frank 0
      @R0LANDSr where'd you pick that up at for half price ?
    11. Frank Frank 0
      @R0LANDSr I do prefer the spinning reels like that one you got though. I'm afraid i'll birds nest the 309 !
    12. Frank Frank 0
      @R0LANDSr I love saltwater fishing! I'm trying to put a rig together for the beach. I bought a penn 309 reel off of Craigslist from the man just haven't ...more used it yet. I still need a surf rod as well.
    13. R0LANDSr 0
      Yea it is, now I need a really big surf rod.lol,Bt I usually fish the Bay Area or off a pier, when I go out to the coast.I'm more a freshwater fisherman trying ...more to get out&do more of what I don't know.
    14. Frank Frank 0
      @R0LANDSr is that for the surf?
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  2. Foul catch bt it was the only catch of the day

    1. R0LANDSr 0
      Thanks guys, bt I let it go back into the water, mayb some other fish ate it, cuz it was hurt ... I should of kept it for bait tho bt next time !!!!
    2. Mike Ruff 0
      I hear ya man. It's happened to me more times than I'd care to admit!
    3. david david 0
      Looks like gizzard shad good bait
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  3. Had a bad day Wednesday ... lost my best leader with my best weights, new spool got the bird nest, 2 night lights didn't work ... So I bought these, to make ...more my night better ! Ha ha ha

    1. R0LANDSr 0
      Hell yea, I appreciate that very much, It was just one of those nights ! U can't stop it & it seems like it has to happen... Ha ha ha, now that I think ...more about it, it's funny ... Just not at the time.
    2. Sean Wilms 0
    3. Sean Wilms 0
    4. Sean Wilms 0
      it happens to the best of us man, jusy shake it off, one night i broke my rod, stepped in a mud hole up to my knee without waters, forgot bug spray, got rained on, ...more and didnt catch a fish all night
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  4. Last catch of the day

    1. booyact33 0
      Nice where did get him?
  5. I should of use it for bait, bt thought I had worms left & threw it back in ...

  6. Nice size fish, pulled my whole rod down & I thought I had a beast, lmao ... Not bad, bt I got this sucker in his mouth through his eye

    1. R0LANDSr 0
      Lol, I thought so ... Bt I never seen any pacu's here, that's something I see on river monsters, I wish I would of took a pic of its teeth tho !
    2. Calvin Fease 0
      That's a Red Bellied Pacu. I thought about getting one for an aquarium. You more than likely caught a pet some guy released.
    3. R0LANDSr 0
      Thanks @huntert, I say it looks more like a pacu, I didn't check for big teeth, it put up a good lil fight with me tho ... I'll take better pics next time ...more !
    4. hunter Torres 0
      That's either a piranha or a pacu look it up
    5. R0LANDSr 0
      I met this man&he told me...It was a perch...It mated with some other fish&that was the out come...Growing up,perch was different in my book,bt I'm not ...more talking down,I'm up for every info posable !
    6. R0LANDSr 0
      I'm not sure, bt it was bigger then my hand tho ... Lmao
    7. ultimatefisher12 0
      What kind of fish is that
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  7. Caught this fish at Woodlawn lake ... too hot outside, so I sat under a tree & threw my worm next to the branches that touch the water & hooked it

    1. R0LANDSr 0
      Bad*ss,I just got back from there. Hot as hell,lucky the trees cover good.I threw the net to catch live bait&nothing, I had worms&shrimp,bt I like live sunfish ...more better.Next time, Will b better, lmao
    2. GizmosBait 0
      Away from my house lol.
    3. GizmosBait 0
      @R0LANDSr no problem, I'm just getting back into it myself and just got on this app a few weeks back. Works been slow so I've been doing a lot more fishing ...more lately. Especially since ss lions is 2 miles
    4. R0LANDSr 0
      Thanks @GizmosBait, there's so much fish out there, sometimes I don't know what I catch lmao & this is the most i've fished in years ... I'll ...more get up to par & can't wait to fish with the other scouts !
    5. GizmosBait 0
      @R0LANDSr it's name begins with rio grande I think it's a perch type, that's one of the better baits for reds at Calaveras and Braunig, much smaller ...more of course.
    6. R0LANDSr 0
      To me,that's a bluegill/cichlid ... I really can't say, bt it's all black with beautiful baby blue dots ... in person looked way better then my pic
    7. Dan Urbina 0
      What fish is that?
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  8. Lil catfish off the pier at rock port