1. Details: American Shad with a Spoons and darts

    4.16.2015 first American Shad of the 2015 run. Absolutely killed it that day! Might've had outfished a couple boats too.

  2. Details: Blue Fish with a Jigs, seabass, clams, everything and anything in between...

    Found a 13" seabass inside the stomach of this 15lb bluefish. Crazy!! 2-in1 deal. @KillerHuy

    1. KingofCats 0
      Is that a scene from Dexter lol
    2. Phishy_Phong 0
      Lol just another experimental dissection. @MagicYaker
    3. Phishy_Phong 0
      Just a an an
    4. Looks like a. Murder scene!
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  3. Details: Blue Crab with a Handlining with chicken necks and scoop nets.

    Had a great day catching these delicious critters!! Hard work and all day to get about a bushel but it's all worth it at the end if the day.

  4. Details: Guadalupe Bass with a jigs and anything that twerks!

    And then the perfect marriage of the two greatest families... Phenix ultra mbx paired with a shimano stradic Ci4+. Ready for them sweetwater critters shads, crappies, ...more walleyes, bass, trout, everything

    1. KillerHuy 0
      @PhishyPhong waiting for the weather to get warm and the season to get started b4 booking my flight home... New legend rod and still trying to decide which reel ...more works with it
    2. Phishy_Phong 0
      @Killerhuy come home for some shad soon
    3. Phishy_Phong 0
      @KillerHuy let me see
    4. Phishy_Phong 0
      Hahahha @KillerHuy fool u the one that got me into this
    5. KillerHuy 0
      Saw the pic and knew it was you! I'll let you see my new setup soon!
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  5. New toy for the growing arsenal. The little reel that could.....🎣🐟

    1. McGrath82 0
      Nice looking reel, so light too
    2. Phishy_Phong 0
      @fishON423 around $220 great reel!!
    3. Josh Parker 0
      What'd u pay?
    4. Phishy_Phong 0
      @snigaligdigit this is my third one!! 👍👍👏👏
    5. Charlie George 0
      I have this reel and love it!!
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  6. Details: Black Crappie with a ????

    Need some expert advice on crappy fishing... Thank you

    1. Phishy_Phong 0
      Thanks @creekchub
    2. creekchub 0
      Im no expert but sometimes i catch them in tailraces below dams in winter. I look for eddies and toss very small jigs (1/50 to 1/100 oz.). I keep it real slow.
    3. todd wegner 0
      Ain't got none
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  7. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a bunker, mullet, clams, herring

    No stripers but the breathtaking views and weather will do.

    1. Phishy_Phong 0
      @fishintheeast hahha sounds like a plan
    2. fishintheeast 0
      @PhishyPhong heII im just gonna bring my 6'6 st croix and sahara 2500 and have fun with it!
    3. Phishy_Phong 0
      @HOOKsettA @tdlmitch @fishintheeast funny you guys mentioned about the shad. Caught a couple myself and live lined but no takers. Gonna give it another whirl tmrw
    4. fishintheeast 0
      I plugged and bait fished north jersey last weekend too. Absolutely nothing. Caught some huge shad plugging though
    5. HOOKsettA 0
      Good luck!
    6. Trevor Mitchell 0
      didn't catch a single fish on saturday but watched a bald eagle grab a .5-1 lb shad about 60 ft from my boat. made the entire day worth it.
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  8. Details: Fantail Mullet with a castnetting


  9. Details: Fantail Mullet

    Cobbler mullets. Bait bait bait

  10. Details: Fluke with a bucktailing

    5-6 lbders plus limit! Good day, good friends, good weather, equals great time!

    1. Casting22Major 0
    2. Phishy_Phong 0
      @dantullio believe me when I say we worked our butts off for them today
    3. dantullio 0
      Nice to know someone's still out there catching doormats in the bay
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