1. Details: Fluke with a Killies

    Finally getting back out there

    1. Nick 0
      I didnt catch any that day but i usually catch a few right by the point pleasant statue also @mcladjack
    2. Mike Mike 0
      They have been doing pretty good there. Stay in like the middle of the jetty on the squan side across from there the point jetty starts @Nick
    3. Tripp Cave 0
      Go get em and good luck
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  2. Details: Fluke with a spearing nd mackeral

  3. Details: Fluke with a spearing

  4. Details: Fluke with a live killies

    Friend catching his first fluke out of the inlet

    1. Nick 0
      Oh nice lol
    2. Dan Stein 0
      yeah i didnt have bait one time so i just grabbed anything i cud find and it worked really well
    3. Nick 0
      Oh wow u catch alot on it? Lol ive never heard tht befre lol
    4. Dan Stein 0
      Porkchop suprisingly works for fluke very well i started using it last year and it works every time!
    5. Nick 0
      Nice nice i love fishing the inlet always wanted to try spearfishing also seems like a lot of fun
    6. Mike Mike 0
      @Nick been in Virginia for school so haven't had a chance to get home. Mainly stripers and fluke when I spear. You see some doormats down there. Also black ...more fish when they are in season
    7. Nick 0
    8. Nick 0
      Where were u deployed?? And nice what do u usually catch down there when u spear fish ?
    9. Mike Mike 0
      @FlounderPounder22 we call them fluke in jersey. It's a summer flounder since we have winter flounder as well. @Nick I will be back from deployment this weekend ...more I should be spear fishing at the inlet
    10. FlounderPounder22 0
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