1. Little bass after class

    16 in. Smallmouth Bass with a fluke

    1. Nice one Will! 👍👍👍
  2. Really big smallmouth rocked the fluke

    3 lb. 11 oz. 20 in. Smallmouth Bass with a fluke

    1. scott clark
      nice job
    2. Scott Sorrell
      Nice one
    3. Robert Coleman
      Nice Smallie! Great picture! 👍
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  3. Caught my first coosa bass in the Falling Water River, ended up catching around 30. Only native to the Southern Appalachians and Cumberland plateau

    8 oz. 6 in. Redeye Bass with a stik o

    1. Will Schibig
      Sounds about right Marty, it's hard to tell apart from spotted bass other than a few small differences
    2. Marty Murray
      You really get around Will. I believe I have caught these red eyes in Norris Lake just never sure what they were. Always small & I think only get to be 8" ...more or so.
    3. Robert Coleman
      Awesome looking fish Will!
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  4. No description needed

    1 lb. 6 oz. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a T-rigged Worm

    1. john stimson
      that is funny put a smile on my face
    2. Will Schibig
      Yes I was and it was very tricky as well as hot
    3. Robert Coleman
      That is hilarious! Were you actually wearing that when you caught it? The hands don't look very fishing friendly for reeling! 👍
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  5. Details: Lafayette City Lake

    1. Robert Coleman
      Good luck at school Will. Study hard, but get some fishing in when you can to release some stress. Keep the pics coming when you can! 👊
    2. Will Schibig
      Just moved into college, not a lot of fishing going on now. I'm gonna go to a smallmouth creek next
    3. Robert Coleman
      Hey..... Finally something from Will! Where year been brother???
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  6. These darn largemouth keep getting in the way of me catching yellowbass

    4 lb. 12 oz. 22 in. Largemouth Bass with a dropshot

    1. Will Schibig
      Yeah these bass were deep and we had to fizz this one
    2. jeff tindle
      35 ft? Do you normally catch them at that depth?
    3. Phillip Russell
      Great fish.
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  7. chunk

    2 lb. 11 oz. 16 in. Smallmouth Bass with a spinnerbait

    1. Will Schibig
    2. Robert Coleman
      Nice one Will! 👍
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  8. Spit up a 5" topminnow

    2 lb. 2 oz. 16 in. Smallmouth Bass with a fluke

  9. Caught this while fishing for brown trout

    6 lb. 26 in. Striped Bass with a Jerkbait

  10. Good ledge bite in my night tournament

    4 lb. 3 oz. 19 in. Largemouth Bass with a Plum Ol monster

    1. Justin Johnson
      Right on!
    2. Hook Setter
      Way to HOOK'EM
    3. Jason Evans
      Nice fish Will!
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My #1 goal is to prove that Tennessee has the best fishing in the world. Fly fishing for trout in the cold clear rivers or searching for bass ...more and crappie throughout the numerous lakes and reservoirs in the Volunteer State.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow trout
  • Waterway Obey River, TN/ Old Hickory Lake, TN/ Dale Hollow Lake, TN/ Kentucky Lake, TN
  • Lure Crankbaits, Soft Plastics

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