1. I survived the night in a sketchy motel in VA, road trip to hunt cobia. Heres another pic from friday while i wait to leave dock.

    Largemouth Bass with a Xzone muscle back craw

    1. How do you get the filters?
    2. it was probably 15", average size around here so we'll call it 7.5lbs hahaha
    3. Rich Pardy
      Nice edit brotha!!
    4. Morris Campbell
      On here that bass could weigh 2-8 lbs:))
    5. thanks guys, gotta try to make the average sized fish look cool in pics too sometimes hahahaha
    6. Robert Coleman
      Awesome pic Chris!
    7. john stimson
      I like it fishing card style
    8. Morris Campbell
      Nice pic!!
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  2. Did a little bass fishing today, caught a decent amount, but couldn't get anything too big to bite. this was the fish of the day about 17" crushed a texas ...more rigged muscleback craw while i was bringing it in to recast. all fish were quite feisty though.

    Largemouth Bass with a Xzone Muscle Back Craw

    1. Morris Campbell
      Nice one !!
    2. Morris Campbell
      Time to do some Big Bass fishing!!!
    3. Jianming Dai
      To share with you, I got two: one 12 in, and the other 14 in between 9:00am and 10:30am.
    4. Jimbo Harwood
      nice bass chris
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    1. T Sen
      You did enter that hog on the "braggin' board", right....
    2. cancel my bass trip morris! we're going gator fishing!!!!
    3. T Sen
      i dont know any other way to cook it, other than fried, but gator tail is mighty
    4. Wow that is a monster!!! I would absolutely not be in a yak anywhere near water with those guys!!!!
    5. Morris Campbell
      There are quite a few that size and bigger in the Stick Marsh. I see guys out in Yaks. Crazy!!!! They will come right up to my 175 tracker.
    6. How did you kill it
    7. jonathan wicks
      whatchya catch it on ?? A sinko? lol
    8. Keith Thompson
      That is huge.
    9. Shawn Gearinger
      Wow! That's a biggun!
    10. NJ Squatch
      Going to need a bigger boat!
    11. Robert Coleman
      Ummmmmm Chris...... you'll lose brother! LOL Wow Morris! I'll take a pair of cowboy boots, a belt and a hat band... with teeth! lmao
    12. Damn!!! what a gator. how long was it.
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  3. Good fight story on this one! Possibly one of the hardest fights I've had in a long time! The picture doesn't do this fish justice. It was missing a good ...more chunk of it's tail, was still 34" and thick as a log! When i set the hook it started peeling drag way harder than i usually expect...I knew i had to better my shore position or I was going to lose this fight in the trees. As i re-positioned the fish made another run and literally pulled me into a mud slick knocking me on my butt and sliding towards the river in the mud. Only thing that stopped me was my foot getting wedged in a tree root. So i continued the fight with my ankle jammed in a root tangle...the fish wrapped me around a subsurface tree anyway and i thought it was over....but i saw the fish by the tree...didn't know if he was still hooked or free and in shock. so i kept the line tight and with my other hand grabbed a rock and threw it to try to scare the fish out the other way; it didn't move. so i pop the line quick and it takes off out of the tree snag! I finish the fight and land the fish as it took a big scoop of polluted river water and blasted me right in the mouth and eyes...good times! Valiant effort Mr. Pike, but it's time to say cheese!

    Northern Pike with a Bent Minnow

    1. Robert Coleman
      How much are the tickets for THAT show? I'm in! Lol
    2. Morris Campbell
      LOL... yeah I will tape him up for you:..:)
    3. I took down a 6'4" 275lbs guy in a sparing match when i weighed about 200 in my prime that's my best out sized win haha soooo what's a gator 7-8' ...more couple more hundred pounds? just have to tape it's mouth shut hahaha
    4. Robert Coleman
      Chris, you're up 1-0 on Mr. Pike. I think you should quit while you're ahead. Gator might take the win. But if you do it, are you selling tickets? ...more Lol
    5. Robert Coleman
      Chris, you're up 1-0 on Mr. Pike. I think you should quit while you're ahead. Gator might take the win. But if you do it, are you selling tickets? ...more Lol
    6. Morris Campbell
      7-10 ft is normal size
    7. Morris Campbell
    8. how often do you hook them by accident!?
    9. Morris Campbell
      We will see plenty:)
    10. I've actually never encountered a gator...but i'd like to think I would win the fight!!!
    11. Morris Campbell
      Big teeth Robert
    12. Morris Campbell
      They don't allow gator hunting there. They are big and not scared.
    13. Robert Coleman
      Lots of teeth I presume! Hehe
    14. NJ Squatch
      I need to see a pic with Chris and a pond lizard
    15. Morris Campbell
      When you see the pond lizards you'll understand !!!!
    16. what if a 20 lbs bass pulls me in morris!!!??
    17. Morris Campbell
      Chris, I am going to have to ask you not to swim in the Stick Marsh..LOL
    18. Robert Coleman
      Now THAT'S funny right there! 👇
    19. I wouldn't eat anything out of this particular river mike haha, Squatch i need that and probably a hep A-D shot too, i'm surprised i didn't wake up ...more with pink eye!
    20. Andrew Kane
      Beautiful pike
    21. Andrew Kane
      Lol great fish story
    22. NJ Squatch
      better go get a tetanus shot! nice fish
    23. john stimson
      great fight story and catch
    24. Mike Ellertson
      Nice pike! One of my favorites to fish for and great eating too! Great catch!
    25. Robert Coleman
      That sounds like a well played fight between two gladiators. But we see who won! Chris=1, Mr. Pike=0.
    26. Matthew White
      Real nice!I don't know of any place in South Jersey that has Pike, u want to come down hear to catch snake heads, and I want to go up there to catch stuff like ...more that!LOL
    27. bob g
      nice fish good job
    28. Morris Campbell
      Nice pike!!
    29. Gabe Knutson
      Great catch! Biggest thing I've caught was a 4 pound river redhorse.
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  4. Tough bite again this weekend, but if i'm only going to catch one keeper, at least it was a nice thick long one :) plenty of porgy and seabass to keep the fluke ...more off your rig haha

    Summer Flounder with a Squid skirt teaser

    1. haha Morris i usually just use the imitation crab meat, but it's still good!
    2. Jimbo Harwood
      Sweet fish Chris
    3. Morris Campbell
      Stuffed with blue crab meat!!!!
    4. Robert Coleman
      Cool looking fish Chris!
    5. Eddie Goode
      nice. congrats.
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  5. my buddy with a nice sea bass while we were fluke fishing

    1. Morris Campbell
      Thats good eating there!!
  6. Had a couple of avg ones wacky rigging before the beast i posted friday.

    Largemouth Bass with a Xzone True Center Stick

    1. i had 4 of those and that beast! too bad a beast never shows up for me on contest days haha
    2. Morris Campbell
      Five of those will win money!
    3. Robert Coleman
      Nice average! 👍👍👍
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  7. Great day! Slept in late, still the only one at the lake! Was having a nice bass fishing day with plenty of average bass on true center sticks wacky rigged and ...more mini slammers on drop shot. then...BOOM, big mama was fooled into coming up to take a picture!

    Largemouth Bass with a xzone lures mini slammer

    1. Matthew White
      Sent u comment and marked the spot where I catch snake heads look at details on picture of the snake heads
    2. thanks guys... morris i was thinking the same thing :) haha RC, this was on drop shot rig, not wacky rig.
    3. Derek Stitt
      Huge bass!, nice job buddy
    4. Morris Campbell
      Thats a good warm up:))Nice one Chris!!
    5. Rich Pardy
      Nice one man, thats an ape!!!
    6. RC Cola
      very nice, I gotta get wacky.
    7. Robert Coleman
      Big Mama was hungry, and she just wanted her picture taken! Nice Bass Chris! 👍👍👍
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  8. He was bigger than the bass I caught, lol

    Bluegill with a square bill

    1. haha, nice man
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  10. Here are two more nice bass from the contest saturday.

    Largemouth Bass with a Stick Worms & Texas Rig

    1. Morris Campbell
      Still good bookends!!! Nice work!!!
    2. i know rich! that one on the left looked like it had been in a few fights!! There's no way it's less than 3-4 weeks post spawn but it was all head! When ...more it's mouth came out of the water i thought i had a 4-5 pounder then i saw he was all deflated, one eyed, and just unhealthy looking...
    3. Robert Coleman
      Couple of nice Hawgs!
    4. Rich Pardy
      Man a little more belly on them hawgs and you are in first place.
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