1. This lure is a definite fish attracting machine! Daytime, nighttime, whatever! Hybrid stripers and walleye are the two victims so far!

    Walleye with a Game On! Bent Minnow

    1. Need to get one
    2. Robert Coleman
      Nice eye!
    3. they have 20% off now and free shipping $50 and up
    4. Scott Lavenburg
      wow where can i get one?
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  2. First redfish for this 7 year old

    27 in. Red Drum with a pilchard

    1. Morris Campbell
      Haha.. we can do that Chris!!! Thanks Jimbo. He got his first trout and snook today too.
    2. man i've never caught a redfish either! I might just have to come down and spend a whole week with you knocking species off my bucket list haha
    3. Jimbo Harwood
      Awesome catch bud!! nice red!
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  3. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass

    When using alewife or other live baits any tips on how to hook them?

    1. Paul Santee
      Not necessarily true the fish commission did stock regular striper also
    2. Phil Ciamaichela
      Striper in nock don't reproduce
    3. Well i'm fishing in NJ but i'm assuming if you want alewife as bait you have them in the lake and the temps have to be similar to where i'm at and they ...more will start spawning in the shallows soon if they haven't started already. so find the warmest water not too deep and see if you hear them flopping around at night.
    4. Paul Santee
      Christopher where at exactly at nock
    5. Michael Schwan
      Right thru the nose, or in the back by the dorsal. Works like a charm.
    6. You want hybrids? Forget the bait. Get large 5-6" herring mimicking lures and fish at night near the surface noise of the herring/surface feeding
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  4. Out lizard hunting late night. Finally managed to get one over 21"

    4 lb. 23 in. Walleye

    1. well maybe if you did more fishing and less lizard hunting...actually i'm not sure i'm comfortable fishing with you if you're up there hunting lizards...
  5. double header/photo bomb from the other night HAHAHA

  6. I think this is a hybrid, anyone else know?

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Nightcrawler

    1. Eric Moore
      By the way the gills are like razor blades, just in case you end up catching more of them
    2. Eric Moore
      It's a yellow belly, or yellow bass. Similar to white bass but don't get quite as big, we have them by the thousands in TN and there is no limit. Best eating ...more of all the striped bass
    3. could be...juvenile fish are tough to tell. it's my impression that white bass have faded lines though and those are very dark. maybe they fade with age.
    4. Jake Joseph
      Yes I understand that... if it was a hybrid it would have broken lines above the lateral line as well as below a stripe would have no broken lines and a white bass ...more broken under the lateral line... I believe it's a white bass
    5. Isaac Switzer
      Jake, a hybrid striper is a cross between a Striped Bass and a White Bass
    6. Jake Joseph
      It's a White Bass
    7. Levi Ball
      Fins of a walleye? pattern of a striper?....weird
    8. i think you're right
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  7. Explored some new waters with a buddy and found some nice brook trout, brown trout and various other small species.

    Brown Trout with a xrap

    1. squatch....we both know the answer to that
    2. Kenneth Olivo
      Nice trout
    3. LOL
    4. NJ Squatch
      you look exhausted...burning the candle on both ends?
    5. the waders make for a nice diaper
    6. You look like you are taking a dump
    7. nice one
    8. Nice fish
    9. pretty trout 😀
    10. Thanks
    11. Good looking fish Chris!
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  8. Dinner tonight. 2 of 31 today, small one was 3 lber

    4 lb. 2 oz. Lane Snapper with a cotee jig

    1. nice job 😀
    2. Yes someone got paid under the table to get those regs passed. That's why recreational anglers have to politically aware and active whether we like it or not. ...more These federal bureaucrats will stick it to the little guy every time. I thought that must have been another species of snapper since you got to keep some. Keep up the good work!
    3. i love regulations on anglers while commercial guys net everything in sight...don't you!?
    4. Lane Snapper are open year round until some federally appointed council member thinks they need protection. Red Snapper season for recreational anglers is a whopping ...more 3 days this year. Meanwhile the commercial season has been open all year. Thanks NMFS and NOAA!!
    5. Ronald Howell
      Greta fish to eat. Makes a mean smoked fish dip and salad (like tuna) .
    6. Do you get to keep snapper in Florida? Great catch! We cant keep any Red Snapper, from what I hear. I don't know my salt water fish very well. Those look like ...more some good eating!
    7. Jimbo Harwood
      Nice... looks like it's guna be a good one.. awesome catch Morris.
    8. Mmmmmm....... Yummy!
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  9. We have our go-to lures for the night stalking, but we have a new contender now! Game On! lures' Bent Minnow. Great subsurface walk-the-dog surface plopping ...more action and holographic color got the job done! First top water action of the season, love it!

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Game On! Bent Minnow

    1. weather is just annoying!
    2. I hear ya. I went the other night with Bam I caught 1 eye and we snagged 6 herring. Wind was blowing 20 mph + cold and nasty. It wasn't easy finding some shelter ...more from the wind.
    3. got you one buddy, now you just have to take a break from working and come fishing!
    4. Order me some
    5. Noah it's the 'Bent Minnow' by Game On! lures, I just ordered 5 more haha, has a sweet erratic walk the dog type of action on, and just subsurface. ...more it's shaped like a 'banana' kind of so rather than a 'Z' movement like a super spook it's more of a natural 'S' movement.
    6. Oh yeah lake hopatcong has great hybrid striped bass fishing! If we can get people to release the really big ones more often we'll see a state record come out ...more of there in a few years i bet!
    7. What lure is that?
    8. sergio moraes
      beatifull striped bass!!!
    9. M S
      I didn't know lake hopatcong has those
    10. Nice fish
    11. I agree with Morris. Awesome fish and sweet looking bait!
    12. Mike Buckley
      Nice fish!
    13. Jack White
      Got a love the topwater
    14. Thats a nice Hybrid Bass!!! Good looking lure too.
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  10. advertisement
  11. Managed to pull up this monster girl thought it was my first musky lol beautiful fish

    26 in. Chain Pickerel with a square bill crank

    1. Kenneth Olivo
      Thank you everyone!
    2. C. Alex Hash
      Good job man, beautiful fish
    3. That's a fatty
    4. Andrew Kane
      King of the chain pickerel!!
    5. That is a huge pickerel. Nice work Kenneth!!
    6. yeah man that thing is huge!
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