1. Details: Other Freshwater with a time

    My son in the yak that was floating in the pool. He didnt want to get out.

    1. Denton Apple 0
      Cool, thx @MarkSeay
    2. Mark Mark 0
    3. Mark Mark 0
      Had it under the causeway and around tiki island in Galveston. Also in several ponds and lakes. Seems to be ok for my first yak.
    4. Denton Apple 0
      Sweet thx! I'll look into it, how do u like it??
    5. Mark Mark 0
    6. Mark Mark 0
      Pelican angler 120x bought at academy for 300
    7. Denton Apple 0
      What kind of kayak is that?? I'm looking for one for bass fishing..,
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a rage craw

    Tx KBF open. Another fish caught at the tournament on Houston county lake on green pumpkin rage craw

    1. Ben_Sanford 0
    2. Mark Mark 0
      @clintferguson @ImpulseAnglers
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a rage craw

    Tx KBF open. This fish won the big bass pot. Slow rolling across small rocks and sandy bottoms. Rage craw green pumpkin. 22 1/2 inches is what she scored at.

    1. Mark Mark 0
      Barely got it in the boat due to bad position of hook in mouth
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Well deserved cred
    3. Mark Mark 0
      @ReelGame thanks for the cred
    4. Mark Mark 0
      @clintferguson @ImpulseAnglers @skorgurrl @jayno
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a rage craw

    Tried out the bama craw and worked pretty good... Caught this one and stole another one from @clintferguson. @ImpulseAnglers another good day for the crew.

    1. Mark Mark 0
      Dont hate @clintferguson
    2. Clint Ferguson 0
      Find your own fish...!!!! Quit stealing mine...lol
    3. Mark Mark 0
      Just enjoyed the day with a good friend and stealing a fish @clintferguson
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  5. Details: Gulf Flounder with a finger mullet

    Slow rolling it across the bottom. Against the bulkhead is where they where at.

    1. Makz Jaramillo 0
    2. Makz Jaramillo 0
      Just read on the kayak bass fishing TX Facebook you won big bass at the tournament today. Great job!
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    1. Mark Mark 0
    2. Mark Mark 0
      @ChanceHuiet guess me and you both had bad mornings?
    3. Mark Mark 0
      Found this bad boy in my tire this morning
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  6. Look who is pro team!!! #location

    1. Swamp Mafia 0
      Welcome to the pro team!!!
  7. Just got it in the mail.

    1. Clint Ferguson 0
  8. Details: Blue Catfish with a shad

    This catfish has been eating pretty good.

    1. Mark Mark 0
      Idk i never weighed it @Clausen22
    2. Clausen22 0
      How much did it weigh? @MarkSeay
    3. josh_mouton 0
      I would have thrown it back
    4. Mark Mark 0
      A bunch of baby shad come out when it was cleaned
    5. tdaydad85 0
      It's going to have some baby's
    6. Swamp Mafia 0
      I think she is about to pop!
    7. jonholbrook 0
      Ummmm I'd say so
    8. Mark Mark 0
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