1. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Mullet kayaked out.

    #tbt this was 4 years ago when I just started beach fishin. We were kayaking our lines just on the other side on the 3rd bar in October when the drum were running. ...more My brother was dropping 2 baits at a time and before he would get back to the beach I would have both rods hooked up! This happened 3 or 4 times within a couple hours until we were too tired to keep going.

    1. rileycarew
      How far out did you kayak the baits out? And what size hooks?
    2. bighomiejacob
      Oh okay thanks @LostBoysOutdoors
    3. Chris Emmite
      @bighomiejacob I live in Houston so not that far
    4. bighomiejacob
      How fair are you from Victoria tx ??
    5. Jacob Breaux
      That's awesome. Can't wait for the run this year. 👍
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  2. #TBT my wife and I caught these Spanish along with some pompano, lady fish and a limit of trout in the surf on one of those rare days when the water flattens out ...more and turns green. We fished with live shrimp under a Cajun Thunder popping cork with about 3 ft of fluorocarbon leader and a treble hook. When the Spanish start to move in I change to a wire leader usually.

    Spanish Mackerel with a Live shrimp

    1. TJcope
      Who is that
    2. FlounderKing
      great eating!
    3. MrPopular
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Aug 29, 2014!
    4. cole_papa
      Awesome! Thanks man!
    5. Chris Emmite
      @cole_papa g-townsurf had a good live cam.
    6. Chris Emmite
      @cole_papa the wind is really the best forecast tool. If we have a light southeast wind for a few days you can pretty much bet we're going to have some calm ...more green water. I also check the live cams
    7. cole_papa
      Question- I know you can check the winds before you go but how do you know the water is gonna be green before you make the trek into the gulf?
    8. bass_master101
      Good job @LostBoysOutdoors
    9. cole_papa
      So badass, my favorite kind of day
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  3. Details: Flathead Catfish with a Jug lines?

    Need some advice here guys. I'm taking a trip with the family for a long weekend in early October to the Guadalupe river staying at the pin on the map. We are ...more renting a house on the river just south if the dam. I was wanting to target some flat heads. Any advice on spots, baits, methods? Will the fishing be any good in front of the house? I was thinkin about setting out some jugs.

    1. SeaLevelApparel
      Plenty of Guadalupe bass to be caught, may luck into a rainbow though. Not too many larger catfish right below the dam but they are around! Good luck
    2. beastyboy
      Shit bro that's one badass spot
    3. jacob jacob
      No problem
    4. Chris Emmite
      @lovemore thanks bro.
    5. jacob jacob
      And of course mustad circle hooks...i use 14/0
    6. jacob jacob
      The best bait is always live perch (or dead if you cant keep them live)
    7. No problem bud, just had to wait till I was off work to answer lol, hopefully you get into some action!
    8. Chris Emmite
      @Cowboy713 some really good advice there. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll give it a shot! I'm going to bring a little bit of everything to see ...more what's out there. Thanks again.
    9. garrett weiss
      try finding structure if not cast rods deeper and shallow and in between.
    10. If you find yourself with a bit more freedom let me know and I can give you some more spots to hit
    11. But if you can make it up to the base of the dam and wade over to the side with the closed flood gate, there's always some LMB and Guaddie bass along with carp ...more and gar sitting back in that slack water
    12. Section of the river but they are few and far between these days, if you want any tips on any of these species in this area just let me know. I know you mentioned ...more your restricted on where you can fish
    13. Due to the cold water temps, they will take inline spinners and small cranks just like bass and sunnies will, but are more probable on fly gear. That said, there ...more are also a few striper left in this
    14. Area, all willing to take live or artificials, spotted and long nose gar are present as well and should be easy enough to find, @MulletHead is also correct, you ...more may luck into one of the holdover trout
    15. The heat of the summer, and the fish take advantage of the warmth in the cold water, there should be some cats around, channels, blues, and flatties, there are also ...more LMB, SMB, and guaddies, in this
    16. Pretty darn cold year round (comes out of the bottom of canyon lake, this is why the trout can survive there) problem is this can also make the fishing a bit tricky ...more in the cold, good thing is it is
    17. Well bud, I've got some good news and some not quite so good news, @mredus8 is right the river can get PACKED in the day time, HOWEVER, where your going to be ...more is so far up stream that the water is
    18. mredus8
      If your able to even get access to the water to fish. Only fish the river at night. There's to many people on it during the day this time of year on river road
    19. Texas_Slam
      Put out a bottom rod with some dead stuff clickers on,drag set and just chill.
    20. Chris Emmite
      @just_justin thanks man I'll give that a try too
    21. just_justin
    22. just_justin
      I catch flatheads on chicken liver all the time up here... Try that out on a size 8 circle hook
    23. Swamp Mafia
      @Cowboy713 may be able to tell you some spots. I have not fished that part of the river so I just go back to the basics and that has worked well for me. Good luck!
    24. Chris Emmite
      @SwampMafia nice. Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes.
    25. Swamp Mafia
      The flatheads will go looking for the sunfish, so I fish where I find sunfish. Structure is a great place to start. If you fish deeper try to find a steep drop off, ...more with a shallow flat.
    26. Chris Emmite
      @SwampMafia so if the sunfish are in shallow I should fish for the flatheads shallow too? Or should I look for some deeper spots in the river?
    27. Swamp Mafia
      6-8+ inch sunfish work great for the big ones. I like to trim the fins so they don't drag my gear around. Circle hooks are great for this.
    28. Swamp Mafia
      #8-#10 cricket hook and some worm, try shallow. When you find the sunfish, you have found the place to fish for flatheads come night fall.
    29. Chris Emmite
      @garrettjweiss thanks for the info. I was planning on using live and cut sunfish too. I'm hoping there will be some cats hangin around near the house.
    30. Chris Emmite
      @MulletHead nice. I plan on bringing bass and panfish gear too. It would be cool to get into some trout. Since this is a family trip I'll be limited to fishing ...more out of the yak near the house.
    31. cole_agouridis
    32. garrett weiss
      Heads work good but we don't have many of them here.
    33. garrett weiss
      For flathead always live bait I use live bait. I use live blue gill 3-6 inches on 8/0 circle hook on jugs and rods. You can also use green sunfish. Those are my ...more 2 favorite baits up here. I heard bull
    34. Gabe Mitchell
      @Cowboy713 is our resident expert. Pretty sure you're near some solid trout country too
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  4. Details: White Bass with a Chartreuse road runners

    #TBT I miss the days of driving down to the Angelina River after class at SFA in the early spring and catching sand bass until our arms were sore. The fish fries ...more afterwards were the best. We would wade in a slow part of the river and throw road runners on light tackle.

    1. Gabe Mitchell
      Ha, that is classic.
    2. Chris Emmite
      @fishingmatt haha gotta keep it fratty. I had the rad frat hair swoop goin on too
    3. fishingmatt
      You were lookin frattastic
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  5. This is how big of a difference touching up a photo can make. The top is how it came off my camera and the bottom is after some touch ups to adjust the color, vibrance, ...more contrast, and sharpness. I usually use Pixlr which is a free online photo editing program. They also have a phone app.

    Bull Shark with a Pixlr

    1. Matt Dobson
      Cool man. Nice shot.
    2. MrPopular
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Aug 20, 2014!
    3. rablalock
      Someone found a lost friend!
    4. tunatoker8910
      Lol. I hope i never get caught up in that moment ha. Look like good size shark too. Well good thing u made it to continue showin badazz blerts ha. Nice man. Keep ...more slayin them lost boys crew! @LostBoysOutdoors
    5. Chris Emmite
      @tunatoker8910 it was about waist deep water. I don't recommend anyone try this and to be honest I probably should have either. I've been handling sharks ...more my whole life and got caught up in the moment
    6. tunatoker8910
      Crazy!!!!!!!! How deep were u huggin up that shark. @LostBoysOutdoors 🍻🍻
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  6. Details: Bull Shark with a Stingray wing

    Blurry picture but I thought it came out cool. This is the dehooking process of one of the good bulls from our Florida trip. Bait was a big stingray wing on. 12/0 ...more senator on a custom roller rod. That reel sure sounds pretty when it takes off.

  7. Details: Other Shark with a New logo

    What do y'all think about the new logo? We just got some decals made that I think came out really well. Hopefully we'll get some shirts made soon too. Like ...more us on Instagram and Facebook if you haven't yet.

    1. spookmasterHQ
      thats a sikk logo
    2. Tim Knecht
      Love it!
    3. ReelGame Saucedo
      reminds me of that Kenny Chesney song
    4. crookcody19
      I want a hat with this logo
    5. Reel_Smooth
      Sweet logo.... Looks good
    6. Gabe Mitchell
    7. fishingmatt
      Good stuff
    8. garrett weiss
    9. ReelGame Saucedo
      Looks good
    10. crookcody19
      That's awesome!
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  8. Details: Blacktip Shark with a Whole 18" jack crevalle

    This is the only small shark that we for pictures with. We were getting aggravated catching the 5' blacktips since we were there looking for 8'+. This guy ...more took a fresh jack that we had just caught in a top water. It was our first shark of the trip and really helped to get us excited.

    1. Geoffrey Polefko
      Or should I put 640 yards of 40lbs test
    2. Geoffrey Polefko
      with that amount of line and test pound from the beach
    3. Geoffrey Polefko
      I got a Daiwa saltist bg 40h for Christmas. do you think if I spooled it with 500 yards of 50 lbs braid it would be good to go for surf fishing. and what do you ...more think the biggest shark I could catch
    4. cameron9784
      What beach do you fish at
    5. Gabe Mitchell
      I worked on the bow blind all afternoon. Yeah, let me know... If I'm free, I'm in!
    6. Chris Emmite
      @mullethead I wish I could make it to the meetup but we have our deer lease work weekend that same weekend. I was pretty bummed about that.
    7. Chris Emmite
      @mullethead If you're serious I'll definitely let you know. I'm already planning the trip for next year. I want to make it an annual thing. I found 2 ...more houses connected by a bridge that I want to rent
    8. Gabe Mitchell
      Great trip. I want the invite next time! You comin to our meetup?
    9. Gabe Mitchell
      When do the trip pics stop?? Dude, this was a great
    10. carterh78
      Solid dude
    11. Chris Emmite
      @fishsbeforebitchs yes sir
    12. fishsbeforebitchs
      Do u kayak your bait out?
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  9. Details: Red Snapper with a Rattle trap

    @yaknaggie got stuck pretty bad past the barb on our FL trip. Luckily we were able to play amateur surgeon and push the hook through the other side, cut the barb, ...more back it out and get him cleaned up and good as new.

    1. Chris Emmite
      @ChanceHuiet you have Instagram? I'll probably get it up on YouTube in a couple weeks
    2. Chris Emmite
      @ChanceHuiet @clintferguson I posted the video on our Facebook page. Check it out. Www.facebook.com/TheLostBoysOutdoors
    3. Chris Emmite
      @ChanceHuiet haha yea it was going to suck either way. I guess a lesser of 2 evils thing. He got to pick his own poison.
    4. Chris Emmite
      @ChanceHuiet He didn't want to try it. Thought it was too deep already.
    5. Clint Ferguson
      You should post a link to the video...lol. My wife couldn't watch the whole thing. It was pretty bad when it made the popping sound coming through the skin...lol.
    6. John478
      Way to suck it up and keep fishing
    7. solorider4o8
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  10. Details: Bull Shark with a Stingray wing chunk on a 20/0 circle

    This is one of our smaller sharks from our Florida trip. It was a fun little fight at 1:30 in the morning!

    1. BASSMAN357
      Wow that's a nice size
    2. waterhammer
      Nice grab man!
    3. fishingmatt
      Come on bro I finally put a nice one on the sand and you gotta post this and make mine look little... Hsha nice catch
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