1. Just got these. Never used poppers before. Would these work in salt? How do you use these? Thanks

    1. texasfishingkid kid 0
      look on YouTube for videos some are really helpful
    2. Lon85 0
      @fishinginvermont123 thanks for the correction
    3. fishinginvermont123 0
      They look like poppers
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  2. Got these Magellan waders today for $40. Pretty much brand new. Anyone have these pair? How are they? Now all I need is a wading belt to hold some rods lol.

    1. luke s 0
      @Lon85 no problem
    2. Lon85 0
      @walleyebasshunter thanks for the info. I took them down after you told me. Appreciate it
    3. luke s 0
      @Lon85 if your going to hang your waders hang them by the boot or just have them sitting on the ground. It will help increase the life of the waders.
    4. Lon85 0
      @walleyebasshunter it's the one with boot. Has a pretty good grip on the bottom sole.
    5. luke s 0
      *and off
    6. luke s 0
      @Lon85 Do the wader have the boot attached or is there a different boot that you can take on???
    7. Lon85 0
      @drumbrothers I got it from a guy who didn't wear them at all. He's moving to Alaska soon, so got it for a steal.
    8. Lon85 0
      @VCflies thanks. They're pretty comfy for long periods of time?
    9. drumbrothers 0
      Where did you get them?
    10. VCflies 0
      I got a pair like that just camo for duck hunting and I love them
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  3. Heading to galveston tomorrow with the bro, trying to hook up on some flounders after 5-6 months without fishing. Anyone know where they're biting? Heck.. We're ...more trying to catch anything worth it. Lol. Thanks

    Gulf Flounder

    1. Lon85 0
      Thanks @TheOneAndOnlyFishslayer
    2. ThatOneFisher 0
      If you want flounder, SWP is no longer the place for them. You have a chance of catching a few small ones on live mullet though.
    3. fishinad 0
      Shrimp is never a bad choice but don't be fooled by the crowds on the pier, go off the walkway on the other side
    4. WalkerZander 0
      Live shrimp works good for everything
    5. Lon85 0
      Thanks! I will try them @WalkerZander @cvflyer what are the croakers biting on @fishinad
    6. fishinad 0
      Haven't been having much flounder luck down there but the sand trout are hot
    7. cvflyer 0
      Try white or chartreuse Berkley Gulp 4" swimming mullet on a 1/4 oz jig head. That has been a solid go to for a lot of people in the Galveston Bay system. ...more Live shrimp won't fail you either!
    8. WalkerZander 0
      Use chartreuse gulp. I went there 2 weeks ago with some friends and we got our limit
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  4. I was curious, does anyone have one of these or heard a good review? I kind of want to get one of these, to fish in Galveston some time in the future ( calm part ...more ) but don't know if it'll rip easy.

    Other Saltwater with a Sea Eagle Pontoon

    1. Mark Mark 0
      Dont forget... If you have any kind if motor on a yak or a boat you have to register it with texas parks and wildlife
    2. Mark Mark 0
      You can get some nice ones on craigslist for cheap or you can buy new ones that fit the person as well.
    3. Reel_Smooth 0
    4. Lon85 0
      @redfish14 inflatable
    5. Lon85 0
      @ronety do you fish freshwater or salt? Because I want to fish it in salt not too far out, don't know how they are with the waves. Got more pics of it?
    6. Lon85 0
      @MarkSeay @samgiammalva1 yeah I was thinking about that too
    7. Lon85 0
      @Reel_Smooth were they in saltwater?
    8. Young_Buckk 0
      Is it a inflatable one? I
    9. travisbroll 0
      Might rust in salt water
    10. samgiammalva1 0
      I would just stick to a kayak
    11. Tyrone Smith 0
      I have one and absolutely love it.I would def recommend you getting one
    12. Mark Mark 0
      Get a yak
    13. Reel_Smooth 0
      I've seen a couple of people with some, and they tell me they love them. Seen them out in sea brook
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  5. I was curious, does anyone have one of these or heard a good review? I kind of want to get one of these, to fish in Galveston in the future ( the calm part ) but ...more don't know if it'll rip easy.

    Other Saltwater

  6. Left in the water from 12am-10am. One trap had 4, the other had none..once again... I don't know if its the trap or the location.

    Blue Crab with a Crab trap baited with chicken drum sticks

    1. Lon85 0
      @kjmc31 thank you!
    2. kjmc31 0
      That's a good picture!
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  7. 15"-19"mackerels. Fished friday night. Saw some fatty sheepshead again, but they were only into eating the barnacles on the pier :|

    Spanish Mackerel with a Dead Shrimp

    1. Randy McGhee 0
      smack attack
    2. Lon85 0
      @makzymos thanks for the info bro! I might check out rollover or one of those piers this weekend. Never been to neither of them. Only seawolf.
    3. Makz Jaramillo 0
      @lon85 lots of reports of Spanish Macks being reported from 61 and 91 st piers
    4. Lon85 0
      @fishinggal yes it was.
    5. fishinggal 0
      this was at swp?
    6. Lon85 0
      @fishinggal thank you
    7. fishinggal 0
      Nice :)
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  8. Didn't catch anything worth keeping. But one of the crab traps paid off!

    Blue Crab with a crab trap

  9. Trial and error. Had 2 traps one with chicken intestine/ guts. While the other trap had brisket fat... Lol yes brisket fat! The one with the guts had 6-7. While ...more the trap with brisket fat had none!

    Blue Crab with a crab trap/ chicken guts