1. Kept 26 out of 45 caught in 24 fow over man made structures in 3-1/2 hours. Lake was calm allowing us to hold over structures with I-Pilot. New Daiwa line counter ...more reel really helped after fish were located at certain depth.

    White Crappie

    1. Chris Riddick 0
      Way to go.... I'll need to give that a try...
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      @Brent Schumnann, sorry to tell you this bud, but Pops probably isn't going to respond. He's not an active member on here. His son ran the old FishingScout/Crew ...more app, which got bought out by Fishidy and all of the posts got transferred over to this one
    3. Brent Schumnann 0
      I am new to the lake. I would love to get my kids on some crappie. I grew up on Toledo Bend Lake. Miss crappie fishing!!! Any suggestions on where to fish for them?
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      Way to go Pops!
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  2. Herd of cattle, gaggle of geese, murder of crows, and MESS of crappie. Post spawn, these fish are transitioning into the summer pattern. We caught 25 in 26 fow, ...more but suspended over brush at 12-15 feet.

    White Crappie

    1. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Ha. Well done old man
  3. Selfie with 20 friends.

    Black Crappie

    1. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Crappie picture
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      There ya go pops!
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  4. King Neptune vs King Pops. Avenging @MulletHead's honor

    Flathead Catfish

    1. jackmawer 0
      Yes sir
    2. KingPops 0
      Looked like you guys were having fun @jackmawer
    3. jackmawer 0
      Nice one. That was me yelling at you on the jetski today haha. We have a house down the street from yall!
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Nice one!
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  5. Having my own meat-up.

    White Crappie

    1. jason felter 0
      I like the description!😂👍🏼no pun intended right?
  6. Important to match the hatch on night light fishing. Paid off with some nice whites.

    White Bass

    1. kjack707 0
  7. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    Fished the Miracle Mile above Casper. Slow day overall, but did manage to land this 20 incher.

  8. The children sleep, the young men work and the old man fishes...

    White Bass

    1. Matt Dobson 0
      I like it.
    2. KingPops 0
      SATXAngler it was spotty. Didn't get a bite Sunday night, but caught 5 just before sunrise. Black and silver square bill worked best.
    3. Christian Somerville 0
      I spent last week fishing lights at lbj and couldn't get a hit on anything artificial.
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      Way to go pops!
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Fished a small tournament on Lake Amistad yesterday. We caught 25+ one to three pounders. Lots of bait fish and smaller fish. Amistad is definitely on the the way ...more back.

  10. Details: White Crappie

    Renda Lake in central Illinois. Fishing in thick brush with minnows under a slip cork. Fished with Jason Dudley of Buck Brush guides and had a great time. Caught ...more lots of big crappie. Find the cork in the picture.

    1. jason felter 0
      Have you ever fish lake Vandalia??
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      That is impossible to fish. Nice report Pops
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