1. Details: Spotted Bass with a Texas rig watermelon red zoom

    Hot. 90 degrees slight wind. Didn't ease up at all. Fish are getting hot and moving to deeper water working bank points that enter deep ledges where the cooler ...more water sits holding many fish. Bites still slow during afternoon. Slow jigs working and stopping all the way back to the boat

  2. Details: Spotted Bass with a Watermelon Red Zoom. Texas Rigged 3/8th tungsten bullet

    Went fishing with a good buddy of mine yesterday for my birthday. Caught 9 working docks and brush covered banks. Fish are biting extremely light hard hook sets ...more are necessary

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      45 @bartjones
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      Hey what size yeti is that?
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  3. Details: Spotted Bass with a 7" watermelon red finesse worms zoom 1/0 gamakatsu straight shank worm hook, 1/8oz bullet weight, 20lb power pro braid main line, light ...more action rods

    Fish are beginning there spawns and are located 3-7ft off the banks. Fishing mainly grass beds and docks with low boating activity. Fish biting lite so we let them ...more take it for 1-3 sec. Before hooking. Caught 11 today. The mid afternoon bite is in open water sea walls working lures as later bite was back in the creeks with finesse worms

  4. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Live mullet free lined with 12lb Seagar flouro on a 20lb power pro mainline braid

    Another over slot red from last weekend 30" fish. Fought like a freight train. Fished a school of 200+ reds when I hooked up to this one. Very windy and had ...more to post up at the edge of a flat in order to cast to the pockets

  5. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Live Mullet, 12 lb Seagar Flourocarbon leader with 20lb main line braid. Hook size: 2/0 bent shaft live bait hook

    Beautiful day on the lagoon fishing turner flats. 75° with 75% humidity made it a perfect day on the lagoon with little to no wind. Fished a mullet pile for ...more 30 minutes and was scanning the water and a big school of reds came in. They swam out and we hopped on the trolling motor going full speed and scared them into a little cove put the power poles down and cornered them off.

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      Thanks man @Casting22Major @King_Fisher
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      Nice red
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  6. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Live shrimp on a 3ft leader 1/8oz jig head. Live mullet hooked through the back free lined

    36 degrees 17 mph winds from the north sunny. The Reds were balled up in huge school of 150+ fish just rolling around sand points with deeper pockets. They would ...more patrol back and forth and knowing where they'd be next was key. We'd cast ahead of time and wait for the school to turn and search for our baits then drag screaming from there on

  7. Sunny/ cold in the morning with high winds then 77 later in the day. These are two great striper me and @Peytond52 caught on our trip to Alabama a few weeks back. ...more Had a great journey and the fishing was prime

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Live Blue herring/ 20lb leader/ Shakespeare ugly stick striper rods/ Abu Garcia Line counting Reels. 30lb mono main line

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      Very nice catches
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      I bet that was fun congrats
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      Thanks man @Jose_Can_senko
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      Nice stripes man...
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      Ya man hopefully we can go back soon
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  8. Thank you @Peytond52 for including me on this great striper experience. We caught 3 nice striper in total in around 40FOW fishing suspending trees. Water temp 72 ...more and we were searching for bait pods

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Live blue back herring. 1/8oz stick weight. 20lb seagar flourocarbon leader

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Booyah Spinner Bait 1/6oz with white skirt and head with twin gold blades. 30lb Power Pro Braid. Medium Heavy Abu Garcia 7'2. Shimano ...more Cuarado

    Weather was ideal. Slight wind over cast towards the morning. 77 and the fish were biting. Working 30-60ft ledges with vegetation and structure on top and on the ...more sides which were holding large amounts of bait fish. Casting past the ledges and allowing the bait to free spool sink for 8-12 seconds and then working it back to the boat with a medium to steady retrieve

  10. Details: Spotted Bass with a Zoom Green Pumpkin super Fluke. 3/16oz Texas Rig Bullet Weight/ 2/0 Gamakatsu Worm Hook. 7' Medium Action Duckett Ghost/ Shimano Stradic ...more 2000/ 20lb Power Pro Green moss braid

    Sunny. Cooler than the day before. Cloud coverage in the morning. Started fishing the brush covered banks early morning working suspended weeds and fallen trees. ...more Slow twitch stop movements prevailed and as the day got hotter around 8am the fished moved deeper to points around 30FOW where drop shoting over structure was best

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From bass to grouper. Love fishing fresh and saltwater. Hoping to enter some fishing tournaments here soon. Trying to spread and learn knowledge ...more about the sport of fishing.