1. Here's the second fish I got on this bait. I was sure this was the right bait of choice for these bass today but after this the bite has stopped. The Florida ...more sun came or stronger then ever and the more baits I tried the less fish I was catching.

    Largemouth Bass

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      Exact location is : Three friends park located in Coral Springs Fl
  2. Here's the first fish I got the hit this crank bait. I was feeling really slow fishing next to patches of Lilly pads that are located along the shorelines about ...more 10ft away. Even tho I would get weeds and get stuck this was the bait of choice. I literally got this fish after getting stuck in a pad and ripping it out and about 5 seconds of reeling again this peacock killed it.

    Butterfly Peacock Bass

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      Exact location is : Three friends park location in Coral Springs Florida
  3. Got my first peacock bass yesterday! Spotted several of these swimming along the bank in a new spot and I was able in the lure on the peacocks into slamming the ...more small white grub I put on for the peacocks.

    Butterfly Peacock Bass

  4. Details: other Surfperch

    Here's another of the fish I caught while I was in the keys. Jigging frozen shrimp along the wall and letting it drop to the bottom is key.

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      @MulletHead hey I hate to be a pain in the butt but anyway you add Sand Perch to the species list
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      Sand perch
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      Squirrel fish I think
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  5. Details: Mangrove Snapper

    Here's on the snappers we caught. The shrimp is sticking out of its mouth. We were letting the shrimp drop weightless song the wall and let the snappers get ...more interested.

  6. Details: Mangrove Snapper

    Went to the Keys for my 21st on the dates of April 14th - 17th. We stopped at the Hampton Hotel in Key largo in did some fishing. We caught several fish along the ...more wall including many small snappers like this. I'm not certain if this is a mangrove or not. My next picture shows a clear picture of one the mangroves we caught. If anyone caught specify the exact snapper species that would be great.

  7. So here's the biggest bass I got on our evening trip. We were traveling along canals taking serval casts and catching several small bass until I spotted this ...more big girl cruising along the side banks( about 2 ft away from shoreline) I quickly threw my digger towards her before my brother could and before I knew it she wacked it hard. Weather was cloudy and little to no wind. Great fishing conditions

    Largemouth Bass

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      Thats a fatty
  8. So here's literally my biggest bass from our morning trip today. Just goes to show a different bait makes a difference. My brother was using a crankbait and ...more got see real nice bass and this was all I got.

    Largemouth Bass

  9. I was taking server all casts with this thinking I wasn't going to catch anything when suddenly I got this soild 4-5pound bass. The exact date of this catch ...more was March 15th

    Largemouth Bass

  10. This was caught on March 15th - I couldn't upload this due to picture uploading issue. I used this picture because you can see the exact bait. I was taking several ...more casts with a slow retrieve when suddenly I caught this surprise. My casts were 30-35ft away with a very slow retrieve with a rod tip down towards to ground keeping the bait towards to bottom of the lake.

    Black Crappie