1. 3 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Creme Lures Texas Rigged Worm

    1. Robert Coleman 0
      That'll do John! Nice one! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    2. Nice Bass John 👍
    3. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice Largie!👍
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  2. 4 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Squarebill Chartreuse Black Back

    1. Bryan Harper 0
      Thick Largie!🎣
    2. Never fished there
    3. John Fitch 0
      thanks guys it was my third trip to Somerville. I'm still learning the lake hope to go back soon. Any places I should try.
    4. Nice one John
    5. john stimson 0
      nice catch
    6. Scott Sorrell 0
      Nice bass
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  3. My newest Video for people who want to get started with Crankbait fishing. If you could add anything else that a new Crankbait fisherman might need please add it ...more in the video Comments. Thanks https://youtu.be/sct5rOmfo_c

  4. Texas Twitter #FishingFamily Trip at Gibbons Creek Reservoir 6-1-19 https://youtu.be/yLMdkk6mPtQ

  5. Here's the Texas Twitter #FishingFamily Trip at Gibbons Creek Reservoir. https://youtu.be/yLMdkk6mPtQ Follow us on Twitter for a chance to be a part of the next ...more one.

  6. Had our Texas Twitter #FishingFamily Trip at Gibbons. https://youtu.be/yLMdkk6mPtQ

  7. My 7yr old son Oliver's new Personal Best. https://youtu.be/aPcsaH_531U

    1. John Fitch 0
      Mark Oland. Barely and lake was very low
    2. Mark Oland 0
      Nice fish. Did Gibbons Creek have Lilly Pads?
    3. john stimson 0
    4. Bryan Harper 0
      Sweet! 🎣👍
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  8. Just got 2 new reels check them out. Ardent Denny Brauer Flippin Reel https://youtu.be/xNIqf03dYIk Ardent CForce Baitcaster. https://youtu.be/d2ltKh_BksU

    1. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Always a good day when you can get a new reel!!!
  9. Still my favorite and most shared video to this day. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/0A4-1FM8EWk

  10. If your boat doesn't have New Pro Products V-T2 Livewell Vents yet your really missing out. https://youtu.be/wbyJdotX8Bo I haven't had a single fish die ...more in my Livewell since installing them even with our hot summers here in Texas. I don't use any additives or ice in my Livewell either. They are great and easy to install yourself.


Married with 3 kids so not as much time or money for fishing as I would like. So I need to take advantage of my resources where I can. I am proud ...more to be on the Ardent Reels, Dunamis Rods, Creme Lures, Lazyman Hooks, FISHBUM Outfitters & Fishidy Pro Staff because they all make such a great product. Check out their products: Ardent Reels - www.ardentoutdoors.com Dunamis Rods - www.dunamisrods.com Creme Lures - www.cremelures.com Layman Hooks - www.lazymanhooks.com FISHBUM - www.fishbumoutfitters.com Treeshaker Tackle - www.treeshakertackle.com New Pro Products - www.newproproducts.com Bradley's Fishing Products - www.catfishbubblegum.com Fishidy - well your on it now

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Anything that Moves
  • Waterway Gibbons Creek Reservoir
  • Lure Creme Reel Scremers on a Lazyman "Cheater Hook"

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