1. Details: Blacktip Shark

    Only shark landed of the trip. We had plenty of runs and missed hook ups on much larger fish but that's another story. Kayaked the mullet out 150yds and only ...more had to wait 5 minutes before my rod and reel were launched out of the Rod holder and into the sand. My Beastmaster 50/80 made quick work of the shark and it was safely unhooked, photographed, and released.

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      Dang! That sucks!
    2. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Cowboy713 yeah. That's how it goes with he little ones. We were in Florida for a week and had a few fish we laid into that didn't give an inch. Unfortunately ...more we didn't get solid hookset a!
    3. Chris Skinner 0
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      Went to check baits. Fresh dead on the hook. Couldn't pull the weight out of the sand. Luckily was fresh enough to salvage the whole fish. Took him home and ...more steamed him out
    5. Chris Skinner 0
      Haha sounds about right! Would be fun on my 6/0 though, my buddy runs an Avet 80W on a Blue yonder rod, was running long drops for big tigers, had a 5' BT hook ...more up and never knew he was there till he w
    6. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Cowboy713 had the reel in high gear and didn't know he was there until about 30ft off the beach! Basically like reeling a largemouth in
    7. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @seaturtles yeah he was a good one!
    8. Chris Skinner 0
      Great BT! Bet that beastmaster didn't even feel it though haha
    9. Swamp Mafia 0
      Great chark
    10. Sean Wilms 0
      Beast of a blacktip!
    11. Jacob Breaux 0
      Charks love them some fresh mowlet
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  2. Details: Blacktip Shark

    #Contest15 By far the most memorable and rewarding catch of 2015. Many hours waiting and miles of water covered for this Chark. 250yd drop at the color change during ...more the Summer tournament. Great weekend with great people. Counting down the days until next summer. P.S. those who spent the weekend with me I appreciate dragging me into the beach house. P.S.S. does anyone one know Jessie? #COTS

    1. BigBuckMD 0
      Nice shark and awesome pic !
    2. Geoffrey Polefko 0
      How long was it?
    3. icatchwhatever 0
      nice shark. but I dont see myself trying to snag me one of those. haha
    4. Swamp Mafia 0
    5. Jacob Breaux 0
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  3. Details: Atlantic Stingray

    Fishing the pier at night for large toothy critters up on the 10ft shelf. Awesome hit and fight and by far the largest stingray I've ever caught. Hopefully The ...more black drum from @lureking121 and this Ray are the warmups for something bigger and very toothy tonight! Enjoy!

    1. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @FishHooker last night I got my tail whipped. Got spooled twice with my drag locked down
    2. FishHooker 0
      Those guys will give you a run for your money
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  4. Details: Fat Snook

    Got SNOOK? I got 15lbs of one here! Fishing the EXACT same Jetty that Bill Dance did for his Stuart, Florida Snook show and it didn't disappoint. Live sardines ...more caught on sabiki rig from a massive bait ball right off the beach front. Throw them up in the rocks and wait for the thump. Reel down and hold on. They run harder than a redfish and rival any largemouth jump and head shake. ENJOY EVERYONE!

    1. Matt Dobson 0
      Woot. That looks awesome!
    2. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @KingCisar mine too. I've always wanted to catch one and finally doing so was so awesome
    3. Christian Cisar 0
    4. Christian Cisar 0
      ny favorite species right there
    5. Brandon alt 0
      What a fish
    6. Jacob Breaux 0
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Strike Pro FlapJack 2.75" (Tennessee Shad) on Shimano Scorpion 1501XT with 15lb Clear Berley Big Game on a 7'2" T. Allen MH ...more Mod. Fast rod

    7lb 5oz. Casting parallel to the shore and ripping through vegetation when she sucked it it. Amazing fight and a good day of fishing even with post front conditions. ...more Jigs and plastics caught smaller fish earlier in the day. Getting as much practice in as I can before I leave for the Big Bass Splash at Sam Rayburn April 17-19. Need one like this to make some money. Enjoy yall!

    1. Ben_Sanford 0
    2. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @casescott yeah only 7lb 5oz. And I'm 6ft tall to put it into perspective as well
    3. casescott 0
      Dang only 7.5 i would have guessed 9lbs or more @jimmylynch
    4. nathaniel jones 0
      You need that lizzard dragger for the tourney
    5. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 ok I see what you are saying. Believe it or not I fish left handed and use left hand retrieve reels so I guess I do what you are saying already and I ...more like the back of the boat sometimes!
    6. thedevman1 0
      Other way.
    7. thedevman1 0
      Boat. Left handers like myself have no problem with being in the back of the boat as where righties have a little. Anyway it works great when the wind is at your ...more front, and they weren't biting any
    8. thedevman1 0
      Well when you're walking most of us cast forward lateral and or fan cast both left and right. Back cast is walking forward but casting only behind you. It's ...more the same as when you're on the back of a
    9. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean? Back castin? Thanks btw
    10. thedevman1 0
      Put a new spin on my lateral cast today and it paid off. Back castin. I'm left handed so it's easier for me 😉 nice fish.
    11. Calvin Fease 0
    12. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @CalvinFease she hadn't spawned yet. I don't know if I ran over her bed or if she was cruising looking to eat before she does. The fish are all doing different ...more things at this time
    13. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Jungleexplorer thanks. Tons of fog around lately!
    14. Calvin Fease 0
      Hawss! Prespawn?
    15. JacobKassman 0
      Do I know where this is?
    16. robert Pelfrey 0
      Good job
    17. Pondhoppers 0
      Fish on
    18. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Good Bass
    19. King_Fisher 0
      Nice one!
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 1/2oz Buckeye Mop Jig with a Stanley Craw Trailer fished on Shimano Chronarch 201e7 w/ 50lb PowerPro on a 7'11" H Shimano Crucial ...more Flippin Rod

    5lb 2oz. Working the jig parallel to the bank with a slow crawl and intermittent hops over rocks or any structure. She picked it up after a hop and took off. Nice ...more change of pace from sight fishing and throw lipless cranks. Enjoy Yall!

    1. Ben_Sanford 0
    2. Stewart Horton 0
      What are some good fishing spots in Katy? I'm going to be there all day tomorrow and I thought I might as well try some fishing @Jimmy_Lynch
    3. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @stewhort57 no sir
    4. Stewart Horton 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch is this Mary Jo Peckham?
    5. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Or in the case of big fish, no having that power to keep me from heading to cover and not worrying about line break when I drop the hammer on a hookset!
    6. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 yeah that sounds like a lot of fun... I grew up on 8lb mono and spinning reels fishing the coast and lakes for bass. I just prefer the power to winch ...more bass in and not worry about line break
    7. thedevman1 0
      Inline spinners it works better.
    8. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      I actually prefer 30lb braid over anything but don't have a reel spooled up with it right now. I got 15lb mono, 12lb fluoro and 50lb braid on my rigs right now
    9. thedevman1 0
      FYI back in the pacific NW when fishing for salmon and steelhead most guys use 8 lb test. Guided a friend once and that's what he caught his 53 lb salmon on. ...more Dragggg. Then again when you're throwing
    10. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 yeah light line is fun but I get edgy with anything under 15lb. It's my safe number and I haven't seen the need for braid over 50lb strength ...more for my uses because I fish all over
    11. thedevman1 0
      Well duh lol! I got the 65 lb power pro in an emergency because it was on sale. I like it ok but miss my seaguar smack down. As far as fluro I love light line. The ...more fight is awesome
    12. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      What it is! All kinds of different preferences and techniques
    13. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 I've never had a problem with 50lb PowerPro. And yeah the 20lb is heavy but my reels are 200 series so they have A TON of line capacity. To each ...more their own though, it's what makes fishing
    14. thedevman1 0
      I broke off too much on 50. I love my 65 for heavy cover. 20 lb fluro seems like a lot. I don't think my reel could handle it.
    15. robz713 0
    16. AllWaterLife 0
      12 lb trilene braid
    17. Jacob Breaux 0
      The skirts did come off
    18. Jacob Breaux 0
      @BrandonScottAlt Same as Jimmy
    19. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @BrandonScottAlt 50lb braid or 20lb Fluoro
    20. AllWaterLife 0
      12 lb trilene
    21. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @bassinboy01 did the skirts come off on your H2O jigs?
    22. Brandon alt 0
      What pound string do Yall use on your jigs? @bassinboy01 @AllWaterLife
    23. Brandon alt 0
      What pound string do Yall use on your jigs? @bassinboy01 @allwaterlife
    24. Jacob Breaux 0
      @AllWaterLife I used to like them, but had problems with their skirt keepers, and haven't tried them since they changed them. But might have to check them out ...more again. A 3lber is nothing to scoff at!!
    25. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @AllWaterLife no sir. I stay away from academy and their H2O brand and don't support it. Just a personal thing to me. By your result it seems they work though
    26. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @bassinboy01 yeah they a popular in general. There is a reason Strike King is as big of a company it is. They make good stuff
    27. AllWaterLife 0
      Have yall tried H20 express jigs? They're pretty decent. Caught my PB 3 lber with one
    28. Jacob Breaux 0
      I gotcha. Yea they're pretty popular among many Skouters, maself included 👍
    29. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @bassinboy01 well the jig worked yesterday but it's not often I get "jiggy" with it. I have no experience with the Strike King jigs but with as much ...more as they are used I'd say they work pretty well :)
    30. Jacob Breaux 0
      That's a good base my boy. How do you like those jigs? I've been only throwing strike king for the past couple years
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Strike Pro Flex Phantom 5in "Grey Ghost"

    6lb 14oz female on a bed! Worked the bed for 30 minutes with every plastic I had. Saw her chase a bluegill around the shallows and decided to tie on something of ...more similar size. Slow cranked the Flex Phantom right past her nose and gave it a twitch to make it dive and roll and that was enough to make her angry and she swallowed it. Enjoy everyone!

    1. Ben_Sanford 0
    2. David Fairchild 0
      Nice catch. Love to sight fish! So cool!
    3. Brandon alt 0
      It is in the suburbs of Houston area @1flytyingace
    4. 1flytyingace 0
      Where is Katy Ponds?
    5. Makz Jaramillo 0
      Lol ^ dis guy righ der
    6. Jacob Breaux 0
      Next time cast net it. Wouldn't have wasted those 30min
    7. King_Fisher 0
      Great fish!
    8. Sweet!
    9. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @ReelGame thanks. @seaturtles yeah she was nice. @JustinGoodman yessir it was!
    10. robz713 0
    11. JustinGoodman 0
      Throwing everything you got for that is worth it!!
    12. Sean Wilms 0
      that's a hog!
    13. ReelGame Saucedo 0
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Strike Pro FlapJack in "Weapon" color on Shimano Chronarch Ci4+ 151 with 12lb Vanich Fluorocarbon on a 7'2" MH T. Allen ...more rod

    9lb BEAST! Just varying my retrieve and fan casting with the FlapJack and when I ripped through brush I got stopped hard... She immediately jumped and I about went ...more in the water when I saw she had 1 hook in the corner of her jaw. A soft rod is necessary when fishing with trebles and my T. Allen kept her pinned and on the hook. Thank you @BrandonScottAlt for the pictures! Enjoy Scouters!

    1. Ben_Sanford 0
    2. bruton9 0
    3. PatMas 0
      Dude, fantastic fish. Great catch!
    4. nathaniel jones 0
      How much is it?
    5. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @saltlife32 it's a T. Allen Rod. 7ft 2in MH power with a moderate fast action. Carbon Fiber blank too. Very light and sensitive. I love it
    6. nathaniel jones 0
      What rod?
    7. TexasAngler89 0
    8. thedevman1 0
      I didn't think you were bashing. Tight lines
    9. Esgar Montalvo 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch I went with SeaGuar abrazx 12Lb Fluoro I yet have to try.?
    10. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 not bashing or giving lessons. Just stating what I do. I notice the memory in the Vanish too.
    11. thedevman1 0
      Guy and rough on gear period lol. I broke the worm gear on a revo sx 4 months after I got it! So I need 12 lb fluoro with less memory. That vanish got Curly reall ...more quick. The seaguar is still strait
    12. thedevman1 0
      But not because of my knot or bad line... I forgot to loosen my drag after I respooled. It wasn't bad line just forgetfulness :/ . You may not fish the same ...more way I do with that line. I am a heavy cover
    13. thedevman1 0
      To clarify: my knots don't break and when I use Fluoro I'll make my knot and when I cinch it I keep the knot in my mouth as I cinch. Fluoro burns easy. I've ...more only been broken off by a bass 1 time ever,
    14. thedevman1 0
      Yer tryin to give me lessons or somethin? LOL anyway it's all personal pref. for line I use seaguar smackdown 65 lb braid and seaguar 12 lb fluoro. The vanish ...more kept breaking and was brittle.
    15. thedevman1 0
      Well I like both my rods. My drag on my MH is clamped tight at all times for my braid and jigs. He only exception is for open water. I'll loosen a click or 2 ...more my ML has a semi loose drag. I feel like
    16. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @tkotattoos thank you
    17. Tim Knecht 0
      Great catch man!
    18. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Esgar272 I'm not endorsing it or saying its the best, just that I haven't had too much trouble. I know there are better lines out there
    19. Esgar Montalvo 0
      I'll give you an update if I decide to go with Vanish@Jimmy_Lynch
    20. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      A moderate fast MH with a proper set drag should have no issues.
    21. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 regarding the rods, with treble hooks you should have a looser drag and a MH powered Rod works fine, you just need the proper action like a Moderate ...more Fast NOT a fast. It's what I use and
    22. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Wet it down and test it and I guarantee it could be tied better. It's that shock on hook set that pops the line although I haven't had a single failure on ...more a fish or snag
    23. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 I have not had any issues you just stated about the Vanish. Not endorsing it but that's my experience. The biggest thing with fluoro is the knot ...more strength. If you think your not is good
    24. thedevman1 0
      I have both. MH 7 ft 6 and ML 7 6. And yes missed fish same diff as hook rip. I'm a jig fisherman and MH reefs em out of the thick. I know LOL
    25. thedevman1 0
      @Esgar272 IMO vanish is horrible. It broke so easy and after only one weekend of use it had bends curls and nicks all through it. Switched to seaguar 12 lb test ...more and love it. P line XL is good too
    26. Jacob Breaux 0
      Sorry Jimmy but you know why your blert didn't blow up
    27. Jacob Breaux 0
      Dang it looks like I overshot...
    28. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @BearC02 thank you. Glad to be fishing again
    29. BearC02 0
      Urban angling legend is back!
    30. BearC02 0
      Urban angling Ledg
    31. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @ReelFishnTx @JohnnyDeadNuts thanks guys
    32. Johnny DeadNuts 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch Congratulations on a slobasaurous!
    33. ReelFishnTx 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch WOW!!! What an awesome bass! Congrats on that catch bud!
    34. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @ArturoC3 thank you!
    35. ArturoC3 0
      Holy crap! Nice fish man
    36. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @SD_9 I didn't make it out there today. Plan on going tomorrow. What's up?
    37. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Esgar272 I think that the Vanish has done me pretty well. I've caught Hybrid Bass on it and it has good abrasion resistance too. I got it for $10 plus a $5 ...more mail in rebate
    38. Sutton Dole 0
      Did you end up going to gander mountain
    39. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Looking for a new Fluorocarbon since BPS recently changed their white label and it's been getting a lot of bad reviews, and the Vanish is my next choice...how ...more much did you get the vanish for ?????????
    40. Jimmy_Lynch 0
    41. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Esgar272 it's just Berkley Vanish. Trying it out because I got a good deal on it. Had some know issues today but luckily I check before casting and had to modify ...more my knot. Other than that it's alright
    42. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @MulletHead alright cool. I try to post as much info as I can and I thought I was messing something up somehow. Can't wait
    43. Joel Quintanilla 0
      @TX_REELGRL thanks!
    44. You're welcome and glad to have you on board @JoelQuintanilla
    45. Esgar Montalvo 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch that is an awesome catch. What kinda Fluoro brand do you use?
    46. Joel Quintanilla 0
      @TX_REELGRL good to know lol and yall do a good job of making someone feel welcome
    47. Gabe Mitchell 0
      It happens when you enter very lengthy descriptions. Will be fix in the next release .
    48. @JoelQuintanilla 👍 Well it seems you're getting the hang of this...just you wait sooo much more to come...and it looks likes you'll fit right on in lol ...more @JoelQuintanilla
    49. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @Esgar272 I was using a Chronarch Ci4+ 151 and 12lb fluorocarbon. I have the entire setup description posted but the app cuts it off. @MulletHead what's up with ...more the bait description glitch?
    50. Joel Quintanilla 0
      @TX_REELGRL I'm game all day every day @Reel_Smooth @fishinggal @bassinboy01 @txfisherman713 @saltyhank @koolguy713
    51. Esgar Montalvo 0
      It won't take long before you make the Popular Page @Jimmy_Lynch were you using the Core what Lb line?
    52. King_Fisher 0
      Great fish!
    53. Saltyhank 0
      That is Boss Hog!@Jimmy_Lynch @fishinggal @TX_REELGRL @ReelGame @Reel_Smooth
    54. Reel_Smooth 0
    55. @ReelGame What time is Tee Time? @JoelQuintanilla @Reel_Smooth @fishinggal @bassinboy01 @txfisherman713 @saltyhank @koolguy713....lol
    56. fishinggal 0
      lol @TX_REELGRL I'm hoping to get out this Saturday.
    57. I'm all "FOUR" it 😆😉 lol...What do say @fishinggal...up 4 some golffishing? ! 😃😄
    58. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      @TX_REELGRL @txfisherman713 @95txmf @Reel_Smooth @saltyhank @koolguy713 @slatwater @makzymos @fishinggal @bassinboy01 let's go do a lil golfing and fishing around ...more the water hazards 😉
    59. Beautiful!
    60. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @thedevman1 not so much missed fish but more the fact that a stiffer rod will pull the treble hooks out of a fish's mouth. A moderate fast action on a MH rod ...more is what I use and it's perfect.
    61. thedevman1 0
      On the soft Rod... Absolutely. Lots of fish missed by not knowing that
    62. thedevman1 0
      SON OF A... Sweet fish. Don't share that location LOL. I've learned
    63. Jacob Breaux 0
    64. Brandon alt 0
    65. fishinggal 0
      Nice bass!
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  9. Details: White Bass with a Strike Pro Euro Vibe 3" (Baby Striper Diamond)

    First fishing trip since August (18 college credit hours got in the way) and I still got it! Managed to break in some new gear and bring some fresh fish home! Just ...more cast upstream and use a steady retrieve back to the bank. Persistence and confidence paid off and I managed to pull in more fish than anyone else out there including a bonus Hybrid Bass! Shad is the main forage so imitate what they eat!

    1. Lucas Pennington 0
      Oh ok that makes sense. Nice catch by the way!
    2. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @ethan_aaron12 yes I did. @lhp9 the one I am holding out is a hybrid. The other three on the stronger are white bass.
    3. Lucas Pennington 0
      I think those are hybrids
    4. ethan_aaron12 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch looks like you had fun
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  10. Between 18 college credit hours in the fall and the marathon that is duck season in Texas, I have not had any time to fish since August. However, duck season ends ...more January 25th and I'll be back on the water almost daily after that! No promises that I'll land fish like last year but I'll do my best! Tight lines everyone...

    1. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      It was a lot of work but managed a 4.0! 15 hours this semester but I'll be out and chasing fish regardless @MulletHead
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Life's hard! We'll keep a light on for you bud. Congrats on knocking out 18hrs, that's more impressive than the fish in the long run
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