1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a jointed shad lure (blue)

    Water steady, no wind about 90° not a lot of bites. Cast was right around some weeds in the middle of the pound. Let the lure sink about a foot and this guy ...more strikes.

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a lime green plastic tad pole lure

    102° sunny of course. wind blowing about 5mph NE short cast about 20ft out in front of some weeds slow reel for about 10ft and then let the lure sink to the ...more bottom and this guys at the end of the line

  3. Fishing for catfish this was the result About 62 °F wind blowing at a steady 6-8 mph a few clouds water murky.

    FreshwaterDrum / Gaspergou with a shad with a 2/0 mustad catfish hook

    1. KJenkins24 0
      Sweet catch man
    2. Sean Wilms 0
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  4. Details: White Crappie with a Some of the plastic tubes i use.

    Made by ozark secrets I believe they are no longer produced can't find them any where.

    1. Jim Sandoval 0
      No sir @Lon85 I wish I could say I have.
    2. Lon85 0
      @Jim717 have you ever tried these in saltwater?
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  5. This guy was about 8lbs caught on a shad

    Channel Catfish

  6. Caught on a 7inch Gizzard shad about 2am this morning about 25-30lb channel catfish

    Channel Catfish with a gizzard shad

    1. KJenkins24 0
      Awesome haha
    2. Jim Sandoval 0
      It was nice I got worried when it started running at an angle toward the rocks but then He tired out felt real nic!!!e @yakattacker24
    3. KJenkins24 0
      Awesome man how was the fight?
    4. Jim Sandoval 0
      Thanks! Took me a good 5-7mins felt like a whole lot more he put up a good fight. When he turned and started swimming away I knew he was a big one.
    5. Matt Dobson 0
      Awesome man. How long did it take to get him in?
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  7. while jigging for crappie, accidentally caught this guy on a minnow.

    Black Bullhead Catfish with a caught this guy on a minnow

    1. Jim Sandoval 0
      Thanks I found out these little ones have a jaw on them lol@Alex4428
    2. Alex4428 0
      Nice bullhead Jim717
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  8. Just a couple of the big ones for the night.

    White Crappie with a green jig head, bleeding shad minnow tube

  9. Decent evening of fishing started about 7pm fished in about 2-3 foot of water at a marina. Fish Stopped biting around 9.

    White Crappie with a green jig head, plastic bleeding shad minnow tube

  10. Last night just two hours of fishing before dark on a bleeding shad plastic jig with a green head 1/16oz

    Black Crappie with a plastic pink jig with a green head 1/16oz

    1. Jim Sandoval 0
      Thanks @matt!
    2. Matt Dobson 0
      Nice haul man. Jealous.
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