1. This was at a friends ranch

    1. michang5 0
      @Kev1107 Says near Lake Whitney. FS naming of BOW is odd at times.
    2. Kev1107 0
      @michang5 north side of Barton Springs
      Nice looking fish
    4. ChrisA 0
      @aggiebasser ok thanks for the info.
    5. Brandon Booth 0
      @ChrisA a Florida hybrid is another name for a cross between a pure Florida and a pure native bass. They look like a normal bass. A DNA test is the only way to ...more tell what it truly is.
    6. Jacksitzer 0
      It's just another bass it's hard to tell the difference
    7. ChrisA 0
      What's a Florida hybrid. It looks like a normal large mouth. Regardless nice fish
    8. Jacksitzer 0
      At a friends ranch near lake Whitney in Texas it was about 5 1/2lbs it was a Florida hybrid I think correct me if I'm wrong but that is the only bass at his ...more ranch so it must be it
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  2. This was not in Dallas this was at a friends ranch and we don't know if it is a Florida hybrid or a large lout my friend said he has never caught a large mouth ...more there. What do y'all think

  3. My Dad caught a 9 pounder at a friends ranch

    1. MIKE D 0
      @Jacksitzer thanks for checking me out and flowing!
    2. Blakew34 0
      For bait
    3. Blakew34 0
      What was he using
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