1. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    Pretty successful day!!

    1. Iriemckenna20 0
      thank you!! and exactly :D!! @ScottenYoung
    2. ScottenYoung 0
      That is soooo awesome Irie I wish i was with you but now its fishin time.
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  2. @ScottenYoung

    1. Iriemckenna20 0
      Haha exactly!! @ScottenYoung
    2. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 we have made this our little fishbook as Erika would call it
    3. Iriemckenna20 0
      Ok I'll check them out :)!! And I no it's irritating haha Instagram is the same way!! @ScottenYoung
    4. ScottenYoung 0
      I keep forgetting to put @Iriemckenna20 its sooo annoying i wish there was a way to just comment wothout doing that
    5. ScottenYoung 0
      Yes, look up the albright knot so you will know how to put leader line onto the main braided line, also the palomar knot is an important one to attach hooks
    6. Iriemckenna20 0
    7. Iriemckenna20 0
      Ok I'll look that up right now :D and really, that's awesome!! I can't wait to try it out!! Is that the line you were using when we went fishing?
    8. ScottenYoung 0
    9. ScottenYoung 0
      I got new braided fishing line for my rod yesterday I cant wait to use it. Im gunna dial in the ugly stick for you probably tomorrow
    10. ScottenYoung 0
      Check out wayne's words online for fishing tips I was just looking at it and there was good stripped bass tips @Iriemckenna20
    11. Iriemckenna20 0
      Oh yeah that's true!! I can understand that. I would just have to do that on the weekends because during the week its hard haha @ScottenYoung
    12. ScottenYoung 0
      i know its hard for you, but i feel like its hard to plan a trip cause u never know what the weather will be like it almost feels better if u can go at random times ...more like spur of the moment @Iriemckenna20
    13. Iriemckenna20 0
      Different areas :) @ScottenYoung
    14. Iriemckenna20 0
      Oh we're not actually going fishing on my actual birthday, on the 22nd were going for my birthday! I didn't really make that clear earlier haha :P but I'm ...more definitely gonna go more after that and try
    15. ScottenYoung 0
      Ya thats good. try a different spot at silverwood. Like maybe go in and fish from the docks @Iriemckenna20
    16. Iriemckenna20 0
      Probably silver wood :) I don't know a lot about other lake around here haha @ScottenYoung
    17. ScottenYoung 0
      I know tell me about it. Where do u want to go fishing for your bday? @Iriemckenna20
    18. Iriemckenna20 0
      Really? :o hopefully it's not as windy the next time we go!! @ScottenYoung
    19. ScottenYoung 0
      @Iriemckenna20 im leavin silverwood right now, but dont worry i didnt catch anything it was cold and windy again
    20. ScottenYoung 0
      Ahh thats a cool picture
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    1. Iriemckenna20 0
      No it was to the right of the marina but it was still very windy!! @Tommy3Fingerz
    2. Tommy3Fingerz 0
      Is that spot to the far left of the marina? If so I've fished there and it's always windy AF!
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