1. Anybody?

    Blacktip Shark with a whatever they bite

    1. gowahoos23 0
      Hit us up
    2. gowahoos23 0
      @rivasisland96 and I are
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass


    1. Mr_fisherman50 0
      Haha @Hooksetter97 . Yeah that mike iconelli is one loud fisherman. We'll anyways tell me when you find out and have a blast out there.
    2. david weiss 0
      @bass6 i will ask matt reed tomorrow i will be up there. Btw we could here mike iconelli half way across the lake...
    3. Mr_fisherman50 0
      Hey what time does the TTBC come on so I can watch it and possibly see a fellow fishing scout member on TV?
    4. david weiss 0
      It was! And i get vip tickets the rest of the weekend for concerts there and everything else
    5. zach74 0
      Oh ok that stinks that u didnt get the pics of the fish but i bet the experience was awesome
    6. david weiss 0
      @zach74 i wish, but i left my phone in the truck so my friend wouldnt annoy me, he started spamming me
    7. zach74 0
      Awsome any pics ?
    8. Denton Apple 0
    9. david weiss 0
      @denton @zach74 @sjlara 23 pound 5 fish limit
    10. Denton Apple 0
      That's still awesome! Good luck!
    11. zach74 0
      Still cool
    12. sjlara 0
      Good luck and have fun pics if can
    13. Marcus Hernandez 0
      Still a good time!!! Good luck!
    14. david weiss 0
      Fishin with matt reed instead! @Marcushdz13 @zach74 @CalvinFease @denton
    15. david weiss 0
      @Marcushdz13 yes the toyota texas bass classic
    16. Denton Apple 0
      Cool sounds like fun, good luck!
    17. david weiss 0
      Im pretty sure it will be @denton
    18. Denton Apple 0
      That's sweet, is it on tv cause I want to watch it!?!?
    19. Calvin Fease 0
      That's awesome. Tell me what y'all fish.
    20. Marcus Hernandez 0
      The Toyota Texas bass classic?!? Lucky dude man. Good luck!!!
    21. zach74 0
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  3. Details: Black Fin Tuna with a jig

    Bout a 15 pounder Jiggin for blackfin 140 miles out this weekend

    1. Jerome44 0
  4. 80 pound yellowfin aboard "bad intentions" great weekend ended up with 59 blackfin and 3 big yellowfin

    Yellow Fin Tuna with a popper

    1. QuavoHuncho 0
      Your face looks like my foot
    2. 9G3B 0
      Good catch bro!
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  5. If anyone wants to join, message me and we can probabaly hook yall up with a ride if your in the area

    Bull Shark with a anything

    1. swampboy88 0
      Your girl sittin in my lap right now! Watchu gon do?
    2. zach74 0
    3. david weiss 0
      @zach74 change of plans, im headed out tuna fishing tomorrow mid day until saturday night
    4. zach74 0
      Hope to see you there
    5. zach74 0
      Ya @MulletHead im pretty sure im heading up to Galveston but my mom has to talk to her friend and see if we can use the house.
    6. Jacob Breaux 0
      @Hooksetter97 @MulletHead I just read on 2cool that someone broke off a 6'+ shark last night at 91st!
    7. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @zach74 is going to be there I think.
    8. Jacob Breaux 0
      Good luck man! The bull reds were biting last weekend on cut croaker and mullet!
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  6. Anything helps guys, this will be going u for auction at the ccisd lifestock show and rodeo in january. @MulletHead @LostBoysOutdoors @GunnerNewberry @SwampMafia ...more yall interested? Maybe a second.....

    Bull Shark with a $

    1. Mr_fisherman50 0
      I'm also in FFA and I did literally the same thing except for an a/c and bed.
    2. Will Engle 0
      Sounds great! I'm also in Ag Mechanics, except we didn't have personal projects. We had a group project, we fully restored a 1971 GMC pickup! Good luck with ...more the project!
    3. Gunner Newberry 0
      I'd like to hear when the auction is too. Sounds awesome man.
    4. david weiss 0
      @MulletHead thank you so much!! I will get some details to you about when/where the auction is and PM(personal message) you
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Sounds cool. We'll promote the auction in the app to get some big buyers there
    6. david weiss 0
      @SwampMafia its gonna be a fun project! Should be a great build!
    7. david weiss 0
      @LostBoysOutdoors thanks bud means alot!!
    8. Chris Emmite 0
      That's awesome man. I'll see if I can get the guys to get a few bucks together for ya.
    9. Swamp Mafia 0
      I'm interested to see how this turns out. Sounds like you have a good plan.
    10. david weiss 0
      ....Trailer for lost boys😜
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  7. The shady ness hit me too @Capt_Jack these guys are just jealous moochers😂😂

    Greater Amberjack

    1. looper 0
      Hey @VitaminSea23t you sound like a little bitch who can not get enough business so you beg on someone else's post... And all of your photos look like from 20 ...more years ago lol
    2. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 I catch snapper while I'm fishing for bait jack
    3. david weiss 0
      @VitaminSea23t also, you can not talk about my "mud" fish cause i just looked at your website and you have snapper everywhere on your website
    4. Robert Hanson 0
      @TXfisherman97 I'm done talking about this kid, thanks for the advice. I wasn't "advertising," give me a break. I love to fish, I love to see others ...more have fun on my boat I don't make any money off it!
    5. Will Engle 0
      @VitaminSea23t You're a fishing guide correct? If so, you don't seem very professional, any professional wouldn't advertise their charter on another ...more captains page. It's unprofessional.
    6. Robert Hanson 0
      @wolfman Just ask good ol' @Capt_Jack, they don't have tournaments paying for muttons, reds, and amberjacks. Good luck with all that though. I love all fishing ...more and I'm tired of dealing with chumps.
    7. Robert Hanson 0
      @wolfman sorry buddy I only post pics of fish that I hook and land not pictures of random fish at tournaments and reef donkeys that you can catch by the hundreds. ...more Quality over quantity.
    8. Calvin Wolf 0
      Hahaha @Capt_Jack has way better pictures than you and you tried to advertise yourself on his photos. @VitaminSea23t
    9. Robert Hanson 0
      @wolfman oh ok now I'm worried, my life is ruined! Pictures are advertisement in of themselves Einstein, and I haven't seen anyone's pics that come close ...more to mine. @Capt_Jack @Hooksetter97 @your_GF_too
    10. Calvin Wolf 0
      And I'm pretty sure I can fish pretty good considering I'm sponsored😂
    11. Calvin Wolf 0
      Really it's even against fishingscout a rules to try to advertise for yourself like that. @VitaminSea23t
    12. Robert Hanson 0
      @wolfman haha I love it, speak when you can fish my friends.
    13. david weiss 0
      @wolfman foreal there just moochers lol
    14. Calvin Wolf 0
      The thirst is real^^^^^^
    15. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 stick to your mud fish, kissin' ass doesn't suit you well.
    16. david weiss 0
    17. david weiss 0
    18. david weiss 0
    19. david weiss 0
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  8. Details: Horse Mackerel

    Oh look the INTERNATIONAL GAME FISH ASSOCIATION!!! @fishin_4_life99

    1. fishin_4_life99 0
      No it isn't shut up andfuckoff
    2. david weiss 0
      @fishin_4_life99 you dont know what your talking about
    3. david weiss 0
      Ur pic is fake shutup
    4. fishin_4_life99 0
      No it's right and IFGA only says they are most common in the West Indies it does not say the aren't in Texas to ceros are rare in Texas tho but we have em ...more @Hooksetter97
    5. david weiss 0
      Yeah i did yours is not as good as mine lol @fishin_4_life99
    6. fishin_4_life99 0
      Look at the blert I just posted @Hooksetter97 straight off the Internet
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  9. Details: Horse Mackerel

    Oh look heres something from the florida fish conservation!!!

    1. fishin_4_life99 0
      They are rare tho but we have them
    2. fishin_4_life99 0
      Look at the blert I just posted its from a world renowned guide that is used by pros and experts @Hooksetter97
    3. david weiss 0
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  10. @12lightsout

    Other Snapper with a snapper slapper

    1. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 I've been catching fish all my life pops, and the longer I talk to you the bigger they get. Nice fish, but just that, decent fish.
    2. david weiss 0
      @VitaminSea23t wanna bet? Those reds are 30-32" and those kings are 50-60"
    3. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 I was born on a day, not yesterday my friend. Those reds are 8-15 lbs. and the biggest king there might be 20 on a broken scale. Nice try, "reel" ...more fisherman can't be fooled buddy.
    4. david weiss 0
      Lol those snapper are 25lbs and those kings are 40 fool @VitaminSea23t
    5. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 you ever get any fish over 20 lbs.???
    6. Robert Hanson 0
      @BigTimeCharters they don't even know how this game works.. No one owns the ocean. @Hooksetter97 baby raper
    7. david weiss 0
      Lol shady shady. Jealous of our charter boat and tryin to mooch i see?@BigTimeCharters
    8. BigTimeCharters 0
      No one appreciated charter businesses like @VitaminSea23t and us!
    9. BigTimeCharters 0
      Hey check out Big Time Charters! Want to catch that fish of your dreams? We can make it happen!
    10. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 you're right I'm clueless. That's why we post trophy pics here buddy, proof is in the pudding. I guess not everything is bigger in Texas
    11. david weiss 0
      We find bull and cows in 40 miles? You dont know what your talking about @VitaminSea23t
    12. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 hey don't get mad at me because you're killing babies.. they make the rules because of people like you. Stick to your mud snapper an jacks
    13. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 Hey, I know you don't see many in the Gulf that are nice size. You have to run 200 miles to find them but damn. Enjoy your sandwiches I guess.
    14. david weiss 0
      @VitaminSea23t come to the gulf and fish a weed bed! There everywhere!!!! So dont say crap about how they cant spawn
    15. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 those fish are less than two weeks old. Yup no size limit in the Gulf you're right but that's why there needs to be. Fish never get a chance ...more to spawn when you kill 'em that tiny.
    16. david weiss 0
      @VitaminSea23t we have no size limit and bo bag limit
    17. david weiss 0
      @VitaminSea23t we have no limit in texas and in most of the gulf.
    18. Robert Hanson 0
      @Hooksetter97 I don't know what part of the world you're in but in most of the U.S.A. there is a size limit on Mahi of 20" from head to fork of tail. ...more That limit is there for a reason.
    19. fishin_4_life99 0
      Still tiny
    20. david weiss 0
      14-16" cause those are 32" snaps. The little ones make perfect sandwhices @fishin_4_life99
    21. fishin_4_life99 0
      Why do u keep 8 inch mahis?
    22. Trace Bucey 0
      I said you didn't have any I never asked for shit? @Hooksetter97
    23. david weiss 0
      You said you wanted pictures so there ya go? @12lightsout
    24. Trace Bucey 0
      Is that suppose to impress me.....? @Hooksetter97
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Commercial/charter fisherman! Usually around the galveston area, but i live in seabrook! Anyone wants info or someone to fish with message me!