1. Details: Lesser Amberjack with a Fruit cakes with mullet heaf

    Me after te charter this morning. Caught 9 torpedo fish and 7 gruntlumps

  2. Got this jewfish!

    Goliath Grouper with a Coins

  3. Details: Cabezon with a Live target frog

    Fishing trip back in 08. Good time with the boys

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      No it was a charter @mdriscoll12
    2. mdriscoll12 0
      Photo shop you shit
    3. jmoyer 0
      I'll wait
    4. Hooksetter1999 0
      @jmoyer I can but I want Swamps approval first since he's an OG
    5. jmoyer 0
      please do. I don't think you can admin
    6. Hooksetter1999 0
      @SwampDad get this guy outta here
    7. Hooksetter1999 0
      @jmoyer how so? You think it's funny to go around on people's pics and comment that?
    8. jmoyer 0
      clearly thats fake
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  4. Details: Peacock Flounder with a Tater tots

    My wife Sheryll! Haha she love fishing !

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      @jmoyer jealous of my wife? She keeps me busy
    2. jmoyer 0
      clearly Photoshop. no ones skin is that smooth
    3. Hooksetter1999 0
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  5. Details: Bull Trout with a Fly spinner with shrimp juice

    Got him on the custom hook set

  6. Details: Northern Snakehead with a Deez nuts

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      @SD_9 I'm an admin, I will kick you.
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    3. Hooksetter1999 0
      Dough balls
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  7. Details: Peacock Grouper

    Me when I hook into a big torpedo fish

  8. Details: Mangrove Snapper with a Rt if u agree

    Me after a day fishing at sea LOL

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      @MulletHead get this troll outta here


Been fishing the blue waters since I was a kid....still get giddy with excitement every time I hook into a torpedo fish