1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a White mister twister jig head with a small spinner blade

    Caught this 4.9 lb slob about 7 years ago and for my boys in Texas in New York this is not common lol...it was 70 degrees no wind cloudy it was a good day caught ...more maybe 6 bass fishing around the area all under 2lb but had fun with my brother the bass put up great fight even jumped out water I'll never forget this fish lol I'm usually a trout fisherman

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      @AllWaterLife thanks
    2. GoRedhawks 0
      @musicCity it was a long time ago my dad weighed it for me when he picked me up I'm pretty sure it was around the 4.10 range because I remember we were both ...more surprised it wasn't over 5 lbs but thanks
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      I would venture so far as to say that is over 5lbs
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      Cred from Texas👍
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      Nice fish
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      I think 8 not sure I got a fly box for a good deal it had flys in it that was one of them
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      Beautiful fish. What size bugger?
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      wow nice one....what kind of stick you use
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  2. 15 incher my biggest one

  3. It was getting them on almost every cast had fun

  4. 9 or 10 inches as I got deeper they got bigger