1. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a red/black crankbait

    I've never been a fan of cold water fishing but it was working for me the day I caught this one. Water temp was low 40's and a slow retrieve was needed.

  2. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a red/black crawfish colored crankbait

    Throwback from a few weeks ago when it wasn't too cold to fish. Slow retrieve was critical. These fish were like little ice cubes.

    1. Tyrone Smith 0
      Nice smallie
  3. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a green pumpkin tube

    Nice chunk caught while hopping a tube on the bottom.

    1. eastonsutley 0
      That's a chunky smallie
    2. GivnBUSINESS 0
      @CalvinFease 1/4oz tube jig. Just rigged normal. Nothin special
    3. Calvin Fease 0
      Nice fish! How were you rigging the tube?
    4. Yank313 0
    5. Trevor Mitchell 0
      nice smallie
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  4. Details: Other Freshwater with a boat trailer

    This is the stuff you hafta watch out for when navigating a shallow river.

    1. GivnBUSINESS 0
      @snigaligdigit yeah there's definitely some good smallie fishing here.
    2. Charlie George 0
      I fished that river a few years back and slammed the smallies!!!
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  5. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Rapala HJ-10

    Another nice catch from today on the jerkbait.

    1. Yank313 0
      nice smallie
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Great fish, great trip
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  6. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Rapala HJ-10

    Cold water jerkbaiting is here again! These lures never fail me when the temps get cold. Pausing it in front of the fish's face drives them nuts.

    1. 9G3B 0
      Nice chunk Broskii
    2. Trevor Mitchell 0
      looks like a great day of fishing. they all put up a good fight too im sure.
    3. GivnBUSINESS 0
      @tdlmitch thanks bud. All of these fish today were near perfect looking. No scars or anything
    4. Trevor Mitchell 0
      awesome looking smallie man!
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  7. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Rapala husky jerk HJ-10

    Water temp in the low 50's. Cold water means cold water tactics. Jerking this bait once or twice and then giving it a long pause. Waiting for the fish to bite ...more on the pause is brutal but necessary.

    1. Yank313 0
      cant go wrong on a jerkbait
    2. Trevor Mitchell 0
      beautiful fish
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  8. Details: Fallfish with a 5" pearl white gulp minnow

    Even the river chubs love 'em!

    1. GivnBUSINESS 0
      @seaturtles yeah I would say about that... Maybe a little bigger. That jerkbait is 5"
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      thats a big chub! about 10-12" ?
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  9. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a pearl white 5" gulp minnow

    Drifting in moderate current in 2-5 ft of water. It's hard to beat a soft plastic jerkbait on this section of the river.

    1. flounderpounder88 0
      My favorite jerk bait! Nice!!!
    2. GivnBUSINESS 0
      @9G3B iPhone 5
    3. 9G3B 0
      That's a quality picture! What phone do you have?
    4. Matt Dobson 0
      Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.
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  10. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a pearl white 5" Gulp minnow

    Water is getting colder (57*). Medium/Slow retrieve. Letting it sink a little between twitches got the job done.

    1. Matt Dobson 0
      Great info. Thanks man.
    2. Yank313 0
      nice smallmouth
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