1. thought it was gonna break my 5wt! 6.5lb tippet and a bread fly

  2. size 10 assorted color carp pellets

    1. Fishing_Wolf 0
      @paul_376 i tie them myself
    2. Paul 0
      Where do you get those?
    3. Fishing_Wolf 0
      if they are feeding on top yes @chris79kennard
    4. chris79kennard 0
      carp eat thoes?
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  3. they are plotting against me i know it. @Cowboy713 size 6 olive/white and white/white i also have orange buck tail but im almost out of hooks..

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      That should be plenty
  4. craw fish pattern.

    1. treypotter 0
      No I never really got into it much
    2. Fishing_Wolf 0
      @treypotter you fly fish at all?
    3. treypotter 0
      Looks great, at my lake that would be good for the litte bass
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    getting it done in the rain and wind on the fly.

  6. merry Christmas people!

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Haha that's awesome!
  7. a few big gills were in the mix of bass today...all on all size 8 olive back stabber

    1. Scott B 0
      Nice bluegill.
  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    smaller ones love the size 6 wooly buggers I tied last night.

    1. Fishing_Wolf 0
      probably tommrow, honestly as long as you have area behind you to cast you can fly fish a area
    2. bassgetter 0
    3. bassgetter 0
      when's the next time you heading out and what area... I'm only a weekend warrior.. to busy working during the week
    4. Fishing_Wolf 0
      ok, to its a 5wt rod and 7lb tippet (the clear line at end) I have same rod I think
    5. bassgetter 0
      8ft rod #5 dog wood real and combo white river.. and the clear line is 7 lb test @Fishing_Wolf that's what it says on the box
    6. Fishing_Wolf 0
      7wt? or 7lb? @bassgetter
    7. bassgetter 0
      it says 7lb test @Fishing_Wolf
    8. bassgetter 0
      I don't even know bro lol. it's never even touched the water @Fishing_Wolf I only have 3 flies seem like they are for topwater too has a Lil poper head ...more on it
    9. Fishing_Wolf 0
    10. Fishing_Wolf 0
      if it's that old you may need new fly line lol, what wt. is it?
    11. bassgetter 0
      sounds great bro @Fishing_Wolf I stay n alief and I have a old fly rod n real never been used got it 12 yrs ago.. lol. I figure it's time now to break if out
    12. Fishing_Wolf 0
      @bassgetter if you are in Houston area I can show u a few spots I go to some time, I have an extra fly rod too you can use
    13. bassgetter 0
      nice 1 @Fishing_Wolf I'm gonna try my hand on fly fishing too.
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  9. bleh. my flies I've tied.

  10. new vise. Montana Mongoose, great vise, love it

    1. MusicCityBass 0
      I love the front hackle bugger. It looks great when the hackle folds back against the body in the water


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