1. Had a nice trip in Florida !!

    1. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
      It was a great trip @OBX_Fishing
    2. OBX_Fishing 0
      Nice haul!
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  2. I was up in New England fishing for a week and I caught some nice ones @fishON423

    1. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
      That's a bummer I hope the ice melts fast for u@fishON423
    2. Josh Parker 0
      Right on! wish the ice was thick enough to go out on here in Ohio. It's the stage of winter that's good for nothing, lol
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    1. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
      Thank for the info @hillbillyDeluxe
    2. mike joppeck 0
      X raps is some of my best stick baits
    3. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
    4. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
      The 2nd one I have been doing great with but it is staring to stop working so I jab switched to lizards
    5. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
      The one 2nd one I have done great
    6. whitebass_81 0
      That very bottom one is one of my very favorite hard baits.
    7. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
    8. Fishing_Runs_Deep 0
      Just been killing them on these !! What have y'all been doing
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