1. Someone else posted this on Fishidy, but I had to share again because it's so true and funny

    1. Jimbo Harwood
      Hahaha. that it is.!!
  2. Details: beer bass

    Brian Bachelor Party, stop by

  3. What should I use for trout and perch and bass in Lake Michigan

  4. Flipping the weeds

    Largemouth Bass with a Texas Rigged Senko

    1. Brian Jensen
      Will do!
    2. sam allen
      nice check out mt catches
    3. Jon Reznack
      Finally on the board! Nice bass!
    4. Morris Campbell
      Nice one Brian!
    5. chris ogden
      nice bass!
    6. Jon Giacalone
      Nice one!
    7. Hook Setter
      AWESOME catch way to Hook'em
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  5. Night Bite once the wind calmed down

    17 in. Walleye with a Jig and Crawler

    1. Brian Jensen
      The reefs around Garlic Island
    2. David Lehrer
      Where abouts on the lake was this at?
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  6. A little Throwback to a couple years ago when I had to pleasure to fish with Mike Iaconelli on Conroe. He knows the lake well and has as good of shot as anyone to ...more the Classic. Good luck to all the competitors in this years Bassmaster Classic!

    Largemouth Bass with a Worm

    1. Noah Shapiro
    2. Ronald Howell
      What an experience that must have been. Great memories for you I am sure. He is one of my favorite fisherman because of the passion he displays when fishing.
    3. Kenneth Olivo
    4. just checked the tracking, he's not doing too well, but still time!
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  7. To all those near or around Oroville, be safe and our thoughts are with you and the lake. Let's hope those spillways stay strong!

    1. Pete Gonzales
      real slow bite, a lot of water still coming in but I could tell that it was decreasing between pre-fish on Friday and the tourney on Saturday. Water was complete ...more mud in the south but north was clearer.
    2. Brian Jensen
      How was the fishing with that high of water and flow?
    3. Pete Gonzales
      Fished there on Saturday at a club tourney. Couldn't get near the dam but from a distance the emergency spillway looked like an infinity pool edge. I guess now ...more I can say I was on Lake Oroville when it was the highest it will ever be.
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  8. Catching a lot of 13 inch walleyes. It seems to be a really nice year class. If anglers provide good catch and release practices the next few years could be excellent.

  9. Largemouth are really stacking up in Squaw Bay. They were hitting pretty good on plastics. Weed growth is good but be aware, there is tons of floating junk all over ...more the place. Water temps went from low 50's to mid-60's in a few days. Should start popping any day now.

  10. Great Interview with the Great Wild Show. You should call up some stations here in Texas and talk about it. 610am and 700am both have outdoors shows early in the ...more morning here in Houston, TX.

    1. Brian Jensen
      Thanks. I will check it out!


Love muskies and smallies and the occasional eye'. I've fell in love with Florida saltwater fishing over the last few years. I also dig bucketmouths...I'm ...more not picky.

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