1. Night Bite once the wind calmed down

    17 in. Walleye with a Jig and Crawler

  2. A little Throwback to a couple years ago when I had to pleasure to fish with Mike Iaconelli on Conroe. He knows the lake well and has as good of shot as anyone to ...more the Classic. Good luck to all the competitors in this years Bassmaster Classic!

    Largemouth Bass with a Worm

    1. Luckyyyyyyyyyyyy
    2. Ronald Howell
      What an experience that must have been. Great memories for you I am sure. He is one of my favorite fisherman because of the passion he displays when fishing.
    3. Kenneth Olivo
    4. just checked the tracking, he's not doing too well, but still time!
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  3. To all those near or around Oroville, be safe and our thoughts are with you and the lake. Let's hope those spillways stay strong!

    1. Pete Gonzales
      real slow bite, a lot of water still coming in but I could tell that it was decreasing between pre-fish on Friday and the tourney on Saturday. Water was complete ...more mud in the south but north was clearer.
    2. Brian Jensen
      How was the fishing with that high of water and flow?
    3. Pete Gonzales
      Fished there on Saturday at a club tourney. Couldn't get near the dam but from a distance the emergency spillway looked like an infinity pool edge. I guess now ...more I can say I was on Lake Oroville when it was the highest it will ever be.
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  4. Caught this Bag chair while row trolling. Hell of a fight.

    Bag chair with a Crank bait

    1. Anton Wiesner
      haha. kinda surprised by it. I had to handline it because it was like pulling a parachute.
    2. John Delaney
      Now that's a real wall hanger if I've ever seen one!
    3. hahaha! i caught a legit swing anchor the other day, had to hand line it in but i cleaned it up and it works great, used it today!
    4. Jacob Anderson
      That's a trophy sized one too haha
    5. Brian Jensen
      That's crazy! I once caught an American flag but a chair doesn't exactly glide through the water easy. Nice catch!!
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  5. advertisement
  6. 40 in. Muskellunge with a Bulldawg

    1. Patrick Empey
      Bulldawgs aren't my favorite either but they're very effective this time of year. Had more luck on them than bucktails on the Madison chain.
    2. Morris Campbell
      Nice one.
    3. Brian Jensen
      I hate fishing Bulldawgs, I know they work but not I'm just not into them. Nice catch
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  7. How much longer does Fishing Crew have?

    1. Jesse Webb
      Hopefully a long time. I'm still not crazy about fishidy yet
    2. Will Schibig
      Ok good the longer the better lol, thanks for the tip
    3. Drew Gierach
      We haven't set a specific date yet but we'll be giving everyone a heads up in advance. You'll see announcements in the FC app.
      We're going to share ...more the full plan here shortly which outlines every step of the process. In short, we're going to make sure that the Fishidy app is updated to include features from the FC app before anything else happens. Continue to use one app or both apps. We will sync FC and Fishidy accounts when the time has come.
      Nothing is happening for months yet.
    4. Brian Jensen
      quite awhile
    5. Lincoln Craigge
      I've been wandering that to
    6. Will Schibig
      It's an app that fishidy purchased and is slowly bringing over users to the fishidy app before it is deleted.
    7. Fishing crew?
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  8. 5.36 lber and a 5.1 lber from the St. Lawrence River. Both swam away happy. Hopefully to be seen another day.

    1. Ralph Justice
    2. wow double hogs!
    3. Brian Jensen
      Footballs? More like bowling balls!
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    100 lb. 36 in. Striper with a shad

    1. Brian Jensen
      What a haul!
  10. My first bass on a top water frog. Learning this bait has been a long confusing road. From getting the bite, correct color selection and hook setting, it seemed ...more fanatical to my friends but I finally am catching them on top water frogs. Now lets catch something bigger then these ambitious dinks....

    1 lb. 3 oz. 11 in. Largemouth Bass with a LunkerHunt 1/2 oz Poppin Frog

    1. Brian Jensen
      The brand is actually called slop frog. They are easy to throw and have great action. The only negative is the tails get beat up but the cool thing is that the tails ...more are replaceable
    2. Dan Woodcock
      No..? But you have my attention. What's the action like? And any brand you would recommend?
    3. Brian Jensen
      Frog fishing is my favorite. Have you have tried using a slop frog?
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  11. Love it

    1. Steve Kappel
      I have done this and left my partner waiting. Needless to say he went home and went back to bed.
    2. Brian Jensen
      I once slept until 9 at a tournament when fishing started at 7. The boys and I had a little to much Whiskey during the poker game the night before. I was so mad ...more at myself.
    3. John Fitch
      I remember once me and a buddy was going fishing in Matagorda and that happend & we just said whatever and went to our first spot. As we got there we saw several ...more boats leaving and a few people on the shore leaving with huge stringers of speckled trout over their shoulders. But they must have just stopped eating when we got there. We didn't have much time afterwards to find them because a nasty looking storm was on its way. All that because we freaking slept in on accident. I will always remember that because of how big those dang stringers we saw leaving.
    4. Dan Woodcock
    5. Dan Woodcock
      I have definitely never done that....
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Love muskies and smallies and the occasional eye'. I've fell in love with Florida saltwater fishing over the last few years. I also dig bucketmouths...I'm ...more not picky.

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