1. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a small cranks, 10 inch worms, ewg hook, creature baits

    got all of this for 6 dollars at a yard sell

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a hand, eyes

    I found this little crank bait but it didn't have any hooks on it and I have no idea what size trebles to put on it any suggestions

    1. evin barnard 0
      man of baldo'
    2. excellsiorlures 0
      Nothing but a size 8 hooks and size 0-1 split rings.The bigger hooks will tangle on a small bait.
    3. htgaddis 0
      Size 6 or 4
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 7 inch red Berkeley bottom hopper with blue flakes, 4/0 hook and small bullet weight

    got a few mins to fish this mornings so I'm gonna challenge my self by only taking two worms, I'm using a shimano caius on a 6'6 medium Abu Garcia vengeance ...more rod

  4. Details: Spotted Bass with a watermelon finesse worms and float n fly

    doing some wade fishing on burnt corn creek today, the water looks really clear and there almost no wind ,sadly I won't be able to post pics of fish if I catch ...more any because my phone isn't water proof :(

  5. Details: Bull Shark with a politicians

    seen these pics on the news of a school of bull sharks and mako sharks in the orange beach and perdido pass area the reporter said there is around 150-200 sharks ...more in one area hopefully they'll still be there in a couple of days so I can stick a hook in a few of em...roll tide

    1. Ckniz16 0
      War freakin eagle
    2. Texas_Slam 0
      Get em
    3. garrett weiss 0
    4. corey 0
      I hear makos put up one heck of a fight @garrettjweiss @inlet_fisher99
    5. jordan lezcano 0
      @garrettjweiss ⬆️⬆️⬆️
    6. garrett weiss 0
      I catch shark all year round in destin I just wanna mako
    7. corey 0
      @garrettjweiss even if their gone destin is a great place to fish for bull reds and specs
    8. garrett weiss 0
      This is awesome I'm going to destin in July hope there are some around
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a hard baits, soft plastics, every thing else

    got three new 3700 size boxes to put my stuff in now all I need is some more crank baits and top water stuff.....any recommendations

    1. BlackDrumMaster29 0
      Live shrimp, finger mullet, blue crab, cut bait pieces!
    2. Sutton Dole 0
      H20 express square bills, cabelas real image swimbaits, strike king popper, rapala xwalk
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  7. Details: Bonneville Cisco with a Walmart

    well I found a back pack at Walmart for 12 bucks that will fit about 40 bags of soft plastic and three 3700 Plano boxes in it plus some other things like pliers ...more and fish grips and that's way more than I'll ever need for a day of fishing ......now I'm all set to wear em out from shore of out of the boat :)

    1. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      Sweet, sounds like it is bigger than mine. Maybe I should have looked harder...
    2. Jesse w 0
      nice find
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a any and every thing

    mix matching brands but hey it works........mh 7' Abu Gracia rod and shimano caius 200 reel with 6.5:1 gear ratio, not the most expensive set up but at 100 bucks ...more there's no better setup if you ask me

    1. corey 0
      @sutton_dole Yea it was my first bait caster and It only took me two or three cast to get it set right, now I can cast it a country mile
    2. Sutton Dole 0
      I have that reel it never backlashes
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  9. Details: Blue Crab with a chicken necks

    while visiting my dad in Louisiana we caught about fifteen nice sized blue crabs using a piece of string tied to a chicken neck in 1 or 2 fow......... ITS GUMBO ...more TIME LOL

    1. sugarypinksand 0
  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a tacos

    I'm lookin for a better way of carrying around my tackle while fishing, most of my fishing is done from the bank or walking down small creeks and occasionally ...more a small boat so a back pack seems like a good choice

    1. hatemore 0
      I use a waterproof Ascend backpack. It holds three large lure or bait boxes and one small one. Along with all my extras. I think it was around $60. Eel worth it. ...more I've had mine for five years.
    2. Jesse w 0
      oh ya, we got big hogs here too. I'll post a pic of my backpack now
    3. corey 0
      @GotEmCustomBaits imma have to look in to something similar to that ..ain't too many bears to worry about in Alabama but there are tons of hogs that can be jus ...more as dangerous so extra ammo comes in hand
    4. Jesse w 0
      to it. sorry that was so long, but I hike and fish in areas off the beaten path that are heavily populated with black bears and mt lions
    5. Jesse w 0
      tons of bags of soft plastics, pliars, scale, and toilet paper aka mountain money. oh and it has all kinds of spots to attach things like ammo and knives on the ...more outside. and you can strap your poles
    6. Jesse w 0
      I use a military style one I got at big 5 for $40. it holds 2l of water in the camel pack, 4 3700 boxes, my go pro case, extra batteries, plenty of food for all ...more day, 1 liter of mt dew, first aid kit,
    7. outdoorguy11 0
      @FishForFood then you will be fine, I use a school back pack it works. awesome for shore fishing!
    8. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      I have a $10 Walmart backpack (shown in one of my blerts). It holds 3 3700 cases plus now twice the plastics shown in the pic. Sun screen, bug spray, handi-wipes ...more and fishing tools.
    9. wking45 0
      It had tons of exterior pockets and a cooler on top that I use for soft plastic storage
    10. wking45 0
      I use the bass pro XPS backpack and I love it, it fits 4-5 boxes I highly recommend it
    11. MusicCityBass 0
      A bookbag will hold about 3 boxes and 15-20 bags of soft plastics
    12. MusicCityBass 0
      Buy a cheap bookbag with two elastic material side pockets. Take a knife and cut a 1.5inch slit in the middle of each side pocket. This will allow you to use the ...more two side pockets to hold rods
    13. corey 0
      @outdoorguy11 only about 3 boxes
    14. outdoorguy11 0
      I use a backpack it holds my stuff just fine. Unless you plan on carrying alot of big boxes then probably not a good plan
    15. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      I've used a regular school backpack. It fits plenty
    16. Marcus Hernandez 0
      I use a regular school backpack. Holds 3 3700 size boxes and a couple smaller ones
    17. Ignacio 0
      for other storage, and it has a rod holder. Very light weight for all day hiking use!
    18. Ignacio 0
      @FishForFood I don't know how much the shimano tackle back pack is, but I use an H2o Express tackle back pack from Academy cost around $55. It can hod up to ...more 3 3700 tackle boxes and has a lot of room
    19. StantonAL 0
      Get the shimano backpack, holds four boxes and has plenty of room for plastics, line, and other things. @FishForFood
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I fish and hunt south Alabama and the north Florida area any tips or techniques would be highly appreciated .......ROLL TIDE