1. Details: Black Drum

    So this girl right here named Krista caught this big ugly. The name of this fish is Black Drum. Fresh Crab for bait. Casted and Reeled the whole thing in by herself. ...more No waves today, very calm. Hot and sunny weather outside so we wore sunscreen. Was not in deep water. It was shallow. Wind felt great and gave a nice breeze for me and my lady. She is smokin hot just like the fish she caught. #proud

    1. michael michael 0
      Good job!
    2. cole_papa 0
      Hahahahaha way to go @krista
    3. Fischer 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch she was worn out from the fight so she needed a little help getting it up lol, thanks man
    4. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Woah, timeout... She casted and fought the fish but isn't holding the fish for the picture?! Something is wrong there.. Awesome fish regardless!
    5. Jacob Breaux 0
      Lol love it bro. 👌
    6. Fischer 0
      @bassinboy01 She was out of the front. This was actually her attempt at a blert haha
    7. Jacob Breaux 0
      But was she fishing out of the front of the boat or back?
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  2. Details: Lobster with a Net and a tickle stick

    Lobster season opened this morning here in Key West so we decided to try our luck. Ended with 17, half of em heading straight to the restaurant to be cooked. Spearfishing ...more tomorrow!

    1. Fischer 0
      @TCave thanks man
    2. Tripp Cave 0
      Nice haul
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  3. Details: Yellowtail Snapper with a Bonita as cut bait, 4/0 circle hook, 20 lb braid w/ 40 lb leader

    Gotta work for the big ones. Sunny, few clouds, 70 FOW with a current ripping through. All starts with attracting the fish with tons of chum: you never can have ...more too much. Free lined a weightless ball of Bonita back behind the boat, sometimes up to 100 yards back. The fish are smart though so you have to make sure your bait floats at the same speed as the chum line. Lots of work but worth the fight

      Luv yellowtailing some of best fishin ever but you gotta be patient
    2. Fischer 0
      Ya motha @cole_papa
    3. Fischer 0
      Ya mother
    4. cole_papa 0
      Is it as big as your penis?
    5. Fischer 0
      Thanks! @bassinboy01
    6. Jacob Breaux 0
      Done and done. Good blert
    7. Fischer 0
      @cole_papa Thanks bro beans and heck yeah
    8. cole_papa 0
      Helluva yellowtail brotha man. Ready to kill em when you get back, good info
    9. alex1234 0
      What a flag
    10. Fischer 0
      @bassinboy01 can you add yellowtail snapper as a species and key west as a location?
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  4. Details: Gulf Flounder with a 1/4 oz silver lead head, strawberry and chartreuse Hackberry hustler, Shimano Curado w/ 12 lb test

    @cole_papa and I finally found our flounder hole! Casted along a 50 yard long pier, w/ a slow retrieve and occasional jigs past the pilings. A storm blew through ...more earlier in the day so the water level was a couple inches higher than normal. 1-2 FOW allowed the flounder to ambush the pogies that were schooling on the top. The oyster and mud bottom was the perfect environment for all the flounder.

    1. Casting22Major 0
    2. Fischer 0
      @bassinboy01 hoping the rain hasn't messed the fishing up but thanks!
    3. Jacob Breaux 0
      I'm jealous! Good luck though. Hope to see some success blerts. 👊💢👊
    4. Fischer 0
      @bassinboy01 we're going out tomorrow morning so hopefully we'll smoke 'em!
    5. Jacob Breaux 0
      Super info and great flatties. Looks like y'all are having a good time!
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  5. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Brown and chartreuse Hackberry Hustler, silver lead head, Shimano Curado, 12lb test w/ 20 lb leader

    Got out on the water by 6 a.m., anchored in the surf, and hooked up with this 38" bull by 7. Cloudy with a SW wind in 3-4 FOW. Casting into the section where ...more the waves were breaking with a medium pace retrieve was working, as well as live shrimp on a popping cork. End of the day total was 23 specks and 4 reds. Photo creds go to @cole_papa

    1. Fischer 0
    2. Fischer 0
      @cole_papa your mom thought i was better than one star though
    3. cole_papa 0
      Only one star, wow
    4. Fischer 0
      @mmmdeer The picture on @cole_papa 's profile does the fish better justice. The color of the fish was amazing
    5. Texas_Slam 0
    6. mmmdeer 0
      Beautiful fish. Congrats!
    7. Fischer 0
      Thanks man @bassinboy01
    8. Jacob Breaux 0
      Nice job bro
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  6. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a 1/4 oz jig, brown plastic bull minnow with neon tail, Shimano Curado w/ 12 lb test

    Weather was sunny, 85 and a southeastern wind allowed our boat to drift clean along the marshes in the western end of the lake. Spotted a slick near one section ...more of the marsh and spot casted to it. Repeatedly did 3 reels and a jig on multiple casts and this bull hooked up.

    1. Fischer 0
      @cole_papa you gotta come soon
    2. cole_papa 0
      Slaying em out there man
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  7. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Silver jighead, Slayer S.S.T., Shimano Curado

    Last cast of the day before heading back to the marina. Saw multiple bull reds tailing along an oyster reef in the marsh. Drifted with the current and spot casted ...more right in front of the bull's nose for multiple casts. The fish finally took it and landed him within 5 minutes.

    1. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Solid Red
    2. Fischer 0
      @bassinboy01 thanks man!
    3. Jacob Breaux 0
      Good looking fatty! Nice red, man! 👍
    4. cole_papa 0
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