1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Hit it once but didnt get a good hook set. Went by the same spot 3 cast latter and he hit it again. Teaching my cousin to fish.

  2. Details: Black Crappie

    Hit my spinner right by the bank. Starting to fish again now that its warming up.

  3. Details: Whiting

    Caught a bunch of whiting off the pier

  4. Details: Brown Trout

    Only able to catch one today

    1. Jeremy Stevenson 0
      Great advice! Thanks!
    2. EthenBergen 0
      Hope that helps @jtodd7
    3. EthenBergen 0
      Lunch isn't a good time. You have to go in the morning. I never catch anything in the middle of the day. Fish aren't eating
    4. EthenBergen 0
      However my other fish I caught in the lower part in a neighborhood
    5. EthenBergen 0
      It took me awhile to catch it. I think fly fishing would be much more successful.
    6. EthenBergen 0
      Upper part near deer creek dam
    7. Jeremy Stevenson 0
      Hey just curious what part of the river you are fishing. I've been out several times during my lunch and haven't had any success. I'm not sure if my ...more technique or where I am fishing.
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  5. Details: Brown Trout

    Had been fishing for an hour and a half with no sign of activity and was about to give up when this guy hit. Gonna keep him and cook him up.

  6. Details: Brown Trout

    Caught one trout this morning. Had a lot of hits but the fish kept missing. Going to try and catch some bigger ones for a nice meal this evening.

    1. Lucas Pennington 0
      Brown coloration with red spots is a brown. Green and silver coloration with a pink lateral line is a rainbow.
    2. Lucas Pennington 0
    3. EthenBergen 0
      Is it a brown or a rainbow? @Jacob959
    4. Jacob959 0
      Nice baby brown
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  7. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    Caught one trout this morning. Had a lot of hits but could only get this guy in. Trying to catch some big enough to eat.

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Tried some night fishing but was only able to pull out this little guy.

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Was swimming a spinner through some weeds on the bank not thinking any fish were there when this guy popped out and hit it at the last second.

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Blue and Black Jig. Blue and Black Chatter Bait. Cotton Cordell bass rattletrap. Cotton Cordell Chrome rattletrap. Zoom Watermelon red trick worm. Yum Green Pumpkin ...more Christie Craw. Berkeley Havoc Black and Blue craw fatty.

    1. Paul Lukas 0
      Good stuff 👍


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