1. Approx. 6.7 lbs. Caught in the dark on a T-Rigged, Baby Paca Craw in 3 or 4 feet of water. Caught a lot of great fish between 3 1/2 & 5 as well that week. No ...more shorts at all, for some reason.

    Largemouth Bass with a Baby Paca Craw

    1. cemt 0
      10-4 thanks
    2. EmersonFish 0
      @cemt Caught all of our fish right around 'The Villages' where we were staying.
    3. cemt 0
      Where bout you catching them north or south end
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  2. Details: Channel Catfish with a cut shad

    Digital scale wasn't working. A very nice channel though. In the 20 zone, if it's not 20.

  3. Details: Channel Catfish with a dipbait

    I haven't been catching a lot of big fish lately, so I figured I'd pretend like I did and see if that made me feel better. It didn't, of course.

  4. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a finesse jig

    Water dropping. Fishing slow. Great day.

  5. Details: Other Freshwater with a my left index finger

    The ultra-aggressive species (trolling motor prop) took a nice chunk out of my bait (index finger). Presentation: Accidentally sticking finger in moving trolling ...more motor prop.

    1. nickfurr17 0
      Ouch I thought that was a fly
    2. nick vojtek 0
      Redneck bandage! Giddderduuun!
    3. Hunter Neill 0
      Haha ouch!!
    4. EmersonFish 0
      @MulletHead No doubt. The moment it happened, I thought my fishing day was over. As it was, a paper towel, a little duct tape, and I was good to go.
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Haha, sounds like it could have been a lot worse
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Finesse Jigs

    Caught a whole lot of fish at Binder Lake, as usual, but the quality fish are fewer and farther between every year. I wonder if them letting people keep 6 bass 15' ...more or over is the issue.

  7. Details: Crawfish with a salmon egg

    Caught this sweet crawdaddy on a salmon egg at Santa Cruz Reservoir in New Mexico. He hooked his own claw. Water was way down, and it was a slow day.

    1. Michael Enach 0
      Bass bait!!
  8. Details: Black Drum with a cut mullet

    Pier fishing at Port A last year. Me and my Dad had it all to ourselves. Scale said this weighed 45#. Stupid scale.

    1. Michele Mills 0
      What #bigbassninja said'
    2. joey 0
      That's a big red!! Nice man!!
    3. bigbassninja 0
      More like 145.... Haha when the scale bottoms out always add a hundred! JK nice fish bro!
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  9. Decent LMB caught on a finesse jig. Look of surprise is totally made up.

  10. Details: Channel Catfish with a cut bait

    15.5 lb channel; bank fishing at county lake; worst pic of me ever (I swear I'm not ill there)


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