1. Hit Packery and by the first duck blind past the small island right across the boat channel going to the bay, flounder started hitting. Hit South bay when the bite ...more died caught all the trout and reds there. caught 2 flounder there as well. They weren't running the channel weed line as I expected. more so the cuts going into the bay and lighthouse trails. mainly across from the casino boat.

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      picture was too big so cut off 2 flounder and some of the trout.
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  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Braunig Lake San Antonio question?

    Hey guys, Any thoughts/tips on Braunig? I may head out this weekend. I've never kayak fished it before and not sure if the hybrid species in there hit any ...more different. Anyone ever try live shrimp or even know where some could be bought for bait in san antonio?

  3. @cowboy713 you know you need one of these! the fishing buddy broke down and bought the trailer since he drives a little car. now we can haul 4 and all the gear ...more extremely easily.

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      That'd be awesome! I might even be able to make one 😉
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      Yes Sir! I've got a goal post I made for my truck that's even with the tail gate and I throw an ice chest under them up front and we could get a third in ...more if needed with that. this though is sweet.
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      That'll do. Sure beats hanging kayaks all over your vehicle.
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      sorry that didn't post for some reason. This was a few years back and I figured I'd throw it up. It was with a fishntexas.com charter. Captain Scott ...more McCune. He worked is @$$ off to get us on fish
    2. has been a lot of black tip caught on the beach. on second sand bar.
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  4. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a live shrimp on Cajun thunder poppers

    trip to south bay and lighthouse trails.

  5. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a live shrimp on 4 inch mono leader with Cajun thunder popper

    Kayak trip to south bay aransas pass down to lighthouse trails. 27 inch was caught in the lighthouse trails 26 inch when it got hot we paddled to the boat lane ...more casted into the deeper parts. popped some small speckled trout 15 or more small reds. had 4 keeper trout and a random needlefish. All in all a great trip. will post the keeper family next.


Primarily a kayak fisherman in the Corpus Christi / Aransas Pass area. I'm here to help and share pictures/ideas. I'm from San Antonio so I ...more can't fish at the drop of a hat but make trips frequently