1. Father and son family fishing trip last year can't wait for this years... I'm taking the pot for the biggest fish this year...

  2. Details: Spotted Bass with a green weenie soft plastic

    Caught a bunch of 1-2 #ers but it was like the fish gods cleared the skies right over the lake.... Made for a great day fishing...

  3. Details: Spotted Bass with a ghost soft plastic worm

    Caught a bunch of 1 to 2 #ers and lost 3 to 4#er right when I was pulling it up in the boat he shook.... But was a good day on the water...

    1. Joseph couture 0
      Sounds like a fun day !!
  4. This guy a couple of blocks down just installed his new mailbox, it is cool as **** when u see it in person... I'm gonna have 2 get me one...

    1. kp_fisher 0
      Best mail box on the block
    2. solorider4o8 0
      I want that
    3. Jake Pedersen 0
      I've seen em before there cool they also make a mail box that is a large mouth its also pretty sweet
    4. kisbass 0
      That is awsome
    5. BurratBurrat 0
      That's a pretty sweet mailbox @Dblock910
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  5. Details: Spotted Bass with a zoom trick worm

    Caught 4 in 3 hours didn't have much time but made the most of it no fatties but all were about a pound and half, good action...

  6. Details: Spotted Bass with a green weenie soft plastic worm

    Texas rigging just bouncing it of the rocks on the bottom in about 15 to 20 FOW nailed it... High 70s slight winds... My buddy and I brought in 15 total, lost a ...more hog snapped the line 10ft from the boat

    1. hudsons_21 0
    2. Dblock910 0
      That one is the blackmax by Abu Garcia i caught my biggest on my revo sx though... @hudsons_21
    3. hudsons_21 0
      What reel
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  7. Bout to call it a day and my buddy pulled this 4#er in the last one of 7... Low 80s slight wind about 30 FOW Carolina and Texas rigs all day...

  8. This guy at Don Pedro lake this past weekend caught and released a 15 plus # bass... Man I bet that had his blood pumping!!!

    Largemouth Bass with a abt glidebait

    1. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Mar 07, 2014!
    2. Matt Matt 0
      Plot twist it was really caught on fly
    3. Calvin Fease 0
      Congrats to this guy! That's a really cool fish; especially on a glide bait.
    4. troutfisher 0
      Holy crap that's big
    5. Sean Wilms 0
    6. Sean Wilms 0
      true, but it with location, time, and most certainly a boat can make a double digit bass, kinda hard to do on the bank
    7. Robert Bandy 0
      Excuses excuses...@seaturtles money dosn't catch fish.
    8. Sean Wilms 0
      better have a personal best 2 or 3 times the size of mine
    9. Sean Wilms 0
      how he was holding it, I'm just saying i dont like the picture angle thats all. Besides that dude looks to have at least 30 years over me and a boat and lots ...more of money as well as more time then me, he
    10. Sean Wilms 0
      @Bandy ah but i never said anyone especially him had to agree with my opinion, infact this huge fish has probably made this guy famous and im sure that he doesn't ...more give a crap about anyone's opinion on
    11. Robert Bandy 0
      @seaturtles his fish only was 4-5 of your biggest bass combined haha I'm sure he could care less about your opinion on how he holds it. It's just as impressive ...more held the way he's holding it..
    12. OBX_Fishing 0
      Great catch any way you hold it.
    13. TheBoog 0
      I agree @seaturtles don't really see the point.. A big fish is a big fish
    14. Sean Wilms 0
      and i think it makes it look like its better then it is, but an almost 15lb bass is very huge already
    15. Sean Wilms 0
      @nathantrafford you have a point, i just prefer to hold the fish more inward for better scale for myself to look at for future times, i just dont believe that holding ...more the fish to the camera is better
    16. Brandon Lum 0
      it wasnt 15, it was 14.8 and caught on an ABT suicide glidebait
    17. phillyfisher23 0
      That things a beast
    18. nathantrafford 0
      That thing is an absolute monster. Good for him
    19. nathantrafford 0
      Hold up his fish that he's damn proud of so that he can look back at it for years to come.
    20. nathantrafford 0
      @seaturtles I doubt very much that he cared too much about the camera angle after catching that. You think he's going to take a scale picture for all the trolls ...more online? No he's going to smile and
    21. relentless_fisherman 0
    22. relentless_fisherman 0
      I think the same thing @seatir
    23. Sean Wilms 0
      very true, never said the fish wasnt a great fish because it is, but i dont see why a 15 pound bass needs to look bigger from a desperate picture angle, once again ...more this is just an opinion of mine
    24. Dblock910 0
      Either way, but a 15 lb bass us a 15 lb bass not matter what angle u look at it from... @seaturtles
    25. Sean Wilms 0
      it be more impressive if he held it against his body for a better scale for how big it is because i dont see the point of sticking an already large fish close to ...more the camera like that, just my 2 cents
    26. Brandon alt 0
      Now that's a big bass....
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  9. Out on the water bought the black max combo and was impressed it is a good reel for the price... I wish it was left hand reel like my revo sx but the combo was on ...more a clearance rack so I couldn't b mad.

    1. johnybass 0
    2. Dblock910 0
      Thanks, I hard face for a living and doing this job u got to b coordinated with both hands they can't stop moving so I think that helps a lot to fish left and ...more right... @johnybass
    3. johnybass 0
      cred for being able to fish switch
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  10. Details: Channel Catfish with a anchovies

    Plenty of overcast, 15mph winds from SE, about 430pm drop shotting some anchovies, caught 5 but only got 3 in the pic...

    1. Benge 0
      They look like bullhead cats. Or small channels
    2. Dblock910 0
      Its the first time I been cat fishing since I was a kid... @Benge
    3. Dblock910 0
      So they or blues or channel? @Benge
    4. Benge 0
      Flatheads lower jaw protrude there top jaw & there tail is blunt not forked. Nice pic though.
    5. dylangtrue7 0
      they could be hybrid cats because they look kinda like flathead and blues
    6. Dblock910 0
      I'm not sure they could b, there is a couple different cats in Hensley lake. @dylangtrue7
    7. purv1s 0
      Nice mud cats, good eating if u can get the mud streak out of the meat
    8. dylangtrue7 0
      are they flathead?
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