1. another picture of the same fish. 8lbs 1oz.

    1. Matthew_L 0
      Looks fat to me.....nice one!
    2. Stephen Stephen 0
      its hanging from the scale. @TaylorG
    3. Taylor Glover 0
      tight lines, good fish regardless
    4. Taylor Glover 0
      doesnt look 8. im not saying it isnt, but it doesnt look it
    5. Stephen Stephen 0
    6. Stephen Stephen 0
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  2. 8lbs 1 oz.

    1. Ryan golden 0
      All I'm saying is that I've caught 100s of fish in the 5-6 lb range and that fish MIGHT be that big. I actually do tournament fish so I do have a clue.
    2. Stephen Stephen 0
      yeah, ok. and your scale is accurate, but mine isnt? idiot. look at the other pix of it dickhead. @get_bitjr
    3. Ryan golden 0
      I was talking about your fish. That's not 8 bud. I'll give you 6 maybe.
    4. Stephen Stephen 0
      You just keep winning those tournaments at church, and leave me to catching real fish.
    5. Stephen Stephen 0
      Agreed. @get_bitjr Tournament victories, and lunkers haha. probably a youth church bank fishing tournament with participation trophies. Its a scale dumbass, ...more your opinion is irrelevant. @TaylorG
    6. Ryan golden 0
      This is why I stopped getting on this app. It's being taken over by ignorant people
    7. Taylor Glover 0
      ive got tournament victories and lunkers under my belt...fyi. just sharing my opinion
    8. Stephen Stephen 0
      everyone who has anything stupid to say about the weight, see the second picture. i dont hold my fish with its body touching the camera lens like most of you. ...more it weighed what it weighed. blow me.
    9. Stephen Stephen 0
      yeah, look at the second picture i posted. @TaylorG
    10. Taylor Glover 0
      scale set to kilograms?
    11. Taylor Glover 0
      good one nevertheless
    12. Taylor Glover 0
      doesnt look like 8 to me either...maybe 6
    13. Caleb Straight 0
      Ok whatever you say
    14. Stephen Stephen 0
      you dont know shit kid. its called perspective
    15. Stephen Stephen 0
      yeah, ok. because you a forensic photo analyst
    16. Caleb Straight 0
      It's definitely not 8 if u look at the big one I posted it was about 7-7.5 and it was bigger than that
    17. Stephen Stephen 0
      weighed it. doubt my scale is off by two pounds. der. @fishin_boyz
    18. Caleb Straight 0
      Mabey 6
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  3. 5lb 7 oz.

    1. Stephen Stephen 0
      thanks @Gregory9901
    2. Gregory9901 0
      Nice fish
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  4. 8lbs, and 6lbs. 15 minutes apart.

    1. Stephen Stephen 0
      24 inches length on the 8. @EthanKitter99
    2. Stephen Stephen 0
      24 inches on the 8.
    3. Stephen Stephen 0
      I caught 9 total. I caught them on a strike king blue and white. they were hanging in 3-4 FOW. the weather was overcast with a momentary break with sun. that's ...more when they hit. 51F water temp.
    4. Stephen Stephen 0
      Did not keep. I only had them on the stringer for 20-30 mins waiting for my brother to see them. They were released in good health, and swam away fine. @officersweet. ...more Awesome day @EthanKitter99 .
    5. Steve Mueller 0
      U keep them??
    6. EthanKitter99 0
      Sounds like a good day!! @Cressionnie Anymore info?
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  5. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    4 pound trout caught in a mountain lake.

  6. Details: Ladyfish

    Just a small ladyfish.

  7. Perfect day at Oak Island. No luck, just nice to get out.

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Nice five'er after a heavy rain. In 1FOW behind a log.


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