1. Details: Atlantic Croaker with a Cut squid on 6/0 circle hook

    Warm and partly cloudy. Caught a bunch of these yesterday. Paying the price for forgetting sunblock! It was a lot of fun though!

  2. Details: Fantail Mullet with a Mullet was the bait. Not sure what took this giant bite out of it though!

    Hooked into something big just after this. It was jumping and breaching all over. It got away when it broke my 50# shock leader!

    1. CrazyGreg 0
      @Cowboy713 yeah, that was another thought I had.
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      Hmmm, coulda been a jack, too
    3. CrazyGreg 0
      @Cowboy713 no, pectorals didn't. It was kinda like an elongated diamond shape. Pectoral fins looked much darker, almost black from my viewpoint.
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      Cobia don't normally jump to my knowledge anyway, the length of the pectorals exceeded the length of the fish?
    5. CrazyGreg 0
      Had water spray on my glasses and lighting was awkward. It was white-ish/silvery on the bottom. Didn't look like a red, maybe a Cobia or Tarpon. It was a good ...more 3'-4' long and wider by pec fins @Cowboy713
    6. Chris Skinner 0
      You never saw what it was?
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Shrimp, squid, and mullet

    Caught this little guy on cut squid. One of a half dozen too small to keep today. Tide coming in, hot, partly cloudy, lots of bites.

    1. GizmosBait 0
      at least you finally got something! you shoulda gone to red dot and fished the corner closest to land for flounder.
    2. CrazyGreg 0
      Whoops... Even more tired now. Just got back to SA. Caught 6 croakers, a small red, and 2 hardheads. Had a blast, and now look like a lobster. Lol
    3. CrazyGreg 0
      My bad. I caught 1 of those, and 6 little reds. Also caught 2 hardheads. I was tired and extremely sunburned when I posted this. Lol
    4. X2 @craigmoorejr
    5. craigmoorejr 0
      Thats a croaker
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  4. Got my fly tying glasses today! I look like a dork but hope to put them to use!

    1. CrazyGreg 0
      eBay item # 291240928870
    2. CrazyGreg 0
      @wyldechylde77 got em on eBay while looking at fly tying supplies. I believe $15.99 with free shipping. They shipped quick! I ordered them Sunday night, got em in ...more the mail this morning.
    3. CrazyGreg 0
      @GizmosBait I was also thinking of using them for a Halloween costume.
    4. CrazyGreg 0
      @GizmosBait I don't... Yet. I want to learn to tie some flys 1st, then learn to use fly rod. I'd also like to experiment with flies in a regular rod for ...more fun.
    5. Chuck LaBruna 0
      "It puts the lotion in the basket..." 😝😝 Sorry, man, images of Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) sprung to mind! Very cool though, for fly tying glasses. ...more Where'd you get em and how much?
    6. GizmosBait 0
      I didn't know you had a fly rod?
    7. robz713 0
      Gotta have the tools of the trade
    8. fishonflyco 0
      Nice looks cool
    9. Mason Cizek 0
      It's not weird if it works!
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  5. Ordered the LED lighted magnifying glasses for fly tying. I'll probably use them as part of a Halloween costume, since I've never tied a fly and don't ...more yet have other fly materials/equipment... Yet!

  6. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Heading to Port A this Friday/Saturday

    As usual I'll have the wife and kid, so fishing time may be limited. Are the Reds running yet? Best place on the island to fish for them? There's a chance ...more we'll do a 4hr fishing charter. If not I'll be shore, pier, or jetty fishing depending on the wife and kid.

    1. CrazyGreg 0
      @abuley34 I have but it's been a while. I usually fish the shore, Roberts Point Park, or another spot can't remember the name of. Considering Packery Channel ...more if no charter trip, or open to suggestions
    2. Austin Buley 0
      Ever fished bob hall pier? There's usually an abundance of species around that area when I go down there
    3. CrazyGreg 0
      But this trip is pre-paid for whenever we decide to use it @flybob I'll certainly look into them for the next trip I have to pay for!!!
    4. CrazyGreg 0
      I've got a few charters I've used in the past. My wife's family lives there, which is why I go there as often as I do even if there's no chance of ...more fishing! I'm always down to check out something new!
    5. dillon juarez 0
      If you want to get a guide check out c&t bay charters
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  7. So I'm heading to the Houston area Saturday and Sunday. I'll have my wife and kid in tow, and will only have a little time that I possibly may try to go ...more fishing on Sunday. Any suggestions? Mostly Richmond (SW of Houston) area up to just west of Katy and heading back to SA. Thanks! Looking for cats or bass or anything fun for the family.

  8. Details: Atlantic Stingray with a shrimp on a double drop gulf rig, 7' surf rod, spinning reel

    Roberts Point Park close to the ferry landing. Wind 12mph, temp mid 70's, water fairly smooth. Didn't get skunked, but this was my only catch today on a ...more short fishing trip.

  9. Details: American Shad with a shrimp

    This little guy took the bait on my mini rod and reel. Unfortunately my only catch of the trip with @GizmosBait yesterday/last night. It was a fun trip though.

    1. dillon juarez 0
      That is a pretty cool catch
  10. The canoe is great but my wife and daughter won't get in it, so I'm looking for a solo rig.


New to this app/site/blert platform. Not new to fishing, but looking to expand past ok cat fisher and unlucky bass fisher! Starting to go after ...more reds in fresh and saltwater, and for anything else!