1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Buzzbait (didn't pay attention to what kind)

    Nice little 2.5 pounder on a buzzbait. all I remember Is it was chartreuse. good fishing today caught a bunch this size, a lot of fun. casted about 3 feet off the ...more bank about 35 yards down he hit as it came up to the dock

  2. Details: Blue Fish with a Mullet on a mullet rig

    Blufish I caught at the tournement a few months back in may, 1 inch off 3rd place! 22.1" don't exactly remember everything but I casted a shitloadda yards

  3. last day here, leaving tommorow morning D: caught this then the pinfish became a problem. casted nice and far 50 yards out and he hit it as I reeled it in. bout ...more 14"

    Ladyfish with a shrimps

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      welcome man
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      @MarshFishing thanks man I appreciate it
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      :( I got 0 credits
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  4. Details: Ramora with a arm

    my friend holding the remora I caught. didn't really care to get my picture taken with it. refer to the bloody ceiling for info.

  5. Details: White Grunt with a 3x3" chunk of squid

    Not a bad day… fishing 50-120 feet of water in the gulf. caught about 35 grunt and a ramora. lost something huge, able to rip it from the rocks but the fish let ...more go. probably a big red snapper or red grouper. oh well still a good day.

  6. Details: Ramora with a 3x3" squid chunk

    What happens when you stick a bleeding remora to the ceiling... I said emporer fish because I did not see remora on the species list. caught this about 95-100 ...more feet down on the rocks in the gulf while fishing for snapper. big chunks of squid did it.

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      oh hahaha I spelled it wrong
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      @allwaterlife thanks man, didn't see it haha.
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      It's there. I changed it for you
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  7. First catch of the morning this ugly cat on a cut pinfish. I was going for some morning hanging fish from the night, (sharks and other stuff). caught this guy literally ...more in the breaks

    Hardhead Catfish with a cut pinfish

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      @tcave thanks I took a pic of this one because it had the find
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      I like the orangey fins
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      Nice fish
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  8. Caught this this morning About 1 hour after the tide started going out. caught it on the beach about 10 yards out with a beak hook again. only good thing I caught ...more this morning, pinfish became a problem.

    Ladyfish with a Shrimp

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      @Mason_Cizek haha yea I know it's the best
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      @tcave thanks, the amount they jump Is amazing
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      Nice Job
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      They make great bait!
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  9. I'm down in Florida for vacation in Treasure island and I'm catching hard head catfish, gafftops and jacks, and ladyfish. I only have the pictures of the ...more catfish my mom has all the other pictures. I cast the shrimp out on 15 pound test about 25 yards or so with a number one mustad beak hook, with a one ounce weight. great fight on 15 pound test.

    Gafftopsail Catfish with a de headed shrimp

  10. Details: Grass Carp with a Bare hands

    Hello guys, my name is Louis and I'm from New Jersey. I fish all over the east coast. I will post great pics with a lot of helpful information, please follow ...more me I'd appreciate it! this grass carp was 55.4 pounds. me and my friend jumped on it a few years back.

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      @seaturtles thanks man, looks like a great forum.
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      nice and welcome to FS!
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I purposely bird best my reels to "practice" getting them out