1. Details: Lobster

    Got limits of bugs for three guys, great trip!

  2. Details: Lobster

    Hooping was great

  3. Has anyone ever told you that there are no perfect circles in nature. Well I beg to differ. I thing the large mouths mouth is a perfect Circle.

    Largemouth Bass

  4. Details: Black Rockfish with a Strip of squid with grub.

    Fun day on the water the bay is wide open rockfish right now!!!!we even got a sole.

  5. Details: Calico Bass with a 4in big hammer weedless Phoenix head.

    Got a nice 4lb calico bass on the kayak. I was in like 5-6 ft of water casting into the breakers and feeling fast. Skipping it on the water so the fish boiled on ...more it.

  6. Details: Albacore Tuna with a This is called a tangle. A really bad tangle. This is where birds nest got its name.

    Amazing. Birds nest. Like wtf. Lol . My . Bad. Fishing scout needs to add a fish or a section called the "tangle fish" like asap

    1. Chad_Skowron 0
      Just so everyone knows I did take this off Instagram I was just suggesting that we should have the admins add a section of tangles πŸ˜‚
    2. Adam Adam 0
      @King_Fisher πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
    3. Calvin Fease 0
      Ummm... Howwww???
      Lol @King_Fisher
    5. Bob Bob 0
      I see birds living in itπŸ˜‚
    6. AFTICA 0
      I don't see a birds nest πŸ˜‚
    7. King_Fisher 0
      Reel up a cast net there?
    8. Esgar Montalvo 0
      How do I give negative credit...jk
    9. fishingaddict 0
    10. rivasisland25 0
    11. bigfish101 0
      Holy sh!!t that's a birds nest
    12. Geoffrey Polefko 0
      stolen off instagram much?
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  7. Details: Calico Bass with a 3 in. Red calico hunter color big hammer swimbait.

    Castes into kelp whole, got backlash undid it started to reel 2 ft and got picked up, fought it through kelp for 5 mins with 40 on braid and 15 floro leader

    1. Chad_Skowron 0
    2. Chad_Skowron 0
      It was off the kayak in the kelp above the pier...
    3. gavinck 0
      Malibu pier,
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  8. Details: Yellow Fin Tuna with a Sardine with 1 oz egg slider

    Just off Catalina getting 30-40 lb yellowfin tuna.

    1. sparkdula 0
      Sweet!!! It's like it used to be!!! Great fish
    2. Yum!
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  9. Details: Lobster with a Mackeral/Tuna Carcasses

    Hooping PV

    1. Chad_Skowron 0
    2. Lon85 0
      @Chad_Skowron what's the limit there
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  10. Details: Squid with a Green Squid Light

    Of the Isthmus on the front side of Catalina there I atoms and tons of squid its insane.

    1. BurratBurrat 0
      Looks like a flashlight shining on the grass haha


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