1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Here's another pic of Sunday's best catch . She weighted 6.1 at 21 3/4", fish were eating aggressively . Didn't realize how big she was till she ...more broke the surface right next to me with her mouth open and all I could see was my crank bait she inhaled .

    1. Cfisher 0
      Thanks @jschles14
    2. John Schlesselman 0
      Football indeed! Nice one.
    3. Cfisher 0
      Thanks @Luke_Adams
    4. Luke_Adams 0
      nice fish the Lower Colorado has some pigs!
    5. Cfisher 0
      Hahaha, that's right!! Thanks @ajr10411
    6. ajr10411 0
      Awesome fish bro everything's bigger in Texas 🇨🇱
    7. Cfisher 0
    8. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      That's 6 easy
    9. Cfisher 0
      Yes it was!! Couldn't of asked for a better Sunday . Thanks @King_Fisher
    10. King_Fisher 0
      Awesome fish man!
    11. Antman33 0
      Post the photo of it on scale then
    12. Cfisher 0
      Thanks @abuley34 !!!
    13. Austin Buley 0
      @Cfisher nice bass man that's a football! Every bit of 6lbs
    14. Cfisher 0
      👍🏻 @ultrafisher
    15. Miguel Garcia 0
      nice catch ..thanks for sharing
    16. Cfisher 0
      I'm glad you think that. Keep your comments in New York if you don't know what ur talking about @Antman33 I happen you have a photo of it on the scale ...more also
    17. Antman33 0
      That bass dos not weigh 6.1
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Fished the river today and she ate the xd , weighed 6.1lb and just under 22". PB in the kayak

    1. Cfisher 0
      South, we fished it last weekend in the wind. Was difficult but the fish were still there. We would paddle down river against the wind the fish back up river with ...more wind moving us up @jschles14
    2. John Schlesselman 0
      Was this north or south of webberville? I put in there today and didn't have much luck. Lots of wind had the current going opposite direction.
    3. Cfisher 0
      Thanks @SaFisher5
    4. SaFisher5 0
      Great catch!
    5. only_in_Texas 0
      Okay, thanks
    6. Cfisher 0
      The king fisher seat upgrade for sure, anchor trolley, install a anchor trolley pulley for the rudder trim rope and replace the rudder control ropes with stainless ...more steel cables @only_in_Texas
    7. only_in_Texas 0
      Oh, and what are upgrades that you would advise?
    8. only_in_Texas 0
      Okay, thanks for the much needed help
    9. Cfisher 0
      It paddles and tracks well, has fair speed. Stable enough to stand, a pull rope to assist standing and sitting back down is a must. @only_in_Texas
    10. only_in_Texas 0
      It seems like a fairly large yak, how's the paddling on it?
    11. Cfisher 0
      Hard to go wrong for the money! If your looking to get on the water and have a good performing kayak. I've made several upgrades that have made a big difference. ...more @only_in_Texas
    12. only_in_Texas 0
      Hi, I saw that you own a vibe sea ghost.....I was considering getting one....what do you have to say about it?
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    1. Cfisher 0
      Thanks @Surf_Monkey
    2. Surf_Monkey 0
      Welcome to FishingCrew
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