1. Details: Black Crappie with a Minnow

    Before this cold front.

    1. Cat_Assassin 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe boat fishing shallow with jig and minnow under a float
    2. Cat_Assassin 0
      @sipro once it's hits 55 it's starts in one of my spots. This catch was from two weeks ago. This cold probably isn't helping but it will be on soon enough
    3. mike joppeck 0
      Nice u in boat or bank
    4. sipro 0
      @Cat_Assassin u gotta be kidding me, I haven't even got a bite out there yet, thought it was to cold. what part of the lake were u fishing? nice catch bro.
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  2. This is me lol

    1. Cat_Assassin 0
      @fishON423 I haven't been out lately but I'm going to try to get out soon. It's should be picking up in regards to perch and crappie. The cats should ...more still be biting some. Hopefully I get out soon
    2. Josh Parker 0
      That's HILARIOUS lol... u been out on mogadore lately? I need 2 "wet a line" soon (got a Harley and I've been consumed) smh
    3. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Now that's funny
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  3. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Crank bait

    My cousin with the biggest small mouth over the weekend. Caught around a dozen between the three of us while visiting bout relatives farm.

    1. BgSlayer 0
      Damn that guy in the background is huge!
  4. Details: Channel Catfish with a Cut bait

    Only channel of the day but it was a good one. 29inches

  5. Details: Yellow Perch with a orange/pink ant tipped with maggots

    We were nailing bluegill right of the bank when my girl got a nice bonus perch.

    1. Josh Parker 0
      Yea its a cool ass fishery! Really wish I didnt sell my john boats atleast there's plenty of places to stoke a fire n crack a cold one๐Ÿป Tight lines brother, ...more maybe ill catch ya out there sometime!!
    2. Cat_Assassin 0
    3. Cat_Assassin 0
      I normally fish the northern end. I do best of cats up there. Bass I get all over the lake it is loaded. Sorry to hear about the lost Cat but you will get plenty ...more more chances it's a great cat lake!!!!
    4. Josh Parker 0
      caught a HUGE cat the other night and he flopped back in b4 I could get a pic๐Ÿ‘Ž
    5. Josh Parker 0
      Oh right on... U guys do good bass fishin or catfishin over there? We normally fish off of Sunnybrook or Lansinger
    6. Cat_Assassin 0
      @fishON423 that is right off congress lake road
    7. Josh Parker 0
      where is that?? over spill by the dam or that Omega building?
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  6. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a maghots

    Gills were on!!

    1. Mason Cizek 0
      @onlygoodfishermanonhere fuck off man. It's a fish on an app for fishing. This is food on the table for that person.
    2. All of those innocent fish killed for no reason just swimming around looking for food to feed its family and the poor things end up in your cooler...Shameful
    3. nickhazelwood 0
      Good eatin ๐Ÿ‘
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  7. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a ant jig

    The gills were on today!

    1. Cat_Assassin 0
      @lainedillard haha I like that one!!!
    2. Laine Dillard 0
      Lake crisco is the best release place
    3. Cat_Assassin 0
      @onlygoodfishermanonhere don't worry they were released to grease!
    4. Poor things
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  8. Details: Channel Catfish with a cut bait

    My girlfriend with a 27.5 inch channel catfish right at dusk yesterday. Water was 70 degrees. Many short strikes and fish picking up and dropping the bait until ...more this one hit. Biggest fish of her short career so far.

    1. Cat_Assassin 0
      Thanks man felt great to get out
    2. Josh Parker 0
      Good 2 see u back @ it brother
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  9. Details: Yellow Perch with a minnows

    Got a few jumbos today

    1. Cat_Assassin 0
      Heard plastics are better for early season. I only really fish a few lakes so what I do my not translate to certain bodies of water
    2. Cat_Assassin 0
      @sipro it will depend on where you fish. Depth is key, perch mostly prefer deeper water. Although after ice out they spawn very close to shore like crappie. I prefer ...more minnows to plastics, but have
    3. sipro 0
      @Cat_Assassin what's the trick to catching a few nice perch
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Green spinner


I love panfish for the plate and big Channel Cats for the adrenaline dump.