1. Details: Spotted Bay Bass

    Haven't posted in a while. This was my PB spotty that took me by surprise. I was stunned

  2. Details: California Halibut

    Huge halibut in DP harbor!

    1. solorider4o8 0
      What a fish hog
  3. Details: Calico Bass

    Fun fishing on the reel fun. Got 7 including 5 legals.

    1. Cadynz23 0
      Thanks, it's a Salty Crew hat @Connor_Nfish
    2. Connor_Nfish 0
      Nice fish, I'm liking that hat too, what brand is that?
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  4. Details: Calico Bass

    Fun day fishing with my neighbor Mike. Caught about 14 total fish including 3 legals! Rain or shine we still slay!

  5. Details: Calico Bass

    Nice 4-5lb calico from a little while back on a jig that my neighbor made

    1. Jason Delgado 0
      Nice calico
  6. Details: Calico Bass

    Fun times in my happy place🎣 I got a 7 the same day but no pic 😓

    1. Ninja_Haze 0
      Man didn't know you could still find Magic Craft
    2. Cadynz23 0
      I agree. No it's an MC @Ninja_Haze
    3. Ninja_Haze 0
      Love Catalina Island. Best place in SoCal. That a Big hammer?
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  7. Details: Calico Bass

    Nice Calico from summer. This was an unbelievable day. Got 50+ bass, my neighbor in a different boat got a skipjack tuna in the kelp on a wing, I got my PB Sand ...more Bass, and I ended the day with a mauled thumb.

    1. Cadynz23 0
    2. elisha 0
      What is the biggest Cali you have caught?
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  8. Details: White Seabass

    The best meal I've ever eaten. White Sea bass with mushrooms, butter, lemon, and capers. I recommend you try Steve's Steak House in Avalon it is amazing!

    1. peacockking 0
      Hell yea it dose like the scooper form that's y
    2. Cadynz23 0
      It's mashed potatoes but it looks like Ice Cream 😂 @peacockking
    3. peacockking 0
      Is that ice cream on the side
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  9. Details: Calico Bass

    Fat *** half moon the other day in CAT. Half moon isn't on there so I put calico. 3.8 pounds on the scale.

    1. elisha 0
      Nice catch
    2. elisha 0
      That is not even close to an opleye that is a half moon he is right.
    3. cutbaiter 0
    4. cutbaiter 0
    5. Cadynz23 0
      No it's a half moon @cutbaiter
    6. cutbaiter 0
    7. cutbaiter 0
      It's a big pole ye
    8. Cadynz23 0
      I know it's a half moon but there is no option for it @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM
      That doesnt look like a calico
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  10. Details: Calico Bass

    4 pound calico I caught in Catalina this past weekend. Be there again Friday.

    1. Cadynz23 0
      I know and I'm going again tomorrow @gavinck
    2. gavinck 0
      U go there a lot
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