1. 13 of these a few weeks ago on my home made underspin

  2. Big ol channny

    1. Mr. GoodBass 0
      that does not look like the basin
  3. Legal 14.5 inches, but of course released. Practice CPR to help keep a steady fish population in our local lakes , ponds , and oceans .♻️🐟♻️🐟♻️

  4. Got my PB on an ika 6.10

    1. EthanKitter99 0
      That's a nice bass!!
  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Yorba regional park. Pretty solid bass on a dark green "3" inch baby crawfish soft plastic. Don't know the name of it I think I got it a Walmart. This ...more was a while back in the middle of 2015

  6. 3 then started raining hard so went back to camp for 2 hours then went back and caught 2 more to get my 3rd limit. No one else was catching. I had it down cause ...more with my Phenix trout rods I was able to cast into the deep water where I found the trout who were hiding from the manny Pelicans