1. Details: Leopard Shark

    Finally landed a shark this summer. I have lost more than I can count. The day of this catch we also had a run in with Mr.W...

  2. Details: Needle Fish

    Caught my first needle fish. They have some crazy teeth. There where a bunch of them around the pier attacking all the bait fish that are at the pier.

    1. Ellie Bosse 0
      Wow. I didn't know we had these around here😨
  3. Details: White Seabass

    Caught his baby White Sea bass and small barracudas on the jig. Also got a bunch of macks.

  4. Details: Spotted Bay Bass

    Got 4 bass all of them good size. Got my new PB almost 2 pound spotty

  5. Details: Calico Bass

    Got this nice size calico. New PB almost 4 pounds. Got a lot of big ones like this at the island but sadly no yellowtail. Catch and release

  6. Details: Leopard Shark

    Caught this guy in the after noon

  7. Details: Leopard Shark

    Got two leopard sharks on Saturday

  8. Details: Leopard Shark

    Got two Leopard sharks on Saturday

  9. Details: Leopard Shark

    Caught this nice size leopard around 9 at night had 3 runs got two. One leopard and one big batray.


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