1. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a Olive Near Deer

    Flows are picking up w recent rain. Fish are holding near the bottom in deep pockets. Suggested to use #18-20 midges and nymphs. I decided to use my confidence ...more fly. 1/80th or 1/100 Olive Near Deer. 4-5x tippet. The fly gets deep, rides hook up and is less likely to snag. Caught 12-15 from 4-8pm between rain. First time on S Platte. It lives up to its reputation.

    1. Keith Keith 0
      @eastonsutley HAHAH. they don't have an option for blanking on FS. I've been trying just no luck. Trying again this week.
    2. Keith Keith 0
      @Matthew_L go for it. It's a neat place.
    3. eastonsutley 0
      Where are the carp at man?
    4. Matthew_L 0
      Looks beautiful, I hope to get out there this summer.
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  2. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a Green Near Deer 1/80 jig

    Fishing is still good when the corps is releasing. Read the water and find the seams. Wear waders and get out there. Drift a 1/80 jig or add shot to get it down ...more under a 3-4 ft indicator. Picked up 12 rainbows and this dark rainbow in 2 hrs.

    1. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Haha, yes it is, my friend! That's a nice 'bow for sure though. I'm hoping to get out soon. Every time I've made plans so far, something has prevented ...more it from happening.
    2. cole_agouridis 0
      Anytime. Please keep up the good info. Very helpful
    3. Keith Keith 0
      @cole_agouridis @MulletHead thank you.
    4. Keith Keith 0
      @fishin_man @wyldechylde77 corrected. Kids started in on me while trying to post. Bedtime is always risky.
    5. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Rainbow, bud. Did you upload the wrong pic? 😉
    6. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @cole_agouridis yep!
    7. jason felter 0
      Hey man great fish! But isn't that a rainbow trout?
    8. cole_agouridis 0
      Great info. Book @matt @MulletHead
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  3. Details: Barred Sand Bass with a olive near deer 1/80oz jig

    Olive near deer jig. Catch a few, wait 20 min, catch a few more. It's still slow. We need rain something fierce.

  4. Can't claim credit for the idea, but thought it was a good tip. Also I'm bored stuck on I-20 in the ice.

    1. johnybass 0
      Now I don't have to use my car door and worry about the wind shutting my rod in there @9G3B
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Like it
    3. 9G3B 0
      Double cred. @johnybass scope it out
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  5. Details: Brown Trout with a Near Deer

    Caught a few Feb 28. Slow day for lower Illinois. 8 rainbow and 1 brown.

    1. Matthew_L 0
      Beautiful trout!
    2. jason felter 0
      Nice one buddy !
    3. Chris Skinner 0
      Nice rainbow!
    4. Austin Austin 0
      Good sized bow!
    5. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Nice trout
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  6. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a green near deer 1/80 fly

    Misting all day and the bite was slow. Managed a few 18" but most were 16-14". Tried everything , but ND were most productive.

    1. Keith Keith 0
      @TXfisherman97 did a lot of hunting last few months. I'm ready to fish. Focusing on carp this year.
    2. Will Engle 0
      Long time no see haha
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  7. Details: Brown Trout with a caddis fly

    This was on Clear Creek. Flows are still high in the Denver area. Fishing is slowing but find a sunny spot and few can be found. High stick nymph on a dry dropper ...more rig. Air temp was 38.

  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a white mysis shrimp

    Flows are great on the Blue river. LARGE trout can be seen. Limited time so no fish pics. Some of the best water in the area following recent rains. Most areas ...more are still blown out and muddy.

    1. Jacob Breaux 0
      Added it
    2. Keith Keith 0
      @crookcody16 I would move here as well. Spent 4 years @ VMI. VA is pretty nice too.
    3. crookcody19 0
      Wow! I need to move to Colorado that view is amazing!
    4. Jacob Breaux 0
      Wow what a beautiful view!!! I'll get it added
    5. Keith Keith 0
      @bassinboy01 please add the Blue River
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  9. Details: Common Carp with a green craw slow sink fly

    Creeping up on carp in some of the few large pools of water on the Perdenales river North of here. Most were in less that 30in of water. Tough day as they spooked ...more easy.

    1. Nick Davis 0
      Awesome job!
  10. Details: Common Carp with a green slow sink fly

    Actually on the Perdenales river North of here. River is very low, but fish can be found in large pools. They spook easy so put a stalk on them. 5wt rod w 10lb ...more fluoro will work.

    1. Keith Keith 0
      @9G3B I've tried a nymph but no luck. Are you trying a hair rig? It's tough w flies if you can't see the take. Keep line tight and set on the first ...more tap. I don't feel taps. It's been spit by then.
    2. 9G3B 0
      @Andouille what's the technique when nymphing? I'm waiting until I feel a tap tap tap then I strip downwards but I keep missing any suggestions?
    3. 9G3B 0
      @eastonsutley thanks man for the info! I'm stoked about hooking up with a beastly carp on the fly
    4. 9G3B 0
      @Andouille thanks bro for the info! I can't wait to hook into a carp on my fly rod.
    5. eastonsutley 0
      @9G3B not carponthefly @Davidleyvas
    6. eastonsutley 0
      Thanks for mentioning my flies means alot. And @9G3B also check out @carponthefly he has nice flies and I think he sells
    7. Keith Keith 0
      @9G3B check @FlyWhiteGuy87 and @eastonsutley for great patterns like carp candy & carp worms. I've used them w success. Not my quote,but "If you have ...more to think about setting the hook it's too late."
    8. 9G3B 0
      Thanks bro! I have some carp that are hitting my nymphs but I keep missing them. What other flies do you use?
    9. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      I bet it is especially if you see the fish take your fly that would be fun on some tailing reds
    10. Keith Keith 0
      @reelgame happy to follow. it takes practice for sure. I was blessed w a pond a few houses down to practice in. 2 years w a fly rod and I'm just above novice. ...more The hook up is worth it.
    11. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice catch I tried it before looks easier that what it really is for me almost hooked myself but with practice I can get it thanks for the follow
    12. Keith Keith 0
      @9G3B almost directly in front and then strip setting. Most casts were under 20 ft. No current to drift fly to them. Any subtle changes to the line or fish, I ...more was setting the hook.
    13. 9G3B 0
      What was the presentation? We're you casting far ahead of them then stripping it back? Or just casting directly in front of them?
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