1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    2013 biggest bass! All largemouths are 4 to 4 1/2lbs smallmouth was 3 1/2.

    1. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      Yeah I've been going for a little over a week now and have gotten the same as you, nada
    2. Anchors 0
      @shadow21488 I actually went out for the 1st time today but no bites. Have you been out yet?
    3. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      Hey dude have you started fishing yet this season?
    4. Anchors 0
      Thanks @860BassShow I fish RI and sometimes MA
    5. 860LMB 0
      Nice bass man, where in New England?
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbait

    Temps went from low 40s all week to low 60s. Caught this 2.8 on spinnerbait with big colorado blade slow rolling it.

    1. Steve Steve 0
      Pulling some pigs out still bro!? Fishing has been tough but I have been killin it ... I gotta hit the honey hole in your neck of the woods this week
  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a KVD schorcher spinnerbait

    Late fall in RI caught this 2lber on a spinnerbait changed willow to a big colorodo blade. Bite has been slow last few weeks but hopefully can get a few more before ...more it gets too cold.

    1. mike hicks 0
      I know what you mean, it's a lot different fishing fall in the south than up north, it's a totally different ball game up here
    2. Anchors 0
      @pastormike This app is good it's so hard to find out about fishing in the northeast. When anyone says fall fishing it usually is nothing like our area.
    3. mike hicks 0
      Thanks bud nice to chat with you and thanks for your help I guess I will fish the spinner and give it a try
    4. Anchors 0
      I think they are out deep catch them on drop shots or jerkbaits if they are shallow only a few places have them in MA
    5. Anchors 0
      Today caught three all on spinnerbait tried jig and sanko but no bites. I think the spinnerbait is getting a reaction more them being hungry. But not sure about ...more smallies @pastormike
    6. mike hicks 0
      Do you fish for smallmouth and if you do what do you use to catch them in cold months someone suggested jerk baits or top water
    7. mike hicks 0
      It said that the buzz is good when the water gets below 50 but I've tried everything and the jig is all I've had to produce bites
    8. mike hicks 0
      I fish a nice little lake near my house and I did really good in the late spring and early fall but I've only caught a few in the late fall and they have been ...more on a jig, I have read info in flw mag,and
    9. Anchors 0
    10. Anchors 0
      @pastormike I keep a log every year and the best time besides the spawn is the last week of aug first week of sept. Oct and nov are always tough. I fish off shore ...more a lot so I rely on bass moving s
    11. mike hicks 0
      Didn't have that problem in Florida because the water temp didn't really get cold enough to effect the bite
    12. mike hicks 0
      Thanks for the info I just moved here 2 winters ago I lived in fla before I came up here and I'm still learning how to fish up here, just can't figure out ...more the late fall and early winter
    13. Anchors 0
      @pastormike usually the end of oct and first few week of nov are the slowest but sometimes mid to late nov you can catch some big ones shallow.
    14. mike hicks 0
      I know what u mean I'm in Pa and it's been tough fishing
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  4. Autumn sunset!

    1. mike hicks 0
      Beautiful Photo
  5. Details: Bluegill Sunfish

    Not old enough to catch it but old enough to enjoy it!

    1. 9G3B 0
      Starting the little dude off right!
  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a jig

    Rookie mistake this morning. Lifted bass to grab my line snapped brand new Johnny Morris 120$ rod. 2.5lbs also caught a 2.11 on a sanko no weight.

    1. skipcast 0
      that's why you use ugly sticks
    2. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      Yeah I recently bought a new setup from dicks and paid 13 bucks for the extended warranty and then my reel broke and they replaced the whole thing for nothing. If ...more they have a warranty get it!
    3. Anchors 0
      @9G3B @shadow21488 I will def give it a shot they will prob at least give me a discount on the replacement.
    4. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      That sucks dude but it snapped just from lifting the fish? Sounds like the rod might be defective it shouldn't have snapped I bet they'll replace it
    5. 9G3B 0
      Bro take it back to BPS they'll exchange it
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  7. Details: Mirror Carp with a corn & shakey head

    3.1lb bass and about a 6lb mirror carp. Fishing Scott's pond after a chilly night in the low 40s. Slow morn these were my only bites.

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a shakeyhead with field & stream sugar stix worm

    Second day in a row bass are moving to points at 630 am at Scott's pond RI. Biggest of the year 4.9

    1. Bigredneck 0
      Great catch! Nice colors 👍
    2. mike hicks 0
      Nice fish
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a shakeyhead worm

    4.1 & 3.1 at Scott's pond RI. Both caught on a shakeyhead worm on a point before work around 630 am

  10. Details: Chain Pickerel with a kvd spinnerbait 2 willow blades

    Nice pickerel slammed my spinnerbait at sneech pond RI

    1. 860LMB 0
      Thanks! @wyldechylde77 ,the fish's characteristics screamed pike when I saw this pic.
    2. Chuck LaBruna 0
      ..to really tell if it's a hybrid or not. ;)
    3. Chuck LaBruna 0
      ..one of the tell-tale signs of a chain pickerel, and that is the black "teardrop" under the eye. Northerns do not have this. So, that said, I'll go ...more with a BIG Chain Pick for now, since it's tough..
    4. Chuck LaBruna 0
      @860LMB If there are Northerns present as well, it CAN easily be a hybrid. It's kind of hard to tell right out though, because pike/pickeral hybrids markings ...more can really vary. Although, it does have...
    5. 860LMB 0
      What do you think? @wyldechylde77
    6. 860LMB 0
      Great fish.
    7. 860LMB 0
      Ya dude, and it's mouth looks a lot more stout compared to the usual thinner mouth of a chain pickerel.
    8. Anchors 0
      @860LMB I never caught a pike there but it's possible. The pattern is weird didn't notice that.
    9. 860LMB 0
      Are there pike in that body of water as well? Because that looks like a rare pike/chain pickerel hybrid.
    10. Steve Steve 0
      I might hit it tomorrow.. That's my doctor office too lol so it works out well .. I killed it at Barney's .. But I'm gonna hit that big rock tomorrow
    11. Anchors 0
    12. Anchors 0
      I park at the doctors office and walk across the street or drive down the street the doctors is on and on the left is a big dirt path quarter mile walk and a big ...more rock u can fish off good spot
    13. Steve Steve 0
      Barney's .. And I didn't get a ticket but I know how hard it is to get into sneech I just don't know where to leave my truck or which trail to take lol
    14. Anchors 0
      @steveb177 where did u fish in Lincoln? Where did u park to get a ticket?
    15. Steve Steve 0
      Killed it in Lincoln yesterday Bro I gotta find my way into sneech without getting a ticket on my truck
    16. Anchors 0
      @ChrisA thanks bud one of the biggest I've caught.
    17. ChrisA 0
      @Anchors that's huge for a chain pickerel!
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