1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 4" worm on 1/16 oz jig head.

    I caught many under 1lbs bass but this guy came when it just started raining around 3pm and he was hanging out under a patch of weeds. Wx: - low 90s - light wind ...more - partly cloudy

    1. thedevman1 0
      Nope I hardly new my fish were on, like I was saying. New information I read from some pros was that they catch more and bigger bass in the shallows on hot days
    2. J C 0
      @thedevman1 Yea, he didn't really hit it hard. Btw I noticed about 30-50 baby bass in a school cruising the deeper water.
    3. thedevman1 0
      Lol looks like we BOTH did good yesterday! AND more proof that big bass are in the shallows on hot days.
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Senko 4" pumpkin worm on a weighted 1/16 oz off set 3 hook.

    WX: Wind - light Temp - low 90s Murky water because a storm just passed 30min prior. Bass a little over 1.5lbs I also noticed a 6 ft alligator that came after ...more my bait. So if you are in the area he will come out of the water to get your bait.

    1. J C 0
      Right where I marked it on the map
    2. v0509113 0
      Where is this?
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Worm on a 1/16 oz off set 3 hook.

    Caught on the very first cast around 7:30pm on a lightweight rig setup. Didn't even realize I had a hook up until my line moved 10 ft to the right. Bass was ...more 2.5lbs

    1. thedevman1 0
      I'm in Katy. Cheers
    2. thedevman1 0
      And lost. I lost a few too but by the end of the night I was asking for fishing tips! Anyway tomorrow I'm goin out, and hit mason creek, then George bush. If ...more you want to go sometime let me know.
    3. thedevman1 0
      Dinger. #2 on a 4inch watermelon red Zoom super fluke. And #3 on a 4 inch black/blue YUM wooly bug. She lost about 5 total because we had the wrong hooks. 2 of them ...more she got all the way up to the bank
    4. thedevman1 0
      I'm trying to post the pics but she caught 3 and they were nice especially for a beginner. I think she caught one bigger than I ever have, possibly a 3 pounder ...more or more. #1 caught on a 4 inch YUM
    5. thedevman1 0
      Interesting. Yeah we've been going the last 2 weekends. Tonight we caught 5 between my wife and I. She BEAT ME LOL!!
    6. J C 0
      @thedevman1 I am getting them on a shad crankbait and a 4" senko pumpkin colored worm
    7. J C 0
      I am surprised I haven't run into you, lol. I am getting most of mine pass the old bridge.
    8. thedevman1 0
      Mine on 8 inch zoom lizards ( my favorite) green with pumpkin flake. I'm looking to hit those ponds though
    9. thedevman1 0
      I've been fishing the bayous out behind the soccer fields under the foot bridge. Lots of fish! I caught. 2 and the wife caught 2 but which ponds are you fishing, ...more and what baits? I've been getting
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a weightless tube - watermelon color.

    WX: 90+ degree, little to no wind, overcast. Lmb is almost 2lbs. I caught 3 in about 2hrs.


Just moved to Katy, TX about a year ago and I am just starting to get back into fishing after 15yrs. Salt and fresh.