1. Saw a big rock in the water and threw the shrimp in front of it and he ate it

    White Grunt with a Shrimp

  2. Went to Robbie's and fed some tarpon. I screenshot this from a video my dad took. Pretty cool pick

    Tarpon with a Dead sardine

    1. FishHooker 0
      Awesome pic
  3. Details: Atlantic Stingray with a Hook

    Saw this little guy and I snagged him. @SwampMafia do you what of species this one is

    1. AFTICA 0
    2. Swamp Mafia 0
      Yellow stingray. Cool catch.
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  4. Details: Other Saltwater with a Hands

    Saw him on a rock and grabbed him

  5. Details: Nassau Grouper with a Shrimp

    Dropped the piece of shrimp and I watched him eat it

    1. bigfish101 0
      Wow can't believe they get to be so big
    2. AFTICA 0
      No it's a Nassau because I looked up juvenile Nassau grouper and it that was it @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM
    3. Swamp Mafia 0
      I think you listed it correct. Cool catch too.
      That might be red not sure @SwampMafia
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  6. Fishing with @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM

    Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin with a Squid

  7. I was fishing @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM. We took one of his friends from baseball and got him this nice dolphin

    Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin with a Pink skirt

    1. AFTICA 0
      Thx @rozuna
    2. rozuna 0
      beautiful fish
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  8. Details: Blue Catfish

    One of my relatives who live in Alabama caught this nice cat fish. Can some one tell me what kind it is because I forgot what it was

    1. AFTICA 0
      Thx @SwampMafia @Reyes3rd
    2. Swamp Mafia 0
      Solid blue cat
    3. Reyes3rd 0
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  9. Saw him on a bed and threw it in front of him and he ate it

    Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Shiner

    1. AFTICA 0
      Oh cool
    2. AFTICA 0
      It's a butterfly peacock @Jungleexplorer
    3. dillon juarez 0
      @Jungleexplorer ^^
      It could be the other way we might have speckled but the amazon might have butterfly iforgot
      We have a different species the amazon is home to all species but u catch the gigantic speckles in the amazon in florida we have the butterfly which does not grow ...more that big
    6. AFTICA 0
    7. AFTICA 0
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  10. Saw a big piece of weed and scooped it up with my net and caught this little triple tail. I also caught baby needle fish, pilot fish, file fish, and pipe fish

    Tripletail with a Net

    1. bigfish101 0
      I can't believe they get that small I catch like 5lbers offshore
    2. bigfish101 0
      Hahahaha so tiny I
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