1. Details: Greater Amberjack with a king mackerel hooked through tail

    Nice AJ back in 07

  2. Details: Calico Bass

    Got this new boat😺

    1. dupre fin w son 0
      How fast does she go?
    2. 7WorldRecordz 0
      I bought it for a good amount of money the guy said its the best for the money @marctrejo @redneckyeager @hotchross
    3. marc trejo 0
      Lol. I thought it was a deck addition but ok. I guess with a good paddle you can do it. Tom hanks did in castaway
    4. Nolan Yeager 0
      How is that a boat
    5. hotchross 0
      Explain to me how this is a "boat"???
    6. TORRES 0
    7. TORRES 0
      Ur a dumb asss 4 spending $ on that peace of junk
    8. 7WorldRecordz 0
      U look like a fag in your prof pic @TORRES
    9. 7WorldRecordz 0
      U look like a fag in your prof pic @TORRES
    10. TORRES 0
    11. TORRES 0
    12. Steve Steve 0
      Hey man that looks like a killer boat lol.... Throw 3 250hp mercury outboards on it!!! Haha.... That actually would make a pretty nice fishing platform
    13. 7WorldRecordz 0
    14. 7WorldRecordz 0
      No? Dude I spent a good amount of money on this and your going to make fun of it? I'm new to boats....
    15. Steve Steve 0
      Lol ... Is it a invisible boat?
    16. 7WorldRecordz 0
      @SkinsNFins recommended it
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  3. Details: Greater Amberjack

    DOA Vudu Shrimp 16"