1. Another cold snap hardened up the ice up on the mountain. Healed up most of the damage done to the ice in the past week. I got out this morning for a couple hours ...more and fought and released this pikerel. Got him on a white an yellow tungsten jig head with a roadside minnow plastic. Tipped it with a wax worm.

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  2. Back up on the mountain on Sunday. All the ice in the valley is gone again but there is still plenty of ice up there. I fished in a lake that is part of a state ...more owned campground with a good friend of mine who is new to hard water fishing. He got skunked and I got this guy. Used a yellow spoon tipped with a wax worm. I'll be pulling the kayak out if this warm weather continues.

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  3. It was real slow at first. Then I came up with the right combo of jig head, plastic and a spike. After that I could not keep both poles in the water.

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  4. This guys flipping out

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  5. Got a few today on the reservoir in Coxsackie. Mostly all drinks but as usual the big one got away at the hole. Got about a dozen or so . They all swam away to ...more get caught another day.

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  6. Spent the last hour of day light, and the first hour of dark, out on a lake at a near by resort where I worked as a kid. Yes! That cold snap finally made some hard ...more water in the valley. No fish to show ya but hope you like the sun set. Hope today will be different . Gonna be up around 40-45 degrees today. Almost t-shirt weather.

    1. Fish bite at dusk
  7. Hit the small lake in Hunter again today. Did some jigging with my favorite trout magnets an spikes. Same spot an weather as last week but not as good a bite today. ...more Afternoon bought out a few fellas on motorcycle s set up for ice racing. That was awesome watching them run.

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  8. The pikerel were bitten too.

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  9. Just a few of the ones my boy an I caught today on a small pond in Hunter today.

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  10. Last Sumer Catskill Creek under the Black Bridge.

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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Pan fish, Bass & Trout
  • Lure Trout magnets & Rooster tails