1. I caught it with a swim bait in shallow ish water dident fight that hard

    1 lb. 5 oz. 12 in. Largemouth Bass with a swim bait

    1. Rainer Johnson 0
      caught it in georgia
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      Nice! Doesn’t look like MN today?
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  2. Details: Rocky Point Off Island

    Great for smallmouth just be careful of snags

  3. Details: Minnehaha Creek

    Good for creek chub, perch, bass and more the fishing is surprisingly good I would definitely recommend it

  4. Details: Shallow Panfish

    Shallow weeds with panfish and many waterfowl

  5. Just throw in a minnow trap with a fish carcass and or guys in there wait at lest 12 hours and there will be 40 crawfish in the photo there were fewer because we ...more let most go back we only kept the biggest ones

    4 in. Crawfish with a walleye carcase

    1. George Horvath 0
      Wow 😮
    2. Origin outdoors 0
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  6. Details: Usa Island Fire Pit

  7. On a slightly windy day you can land on USA island just off the shore and fish from there or in you’re boat this spot works at night or in the day I recommend using ...more multiple rods with bobbers there are allot of walleyes 16-13 inches in my opinion the best size for eating you can Even put them in some batter over the fire pit on USA island and make fish sandwiches

    Walleye Bay

  8. Details: Walleye Catcher

    Be at about 24 feet on a windy day letting you’re self drift on the water (a drift sock helps) drop down to just above the ground use crawlers or leaches and let ...more the walleyes come to you


I enjoy fishing and i am here to share my spots and the fish i catch