1. This is a wonderful spot to fish at during April and even into early May. It's nothing in terms of size with White Clay but it has a certain specialness to it.

    Unlike ...more virtually every other state, this particular spot right on the DE/PA border is located in what is considered to be an ultra-rare geological area of the state where the ground you're standing on isn't either dead flat or within 100 feet or so of sea level. Also both the upper (The Waterfall) and lower (The Rock) fishing spots are literal STEPS away from where you can park on the side of the road.

    Additionally I'd like to point out that the lower spot (the one with the enormous boulder that you can both comfortably stand on and safely fish from) provides a legitimate fish-spotting vantage point that might unique to any other trout stream in the entire state/New Castle County.

    Unless it's recently rained a whole lot, if you stand on top of "The Rock" and look down into the water with polarized sunglasses, you can see where most of the trout are hanging around first, thus giving you a GREAT advantage and opportunity to literally cast your bait/lure directly into the area where the trout are. I find that area in particular to be the PERFECT place for me to test out new rigs, bait, colors and scents.

    Furthermore, due to the clarity of the water and the light tan color of the sand on the creekbed in ideal conditions, from up on top of "The Rock" you can observe how high or low your variable-height slip rig that's set up with floating bait actually PRESENTS itself in the water, which is an invaluable tool that can make or break your day if you're someone who prefers a simplistic PowerBait/Dough Bait rig. Trout attack potential food targets from the bottom-up, if your leader is too low or too high and you otherwise have no idea then you just might be in for a day consisting of many casts with little to no results.

    One final point - it truly is tragic that DNREC only stocked here a total of 3 times in April, at least in 2022 (4/2, 4/7, 4/11) not to mention that the fish DNREC used to re-stock the streams on 4/7 and 4/11 (not just here, but STATEWIDE) were ridiculously small Rainbows that unquestionably could have used a few weeks more time eating their faces off with food pellets in the fish hatcheries (the trout that are in there now - as of 4/25/22 - are as small as SIX INCHES and no larger than maybe 11").

    Anyway, if you've got waders or at least tall rubber boots you'll be able to put them to good use at the waterfall, and for safely reasons I DO NOT RECOMMEND FISHING FROM ON TOP OF THE WATERFALL DOWN INTO THE CREEK BELOW YOU, unless you think getting a potentially major head injury in rather cold April water is the "cool" way to get results while trout fishing.

    Enjoy yourselves here and always make sure you take home what you brought with you to Beaver Run (both Trout AND trash/fishing line). We only have SEVEN total stocked streams, let's keep them clean for years to come, that's not asking too much!

    Beaver Run

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  2. Brown Trout

    1 lb. 8 oz. 14 in. Brown Trout with a Custom Made Dough Bait

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  3. Details: Wilson Run - Very Beginning of the Creek (Stocking Location)

    This is the literal beginning of Wilson Run and the actual source of the water that the creek is composed of, which flows over an artificial spillway from a containment ...more pond at the intersection of 92 & 100.

    There is public parking right at the intersection, and both sides of the "tunnel" where the creek runs under are stocked several times in April. Aside from the two main spots on Beaver Run and the lower location near the official entrance to the park, this location is perhaps the easiest spot to access in New Castle County for stocked trout. The spots near the 92/100 intersection are no more than a one minute walk from the small parking area and can be fished from the bank without having to get wet or dirty.

    First things first - this area of the run is *EXTREMELY NARROW* and full of creekside obstacles, leaving you with very little room for error if using spinning trout tackle. Widest point is literally right under where RT.92 crosses over the creek (an area with constant "natural" shade that the fish LOVE to chill under during the daytime) and that might be 12-14 feet wide at best. Can narrow all the way down to 4 feet or so.

    Unless you have waders or can cast EXTREMELY well side-handedly, I DO NOT recommend using rigs that either 1) Get jigged/bounced along the bottom on retrieval (rocks and heavy fallen tree branches) or 2) Anything that can considered an exposed-hook spinning lure, like a Rooster Tail or a Rapala Swimming Minnow, perhaps with the sole exception of Carolina-rigged worms/Trout Magnets with your hook point WELL-covered. There is vegetation running continuously alongside the banks of the creek minus only a few tiny spots, additionally there are low-hanging trees literally everywhere along the length of the entire run with even fewer exceptions.

    Those obstacles paired with large, unpredictable but guaranteed amounts of sunken branches and large rocks are why I STRONGLY advise keeping it simple with your setup and leaving any spinning lure that you truly value back at home or in your vehicle.

    I've been fishing here for 10 years and have learned through trial and error both what can net you your daily limit in an hour or less, and - more importantly - what will ABSOLUTELY NOT give you positive results. I won't man-splain trout tackle advice but this is my usual setup.

    ☆The shortest rod with the lightest action that you own. (5'-6' in length)
    ☆Berkley Powerbait, glittered & scented.
    ▪︎Colors that have worked best for me, in order:
    Brown/Hatchery, Chartreuse, Orange, Yellow.
    ☆Owner/Gamakatsu size 8,10,12 egg hooks.
    ☆Eagle Claw size 14 or 16 treble hooks (specifically for use with floating dough bait)
    ☆1/8 oz. casting weight, 8-16 inches of leader (use a bobber stopper to vary the floating height of your bait)
    ☆4lb-6lb test Fluorocarbon line
    ▪︎NOTE: DE Stocked Trout in ALL 7 locations rarely exceed 2lbs in weight, so there is no need to use mono/fluoro strong enough to land stripers and using any type of braid as your main line without a trout/fly tippet will give you a huge visibility disadvantage and more importantly will no doubt ensure the loss of your entire rig if you get caught on the bottom or perma-stuck in trees/vegetation.
    ☆Pro-Cure Trophy Trout Scent Gel, available at Dick's Sporting Goods 3 miles away on RT.202N

    My personal best at this spot on the run is 18.5", 2.4lbs on opening day a few years ago but on average you should expect fish between 8"-14", <1lb-1.6lbs.
    Enjoy yourself, and please take home what you brought in with you (that applies to both Trout and trash!)

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  • Species Rainbow Trout
  • Waterway White Clay Creek, Beaver Run, Wilson Run
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